Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Volume #100122-1330                              October 1, 2022


Here’s where the citizens need guns.

It seems there really ARE police out there who are more incompetent than our own major metropolitan forces [Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Seattle to name a few].  Right now, Aussie cops are being ripped up one side and down the other on social media for asking for help in finding a violent mentally ill perpetrator.  "This guy's not going to be easy to find." says tongue-in-cheek officer Mervyn Muldoon of the Australian Federal Police.

He goes on to say, "This bloke is / or rather was / a white man before his thousands of tattoos.  His face is really one huge ink tattoo with the word 'Beast' tattooed across his forehead in huge inch-and-a-half letters.  There's less white showing through the ink than intelligence showing in his eyes."  I love it when someone else gets to crack a joke.

Yep, this is a guy who’ll be able to blend in … in a comic bookstore or lying face down in a landfill!  C’mon coppers, step away from the jelly donuts and get back to work!

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Aussies have been quick and merciless as they jump on this idiocy with their own quick-witted remarks.  This is in an era where Australian Police have a very low approval rating of 18% according to national polls.  This is because of their draconian law-enforcement tactics.  The people are so anti-police now that they are commonly 'aiding and abetting' minor offenders to keep them out of police hands.  Anyway, that explains these comments:

One person writes "It reminds me of doing a poster in primary school!" referring to the amateurish sharpie-pen like artwork.  Another writes "Did this bloke pass out and get attacked by a sharpie?"

These are just a few of the kinder and more civilized remarks appearing on social media across the country.  Over 5,000 comments, none of them complimentary, about the incompetence and lack of effectiveness of Australian Police are already posted.  Don’t laugh folks; we’re slowly but surely catching up to their level of incompetence.  Well … maybe not slowly.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

P.S.  Australian cops have behaved as 'jack-booted thugs' for years, even before the debacle of the Covid Hysteria.  Roving in packs like wild dogs they pounce upon their 'prey' at random.  Known for particularly brutal and nit-picking enforcement of the law they have lost the public trust.

Friday, September 30, 2022



Volume #093022-1245                              September 30, 2022


How movies, television, print, and radio pervert reality

It's like living in the Twilight Zone.  I live in a country with a racial and moral balance completely opposite of what the media is telling us and what the majority of Americans have come to believe.  We're being told that up is down and down is up, good is bad and bad is good, and most Americans are eating this up like a 500lb man devouring a double cheeseburger.

I am neither a bigot nor an alarmist but let me give you my side of the story.  American Blacks number just below 12% according to latest census numbers and projections into 2021.  They are a small but extremely vocal minority, given their power by a major media bent on the destruction of this country through lies and disinformation.  Far from the largest minority, being Hispanic at over 14%, the voice of Black America is loud and it's everywhere!

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It's impossible to turn on your television and NOT see blacks in virtually every TV commercial.  Even when cartoon characters are used in these ads, the principle character is almost always black.  From burglar alarm advertisements where virtually every thug and ne'er do well is shown as a white man, the principal character is inevitably black.

When we do get white people in principle roles on a TV ad, it's presented in a black/white relationship because after all, there'd better be a black man or woman in there somewhere!  This flies in the face of fact that fewer than 3% of marriages and couples are black/white.  This inundation results in an over-representation of blacks v other races at 158%.  That means that the real presence of Black America has been over-exaggerated to the point that any novice observer would surely believe the US has a black citizen population at or around 60%.

I spoke with visiting Japanese friends who were shocked to find that there are so few blacks in the country as opposed to what they thought through watching all forms of public media.  Says Yoshi Nakamura, "With the music, television, movies, and especially ads on the TV, we [he and his wife] were sure that black people were America's majority.  When you showed me the statistics from your government I nearly fell down.  They're always in the news for one reason or other.  How can this be?"

How can this be?  The answer is as alarming as it is simple; this is a part of an indoctrination conspiracy being perpetrated by forces bent on destroying American Culture.  Follow the money and it all comes from Beijing, China.  Known to be our enemies even by their own declaration, China has perverted our very culture in issues ranging from racial and sexual discrimination to abortion and even to gay marriage.  They don't believe in the shit they're spreading but realize they can get us to believe it!

"If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth." -- Adolf Hitler

The Chinese endgame has yet to be revealed, but rest assured it involves conquest of our once great country.  It's clear that they've reworked our educational system, religious institutions, and government itself.  They've been conquered, redesigned, and empowered to pervert, persecute, and destroy all that is good.

