Wednesday, December 7, 2022



Volume #120722-1545                             December 7, 2022


Another one bites the dust at the hands of an angry simian

So sure of himself, a V.A.B. [A part of the Violent American Black subculture] knocked down an 83-year-old Home Depot employee who died as a result.  In the act of what would already be felony shoplift, this despicable piece of simian shit knocked down a man who could barely walk let alone and duck or run.  The victim is dead.


This is yet another black man with zero conscience and an inflated sense of entitlement.  He freely walked into the store, loaded up on goods, took them out to his car, and drove away.  He didn't so much as break his stride as he stole, murdered, and made good his escape.  Gee ... ya think was is his first time?  Nah!

This was another senseless act of violence against people by simians, and there seems to be no end in sight as they 'amp up their bad' and often deadly behaviour.  Equal rights my ass!  Find this punk and lock him up forever.  A good, sound beating wouldn't hurt either.  How about caning him every year on his birthday, much as in the novel 'The Count of Monte Cristo.'

Stop hiding from the shadow of perceived racism or entitlement and start treating these bastards the same as though they were any colour.  No more 'Cashless Bail', and no more 'Racial Tolerance', it's time for a reckoning in our judicial system.  It's time for an overhaul.  It's time for justice to prevail.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Tuesday, December 6, 2022



Volume #120622-1230                             December 6, 2022

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On a day-trip to Arizona, he refuses to go to the border

He'll be in the neighbourhood, but says there are 'more important things' for him to do while in Arizona.  In fact, there is nothing more important for him to do, especially when he'll be minutes from the border.  Our southern border has exploded under the pressure of millions of illegal aliens of every stripe crossing illegally into our country.


From your 'run-of-the-mill' trespasser to the dedicated terrorist, everyone and anyone can get into the country with little or no extraordinary effort.  Joe Biden has done a marvellous job of endangering Americans and today he showed his disdain for us and complete dismissal of conditions on the southern border.

How long is this to go on?  What will it take to remove this tyrant from office and bring about stability?  We're in trouble folks, deep trouble only deepened by Biden's efforts to destroy our country.

From without and within the forces of evil are at work to destroy this, the greatest republic ever formed.  Jackass Joe has got to go!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Monday, December 5, 2022



Volume #120522-1220                             December 5, 2022

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The State of Idaho continues to discount the lives of the elderly

As the weather changes and the roads freeze over the risk to many senior citizens increases!  Shenandoah Estates homes are at risk due to the failure of police and ITD [Idaho Transportation Department] to act.  Channel 2 television was given the entire story along with high resolution photos but failed to act on this.  It would seem that they, like the government, just don't give a damn about anybody but themselves.

I'll lay you even money this problem would be addressed in a heartbeat if any of those in danger were the parents or grandparents of our television stations, radio stations, the Idaho State Police, and the Idaho Transportation Department.  Oh, let's not leave out the office of the governor!

It's time to get something done and you can help!  Phone the Idaho State Police, the Idaho Transportation Department, the Ada County Sheriff's Department, the Lieutenant Governor, and don't forget Governor Brad Little!




I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Sunday, December 4, 2022



Volume #120422-1030                             December 4, 2022


Things have gone wrong, horribly wrong

Mine is not mere supposition as it has become obvious things have gone horribly wrong here.  What little communication I have received this week is hardly worth a story, but I have promised to release virtually everything I have as far as data is concerned.  The folks there promised to cooperate with me and at the same time they have shut off virtually all communication.

I am going to release a sample of this information now; in hopes the folks caring for the Zeus Herd will get their acts together and continue to cooperate with me, here at Max Allen Media.

A trusted source at the Eurimbula has revealed that at 0000 hours GMT December 1st, the Cocoon holding what has become of the Zeus heifers-child was found to be empty.  What had weighed nearly 250lb only a day earlier now weighs a scant 38lb.  The fissures and cracks are not completely through the shell, meaning nothing got in or out that way.

