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Volume #113022-1600                             November 30, 2022


This is what it looks like where neighbourhood meets traffic.  This is a view from a home in Shenandoah Estates Seniors Community on State Street, also called Highway 44.  Nestled along the side of this extremely busy stretch of road between Roe and Glenwood Streets, it's a mostly quiet place where seniors should feel safe in their golden years.

This stretch of road is a wild west show, an open invitation to speed, race, and drive recklessly because ... there are no police here!

I've spoken with a number of residents here and not a one can recall ever seeing any police on this stretch of road except in case of a serious accident.  In fact, the only time they DO see police is when they are responding with paramedic and fire response.

They all recall seeing minor collisions aplenty where the motorists simply trade information and part, never calling the police.

In a 13-week period there have been 2 major incidents within 25 yards of each other where vehicles have crashed the fence separating homes from the highway.  In these incidents vehicles have landed within mere feet of people's bedrooms too.

In one case a car catapulted with sufficient force to shatter a power pole like a matchstick, still having enough energy to go through the fence and stop feet from an old woman's bedroom.  The solution here is simple.  Put up a safety barrier of some sort, station police along this stretch of road, and maybe ... just maybe lower the speed limit just a tad.  Say maybe, by 5mph.  What's so damned hard about that?

This woman whose fence was destroyed, and peace forever shattered tells of how she is under treatment for PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] after nearly 2 tons of glass, metal, and wood chips nearly took her life.

She flinches whenever a diesel rig throttles down or a motorcycle revs its motor or a car peels out, burning rubber.  Sleep no longer comes easy for this woman who especially fears the dark because it's beneath the cloak of darkness that most of these incidents occur.

In another incident only 13 weeks later a small truck slid off the road with enough speed to cross a lane, shoulder, easement, fence, and come to a sideways stop feet from an elderly man's home.  Again, it was well after dark when the shenanigans begin on Hwy 44.  His life too, has been forever changed ... and not in a good way!

He no longer takes his dog into the back yard to play.  He no longer tends his neatly manicured yard.  He sits up nights wondering if that next vroom or roar of an engine will be the last sounds he ever hears!  He spoke with me but here, unlike Mrs. Q earlier, I have had to quote him.  He's shy and doesn't want his voice out.

He says, "It's always been a little noisy here, but you get used to it.  At night there's the drag racing on the street but that doesn't last long because they're always racing away from you, you know?  Since the crash I'm always on edge.  Those noises I got used to scare me now.  I'm not sure what to do."

After weeks working with ITD they've finally come to the expected and not surprising decision that a life or two just isn't worth dipping into the state's multi-billion-dollar cash reserve.  No, it seems a $100,000 security fence just isn't worth it.  For the price of a decked-out pickup or a Tesla Plaid they'll turn a blind eye to the danger these elderly people are facing.

Hitler was a master at declaring people non-essential and 'disposable', much as Idaho's governor did these past two years of Covid-19 hysteria.  The similarity is frightening, and you should never let anyone trade lives for money!  What type of 'human trafficking' is this?

There no excuses for this.  Speed limits can be changed.  Police can patrol the roads and enforce safety.  Simple barriers of cement, plastic, or steel can be easily erected.  But the only thing they have excuses for is that the citizens are worth less than a beautiful truck or an equally beautiful car!

Shame on you in government!

Call them and get things done!

Matt Clifford, Ada County Sheriff   208-577-3000
Kendrick Wills, Idaho State Police  208-884-7110
Scott Stokes, Idaho Transportation  208-334-8000
Brad Little, Governor of Idaho        208-334-2100

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Volume #112922-1245                             November 29, 2022


Apple threatens to remove Twitter from their app store

We're looking a Marxist-run company, Apple, threatening free speech in America once again.  They don't get along with Twitter and want more control over just what is said and done online.  If you believe in a free republic, then you'll get off your lazy @sses and do something about it!

I'm Max, and I agree with Tucker Carlson because that's the way we see it!



Volume #112922-1115                             November 29, 2022

"The best-laid plans ..."

Xi Jin Ping, China's formerly undisputed leader, is under fire

See this:

It's been brewing for years, even before the whole hype and hysteria surrounding Covid-19 began.  President Xi Jin Ping of China faces more resistance than ever before as the Chinese people have begun to rise in numbers.  As many as 40,000 protestors have burned cars, smashed police stations windows, and destroyed the ornate facades of Communist party buildings.

How did this happen?  What has brought China to the brink of chaos?  It all began when Xi Jin Ping was elected to the presidency of China and the chairmanship of the Communist party.  No, these titles are not interchangeable; the uniqueness of each office was established as a safeguard against the tyranny of dictatorship such as Xi Jin Ping's rule.