Only when a nation has caved in upon itself can it be conquered and occupied ad infinitum.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Thursday, September 29, 2022



Volume #092922-2015                              September 29, 2022


Franciscan Friar faces federal charges for blocking death mill.

Watch & Listen:

A Franciscan friar, a servant of the Lord, is serving time under draconian law involving a New York State conviction for blocking women from entering a Westchester County clinic has now been slapped with federal charges.  The New Gestapo [FBI] Thursday alleged he padlocked the doors to a Planned Parenthood building in Long Island.  Of course he did, good job brother!

Friar Brother Christopher “Fidelis” Moscinski, 52, is charged with using five padlocks to secure the entryway into one of Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills.  He then poured glue into them, complicating removal of these industrial quality padlocks.  No, simple bolt-cutters won’t work here.

Moscinski, a friar of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, is accused of locking the place up, pouring glue into the lock mechanisms and then leaving only to return, lying down in front of the gate blocking incoming traffic to the building.  That’s according to the latest Gestapo reports.

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The list of charges against this Man of God read like the laundry list that they are.  The Feds, unlike the friars, have a ‘bottomless checkbook’ and an ‘hourglass that never empties’ at their disposal which accounts for their 94% conviction success rate.  In the words of N. Harris Hauless, a former federal prosecutor; “We’ve got all the money, all the tricks, and all the time in the world.  Hell, we could convict a ham sandwich.  That’s how lop-sided the system is.

This is what happens when you hand over your rights and freedoms to the government.  You end up with what we now have, a police state.  I for one will now bow down before Mammon, which is the United States Government.  The good friar will stand his ground and his order will offer what aid is available.

He must be in your prayers as he is in mine.  I and others will seek out legal counsel for this man of God and pray he can find sufficient legal counsel to get him off of this act of rebellion against tyranny.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2022



Volume #092822-1545                              September 28, 2022


Saturday, October 8th, 2022

Some really great changes to Medicare coverage

With a record-high cost of living allowance pay raise for Social Security customers coming in December, and a 3% reduction in Medicare premiums, what could be better?  Well ... obviously 'FREE' would be better, but let's get back to the text.

The answer is: new plans, better coverage, expanded access, and more benefits than ever.  We're gonna be chatting with Chris Ingram, a Medicare Benefits Specialist 'in the know' who keeps up with the ever-changing landscape of Medicare Insurance Programmes available to seniors.

If you're about to file for Medicare for the first time, or if you're interested in what's new this year, or if you're open to changing plans for a better return on your investment, you really need to tune in here at,, or for the full story, the 'straight skinny'.

I'm feeling the vibrations of improvement in the air, and Chris Ingram is ready to 'spill the beans' on dramatically improved programs, many with 'zero premium' offerings.  From better dental - better prescription benefits - and even improved hospital coverage you really don't want to miss this show.  Remember: that's 'Saturday Max', Saturday, [of course] the 8th of October.  You really need to be there!

See ya there!  I'm Max, and I'll be there!



Volume #092822-1200                              September 28, 2022


Cell Phones will leap into the future 

We're on the cusp of unlimited worldwide communications with the cell phone you have in your hand right now.  Yes, without any major change down here on Earth, the whole world of mobile communications is about to be stood on its ear thanks to T-Mobile and SpaceX.

I hope you liked this article as much as I did.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022



Volume #092722-1755                              September 27, 2022


It takes special cowardice to do this; right up a V.A.B.'s alley!

The violence has always been that of cowards and sneaks, but now it's going the way of the ambush.  More and more the 'black plague' is resorting to sneak attack one-on-one to inflict all the damage they can.  There's nothing political about this, it's all about the simian nature of the attacker and the availability of a weaker, smaller, sicker prey.

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Dateline New York, New York -- Lifelong New Yorker Vincent Buccino aged 64 was brutally attacked by one of New York's Violent American Black subculture.  It was an unprovoked attack as the simian scum grabbed a chair and with no more warning than screaming, "You bitch!" slammed the chair against the elderly man's body.  Then again, the neighbourhood has long earned its nickname of Hell’s Kitchen.

Says Buccino, "Up until now I always thought it was pretty safe to eat out at my favourite pizzeria, even in the evening.  I guess I've been dumb about it, and won't go out after dark ever again."  These are the words of a man who has far more right to be out in the cool of the evening than some white-hating V.A.B. uniquely camouflaged for hiding in the darkest shadows of the city.  Somewhere, almost everywhere, there's one lurking and lying-in wait for the elderly, the weak, or the young to enter the crosshairs of their hatred and bigotry.