Suspect are the 'North~South' apertures at each end of the cocoon.  Dr. Subramanian said in his last phone call, "It is gone, and I don't know where.  The apertures at each end of the cocoon are nearly 8 inches in diameter, having expanded more radically in recent weeks.  I inserted a camera into the cocoon, and it is empty, save only a lining within the inner wall, similar in appearance to mother of pearl.  Again, I am at a loss and am not yet ready to open this cocoon.”

I too am at a loss but will try to report weekly, as I have done these many months, on events surrounding this increasingly bizarre story.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Saturday, December 3, 2022

'SATURDAY MAX' What I was taught as a boy ..."


Volume #120322-1315                             December 3, 2022

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Our morals are down the toilet, and they haven't stopped.

As a boy I was taught, "Never kick a man when he's down.  It's not right."

Today children are taught, "If he's down, take the advantage and stomp on him."

As a boy I was taught, "Don't use the word n@gger, it isn't polite."

Today children are taught, "If you say, 'n@gger', you are worse than a killer.  You are bad!*  *as a footnote, use of that word today will cost you your reputation, career, and can even rob you of your freedom.

As a boy I was taught, "Cheating is wrong.  It hurts others around you who didn't cheat."

Today children are taught, "Take any advantage you can.  All's fair in love and war."

As a boy I was taught, "People should not have sex until they're married."

Today children are taught, "It's okay.  If you love each other, it's okay to have sex, even if you don't love each other very much.  It's a natural act and there's nothing wrong with it."

As a boy I was taught, "Homosexuality is wrong.  It's destructive.  It's a mental illness."

Today children are taught, "If that's how you feel, then there's nothing wrong with it."

As a boy I was taught, "Lying for gain is wrong.  There are such things as 'white lies', fibs if you will.  A fib is a lie that is not intended to harm anyone or gain unfairly."

Today children are taught, "It's okay to 'bend' the truth as long as there's something in it for you."

As a boy I was taught, "Marriage is a sacred thing.  It must be honoured as far as one can.  Divorce is just plain wrong and is rarely justified."

Today children are taught, "Marriage is just a piece of paper.  It's a legal status and that's all.  Divorce is an easy way out of a mistake."

As a boy I was taught, "Suicide is wrong.  Killing yourself is murder of self.  It's a great sin!"

Today children are taught, "You have a right to end your life on your terms."

As a boy I was taught, "Helping someone kill themselves is murder.  You have no more right than the person you are helping to kill.  This is murder plain and simple."

Today children are taught, "Helping another to die is an act of compassion.  It's always the right thing to do and shows your real love."

As a boy I was taught, "Euthanasia is always murder.  It was Adolf Hitler's philosophy."

Today's children are taught, "Euthanasia is mercy.  Mercy is a good thing."

As a boy I was taught, "There are men and there are women.  There is no 'in between' here.  God doesn't make mistakes in the sex He assigns you before birth.  We don't know more than God."

Today's children are taught, "There are mistakes, and many people are born the 'wrong' sex.  They have every right to gender reassignment.  It's cruel to keep them trapped in a body that's not their own."

As a boy I was taught, "God is great.  He created the Heavens and Earth.  His commandments and doctrine are the foundation of humanity itself.  There is nothing greater than obedience to God.  Organized Religion has woven the tapestry that is our society today."

Today's children are taught, "God is inside everyone.  You are your own God and are free to follow the inklings and convictions of your heart.  There is no such thing as sin, Heaven, or Hell."

As a boy I was taught, "Honour your parents, teachers, and other authority figures.  Never be snowed with a title or office by name, but offer obedience and honour to your elders, parents, and teachers especially."

Today's children are taught, "Your parents don't know everything.  They're blinded by their love for you so what they say should always be taken with a grain of salt.  The same goes for everyone including teachers, elders, etc."

As a boy I was taught, "One of the greatest things you can do is serve in the military.  That doesn't necessarily mean a career, but at least a hitch.  It will help you develop and teach you about manly discipline and honour."

Today's children are taught, "Being in the military is surrender of yourself and your freedom.  Freedom from authority is your right.  Most who join the military are losers who could never make it on the outside anyway."