The 'third office', not to be confused with the others, is that of Supreme Commander of the People's Liberation Armed forces.  As with the offices of President and Chairman, there is a separation designed to prevent one man from taking total control and power.

After the death of Chairman Mao, rules were set in place to prevent another 'Mao' from rising to power.  The People's Congress and the Central Committee identified the power of China as 'The Milking Stool'.  A milking stool has 3 legs, as does Chinese leadership.  These legs are Party, Government, and Military.  It's interesting to note that nobody has ever held all 3 legs of the stool of power, not until Xi Jin Ping ascended to command of the country.  Even Chairman Mao was denied all 3 legs.  While he held the party and the military legs, he never had the presidency.

In addition, a rule was set down that no president may serve more than 2 five-year terms totalling 10 years in all.  All set-in place, it merely awaited a challenge to the 'failsafe features'.


Then along came Xi!


Xi Jin Ping rose to office from his previous position as Vice-President under Hu Jin Tao.  During these years Xi spent his time serving the wishes of a largely benevolent Hu, but beneath his bowing and scraping beat the heart of a traitor, an angry man thirsting for ultimate power, whatever it would take!

The Xi 'Blackmail Machine' is without parallel in China, and possibly the world.  In his years with the party Xi developed a labyrinth of information sources, using them to gather every titbit and scrap of information he could on his boss, Hu Jin Tao, and every other party member of note.  It was this 'Blackmail Machine' that assured him the presidency in 2012.  His skilful manipulation of information led to his illicit appointment by a cowed People's Congress as well as a horribly frightened Central Committee.




Immediately upon election Xi embarked on his 'China Dream'.  I remember walking the streets of Shenyang and Beijing to see the huge posters on the sides of buildings.  They all represented Xi Jin Ping's 'China Dream'.  They were disturbingly reminiscent of posters hung out in the same way during the reign of Mao Zi Dong.  The similarities were not lost on many of my Chinese friends as well.

China Dream is aimed at recreating what Xi views as 'the golden age' of China under the late Chairman Mao Zi Dong.  Bent on recreating the Cultural Revolution, Xi engaged in a purge that eclipsed even that of Chairman Mao.  Over 60,000 officials and important citizens were 'disappeared', jailed, or executed having been charged with 'corruption'.




'Corruption' was his club, his sword, for purging people without evidence.  In so many court cases the actual nature of the purported corruption was never disclosed.  In a speech in 2014 Xi said, "Corruption takes place in far more than banks and other financial institutions.  Corruption is the seed of decadence, planted in the very hearts of villains who would impede our greatness.  This is why I ask all Chinese to be on the alert and watchful of corruption in their midst.  If you see something, say something."

Did you hear this?  His 'See something, say something' sounds like the snitch-line used by America's Department of Homeland Security.  It's a great way of having the people police themselves, thus reducing the otherwise impossible burden of government to do the same.  'Rooting out corruption' became the charge of every citizen, under the demands of an increasingly powerful Xi Jin Ping.

As the years went on, Xi found that assuming 'absolute power' in China wasn't as easy as he at first thought.  He faced continual rejection and criticism from the People's Congress and his once total support from the Central Committee was waning.  Xu Li Jin, acting overseer of the People's Central Committee often voiced his dissatisfaction with elements of Xi's rule.  He was supported by the still well-loved Hu Jin Tao, former President and Party Chairman of China.

By 2019 President Xi's 'China Dream' was in danger of fading into the murky mists of idea.  He was in fear of becoming mediocre and, worse yet, losing one or more of his powers on 'the milking stool'.  There was great dissatisfaction expressed by the army's General Staff as they thought Xi to be too aggressive and reckless in his pursuit of power.  Their main dispute was on how to deal with the island nation of Taiwan, viewed by most Chinese as 'an errant child who will one day come home to the motherland.'




Then along came nCov-19, now called Covid-19.

As Xi struggled to keep his power base and hold onto all 3 legs of power, the nCov-19 virus 'conveniently' erupted from the Wuhan Virological Institute, a Level 4 Bio Lab working with America's Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Together they engaged in 'gain of function' in development of weaponized viral strains.

This was all that Xi needed.  He was now able to continue expanding his reign of power under an 'emergency powers' directive.  It was under the blanket of hysteria that surrounded this outbreak that Xi Jin Ping laid the groundwork for his hopes of achieving 'perpetual power' as China's 'leader for life'.  He played his hand with far too much zeal.