Buccino, a retiree who suffers from high blood pressure and kidney disease, blocked his head and dropped his phone, giving this monkey the chance to run off with it.  Meanwhile, Buccino ended up with a broken forearm and minor lacerations to his face as well as hospital bills, he cannot easily afford to pay for.

I'm sure there's some black bastard out there crowing to his troop how he 'decked whitey' and got off with his cell phone.  He knows the worst he'll ever face even if caught is a 90-minute tour of the local police precinct and release without bail pending a court date a year or two away.  In New York City it seems crime DOES pay!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Monday, September 26, 2022



Volume #092622-1615                              September 26, 2022


Why it saves us a trillions of dollars and keeps us safe.

It's about time this subject was addressed by more than just some guy in a folding chair at a folding card table with a sheet pinned to the wall for backdrop.  I'm not putting these guys down because they're doing all they can with a laptop and headset.  I'm in support of them and am 'coming out of the closet' when it comes to my real feelings about the deportation of illegal aliens.

In the year of 2021, it is estimated by Life Relief, an organization closely in touch with border crossings both illegal and legal.  According to them, there are nearly 8 million illegal aliens currently living in America.  That's the population of greater New York, every man, woman, and child!  But, as the man on television says; "But wait, there's more."

According to the joint welfare committee in 2021 'suspect immigrants', that means illegal aliens, are collecting federal, state, and local welfare assistance.  This usually includes housing, food, medical care, dental care, education in trade school and college.   What this means is that these Felons, these Illegal Aliens, are receiving benefits that exceed our greatest heroes, war veterans!

Imagine a guy goes to war for his country, shows himself to be courageous and brave, and gets blown all to hell.  He returns to the very excellent care offered by Veteran Affairs, but without the dental and without the extensive educational benefits offered to Illegal Aliens.  He is a hero, and they are criminals.  For breaking into our house, eating our food, taking our money, selling and dealing drugs, robbing and raping our people, and for this they get unlimited support from the federal government which means I'm paying for it all!

I'm paying for it.  You're paying for it.  We're paying for it.  What in Hell is wrong with this picture?

Okay; the problem is obvious.  Nobody can deny the detrimental effects of the illegal invasion across our southern border.  The fact that it is draining the coffers of nearly every state as well as the federal government is common knowledge.  The fact that they are responsible for over 43 percent of property, sexual, and physical crimes in America is sufficient to round these bastards up.

Of course, rounding up 8 million people is gonna be expensive, but in the long term it'll pay off.  The estimated cost of supporting these 8 million people is estimated to be around 240 billion dollars every year.  That's just the welfare cost, not considering the losses due to theft, fraud, and policing the murders and various and sundry crimes which account for over 43 percent of our criminal load, another 41 percent being Violent American Blacks, but they're citizens so deportation is out of the question ... for now.

Round them up, tag them with RFID chips, process and expel them.  Fly them or bus them to their original haunts.  They are a plague upon the land, a disease upon society, and can no longer be tolerated or supported as they continue to commit crime after crime.  Remember that they're committing a crime every day they stay in this country without permission or due process.

We need to appoint far more judges to evaluate each case fairly and without prejudice.

Those people found not to deserve sanctuary or asylum must be deported immediately and without appeal.  The others must be steered into productive lives domestically or eventually deported as well.  That doesn't mean you deport a Mexican back to Mexico where he or she might be in danger, but instead send them to Guatemala or some other South American county, but get them out of mine!

If I sound angry it's because I am.  It's time to rule DACA illegal, finish building the wall, step up patrols of the border, and begin mass deportations.  From welfare homes to - cages - to their country of origin, that's how it's supposed to work.

As for 'Anchor Babies', those born in the US, we need to amend law so that simply being born on US soil is not a guarantee of citizenship.  Only this will quell and even crush the 'Anchor Baby Vacation' industry worldwide, especially in China and South America where expectant mothers are sneaked into the US [for a hefty fee] and dropped on the hospitals' doorsteps to have their babies.  Pop out a kid and you just manufactured a US citizen, guaranteeing a green card.  Talk about a fast track to citizenship!

My wife came from China legally.  It was expensive and took years to process, but we came back to the US where my wife doesn't receive any of the myriad benefits of an Illegal Alien.

I guess crime does pay.  I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!