As a boy I was taught, "Wait until you're 16 before you date, and there's nothing wrong with 'double-dating' until you're 17 or 18.  It takes self-control to behave on a date, avoiding necking and petting at all costs.  In a dating relationship, there's nothing more dangerous than that.  It's a slippery slope to intercourse.  That intercourse should be left for marriage.  Otherwise, you dishonour the girl, her family, yourself, and your family.  Nothing good will ever come of it."

Today's children are taught, "Love is a natural thing.  Don't hold back.  Use 'protection' such as condoms whenever dating because it will probably move into intercourse.  The only 'sin' here is exposing the girl to an unwanted pregnancy.  Of course, there's also the case of sexually transmitted disease."

As a boy I was taught, "The birth of a child is sacred.  It shows just how magical God is when He allows you to procreate another person.  The greatest miracle is that of a childbirth.  Preventing pregnancy or terminating pregnancy is murder.  It is a horrible sin and is premeditated murder."

Today's children are taught, "There are too many children being born into the world [a lie in and of itself] and it puts a horrible burden on everyone.  Abortion is nothing more than eliminating an unwanted mass of tissue.  A baby isn't a person until he is born."

As a boy I was taught, "If you have a disagreement with somebody, try and reasons with him.  Don't get upset or angry and restrain yourself.  It's the soft answer that thurneth away wrath."

Today's children are taught, "The stronger you appear and the more forceful you are the better off you will be.  Never compromise in what you believe and never surrender.  If you don't win, then you actually lost."

These are only some of what was once common sense that has become 'passé' and we are told that those are 'old ideas' and they just don't work in the 21st Century.  "Out with the old and in with the new." seems the watchword of today's society.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Friday, December 2, 2022



Volume #120222-1615                             December 2, 2022


Record inflation and interest rates have people financing Christmas

Thanks Biden!  Thanks especially for the inflation, supply chain interruptions, interest rates, and a host of other problems you have personally dropped in America's lap!  Hell, you're immune to economic ills thanks to huge financial influx from your brat Hunter!  When was the last time [if ever there was one] that you sweated a utility bill or had to buy less meat for a month?




With the Democrats and their 'Marionette President' [let's not forget Nazi Pelosi's influence] the United States has slidden further downhill in the past 22 months than in the previous 20 years!  Like a rocket sled on rails, a SpaceX launch, snot on a hot sidewalk we're sliding out of control and at the end of this slimy spit-strewn slide is the oblivion of socialism.

Say Hello to Lenin, Mao, Trudeau, and any other mentionable socialist.  We're fast approaching the single greatest life decision a people can make.  You blew it on the mid-term elections!  With all the aplomb of a mentally retarded 6-year-old you either didn't vote, or you voted your party and not your conscience.

It's pretty damned obvious that Joe Biden is a bumbling clown, completely unaware of what he said even 2 minutes ago!  And as my sainted grandmother used to say; "If brains were dynamite, he couldn't blow his nose!"  And there's some truth to this.  We've come a long way haven't we?  When we see mentally handicapped people, we feel sorry for them.  Sympathy is natural when you see someone confined trapped in his own head.  This is usually the case anyway.




When we see a villain or other ne'r-do-well failing either physically or mentally it's really hard to feel sorry for him.  Such is the case with Lyin' Joe Biden, a villain in cognitive decline, slowly sliding down the ramp of incompetence and insanity.  A man far too friendly with children and anyone older than 5 years, there is more than concern.  There is contempt.  Of course, morals are the furthest things from the under-populated moral chest of Joe Biden.

Today, as with Democrat Christmases in the past we see skyrocketing interest rates and record inflation both digging deep into the pockets, hopes, and dreams of the American people.  As with all Democrat Christmases, Americans are forced to dig deep into their credit cards to satisfy the Christmas wishes of family and friends.  IT WASN'T ALWAYS THIS WAY!

I can remember Democrat Christmases when it was common practice for most Americans to max out credit cards for Christmas.

I remember seeing this tendency drift away, a wisp of smoke on the economic front, during President Trump's administration.  More and more Americans celebrated the holidays with 'cash on hand' or mostly 'moderate use' of their credit cards.

The watch word here is 'moderate'.  So, what about it?  How can it be stopped?  First of all, you can forget the bogus promises of lying politicians.  When Joe Biden promised to forgive all student debt, he got a lot of votes from the Millenials and others swimming in student loan debt.  Of course, this debt is entirely self-inflicted and it's only fair to honour your debts.  Of course, with today's morality the thought of honouring a debt or keeping a promise has found itself on the back burner of the souls of many.




I know a woman 10 years out of college who still owes $62,000 in student loans.  With worthless 'liberal arts' majors from an equally mediocre college, she has made no serious efforts to pay off this debt.  In her case it's obvious she was just 'dodging the responsibilities of adult life'.  In the words of far too many college students; "Stay in school as long as you can."  Using loopholes in the student loan process she [like millions of others] has managed to duck her duty to Uncle Sam.

Click here:

When Joe Biden ran for president, this pushed her to vote for Biden because he promised student loan relief.  Greedy and without a moral sense of duty she voted the 'D' ticket.  Look what it got her!  She recently voted 'D' again in the mid-term elections because of the continuing promise by Democrats to wipe out student debt.  Of course, the mainstream media has failed tell these mindless amoral drones about the IRS complication.




According to the IRS, any reduction in your student debt will count as 'gift income' and will be taxed!  The first $10,000 will be taxed at 18%.  The next $10,000 will be taxed at 20% and the rate goes higher as the amount of loan forgiveness goes higher.  What does this mean?




It means you'd better be ready to cut Uncle Sam a check by the middle of April or face 'the wrath of government'.  For example, if you only get $10,000 of your debt forgiven, you'll still be writing a check for $1,800 to the IRS.

Oh what the hell, if you have $20,000 forgiven then the IRS wants $3,800.  If you really want your student loans forgiven get ready to write checks and ... they'd better not bounce!  That'll get you in jail faster than playing bumper cars with a policeman.

In light of all this 'good news', I hope you still manage a Merry Christmas and, if you're among the horribly confused and amoral masses who support the Democratic Party, I wish you to instead rot and burn in Hell ... Where you belong!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Thursday, December 1, 2022



Volume #120122-1706                             December 1, 2022


President Trump's questionable guest

President Trump invited Kanye West to dinner at Mar a Lago and allowed him to bring along a few friends.  President Trump isn't in the habit of running background investigations on everybody who comes through his door, but you'd think that's what Republicans, Democrats, and the Demons of the press seem to demand.

Click the link and see what you think:

Let's see, "Good morning, Grandma, I haven't seen you in almost a year.  What are you doing coming over like this?  I haven't had a chance to update your social profile.  I'll need a while to comb through your social media before I dare let anyone see us together."

How about this?  "Son, it's been months, hasn't it?  College must be very time consuming for you, I am sure.  Now, about coming home for Christmas; I'm not so sure really.  I know you promised your roommate he could join you for Christmas, but I haven't had a chance to run a background check and search social media.  I'm afraid I can't have you over this Christmas.  It might not look good for us, and you know how people think."

Back to the issue at hand.  Kanye brought along a few guests and among them was Nick Fuentes, accused 'Holocaust Denier' and 'White Supremacist'.  Oh horrors!  The media and other jackasses at large are implying that President Trump personally invited Mr. Fuentes.  The fact is that Donald doesn't even know this guy and had never heard of him before his arrival and the ensuing press explosion.

It's clear that this is just another baseless hatchet-job by the Liberal Press, Marxist Democrats, and Turncoat Republicans.  Only the truly naive pay any attention to the incredibly judgmental and postured opinions being slung around.

The press relies on clichés and reinvention of the language, always on the prowl for more woke political correctness.  To hear them cry and whine, being a 'Holocaust Denier' should be a crime punishable by death.  To hear them bitch and moan you'd would think the very presence of Mr. Fuentes puts everyone ... I mean the whole world ... in danger.

Okay, so the man has some whacked-out ideas and off-the wall opinions, but I thought the Constitution guaranteed one's right to freedom of thought and belief.  Well, screw the Constitution!  That's what this vast conspiracy of mind control would have you believe.  As for me, they can all burn in Hell.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!