As the world reeled from the virus and locked down entire nations, Xi smiled.  As the 'power behind the throne' of the World Health Organization he was able to create a worldwide hysteria that he controlled.  He had the power of his confederate, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the United States Centers for Disease Control.  He also had total control of every major news outlet and social media source in the free world.  Finally, he had control of the majority of American politicians with the American Democratic Party being his most powerful weapon.

Count the fingers on the hand of Xi Jin Ping and his influence worldwide: 1. The World Health Organization was under his complete control.  2. America's cooperation and financial support by way of Dr. Fauci and other accomplices.  3. Complete control of the American and European news media through financial and personal coercion.  4. His alliance with key Democrats including but not limited to Nancy Pelosi [speaker of the house since 2019].

These comprise Xi's new four-legged stool of power and control.  After all, Xi already had all 3 legs of the Chinese milking stool of power.  Covid made it all come together.

Move to today:  The Covid-19 virus has largely played out.  It has mutated [as all corona 'cold' viruses do] into a series of variants less and less potent.  Today there is no fatal variant in play and the contagious properties and life-threatening qualities of Covid have become no more threatening that a bad cold or a case of the flu.

America's recovery from the hysteria came too soon for President Xi and his cohorts abroad.  It caught them all off guard.  Now Xi felt the need to double-down on his quest to secure complete power of not only China, but the entire world.  His own people, however, began to object to the still tight Covid restrictions in China.  Many Chinese no longer tolerated the government's haphazard and capricious approach toward the virus.  Xi's 'Zero Covid' policy has proven a failure.

In the wake of a dying virus, America had assumed relative normalcy and Europe was fast heading in that direction.  Meanwhile Xi's grip on his people had begun to slip.  Thus, he moved in a different direction aimed at unifying his people.  He would start a war.




It is known that when a nation goes to war, the citizens rally around their leader.  Patriotism in the form of hero worship would be just what Xi needed to get the country back on track.

This, he thought, would be the perfect catalyst for his China Dream.  His plan was simple; invade Taiwan and bring the small island nation back into the fold.  He began to hatch his plan for Taiwan Reunion as he found himself working with an increasingly reluctant General Staff.

Details of the entire invasion plan leaked out and were published for all the world to see.  Click here for that release:

It was first published on March 25th and then something completely unexpected happened in China only 3 days later.  On March 28, 2022, Commanding General Jiang Hi rested military command Xi Jin Ping, but not without some trouble.  On March 29th, a day after General Jiang secured the military, Xi ordered his arrest.  The arrest order was ineffectual, and Jiang remains in power to this day, a thorn in the side of Xi Jin Ping.

Xi had lost the one leg of the stool he most needed in order to invade Taiwan and thus rally the people around him.  Reluctantly, he has since avoided anti-Jiang rhetoric [not willing to kick a sleeping dog] and has gone in the direction of politics and propaganda to achieve his goal of ultimate power.




Why did Jiang do this?  The answer is simple.  In the words of Jiang himself; "War has always been a function of profit.  To invade Taiwan would cost us [China] far more than we [China] could ever gain."  China's black eye politically, unrest militarily, and the tremendous outlay of manpower, materials, and money would literally 'break-the-bank'.  There were no good reasons for China to invade Taiwan and General Jiang knew this as did his entire general staff.

Xi did not agree.  He cited that the numerological, astrological, and coincidental calendar dates were superimposed and were omens of victory.  He felt convinced that 'the stars were right' for this 'once in a thousand-year opportunity'.  His astrologers have always helped him in all major decisions.  Add to this the fact that all of these supernatural occurrences centered on China's National Day [their 4th of July].  Extremely superstitious, Xi was bent on this time to invade Taiwan and still blames General Jiang taking away this 'golden opportunity for greatness'.

Had he succeeded, Xi could have rallied the people around a war and also claim credit for finally bringing Taiwan back into the fold, the reunification dream of nearly everyone in China.  Now Xi finds himself in more trouble than ever.

Virtually every one of China's 123 major cities has experienced large protests and even rioting daily as a result of Xi's unfounded and draconian lockdowns.

See this:

China is a nation in turmoil and that turmoil has risen to the level of political chaos not only in the far-flung city of Urumqi in the west, but in the Eastern cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen.  Across the land, citizens have lost patience with unwarranted and illogical lockdowns.  No medical or statistical evidence supports any of these lockdowns and other 'Zero Covid Policy' actions.

There are millions of Chinese on 'house arrest' and locked into their homes.

For one elderly woman to survive, her children phone for food delivery as she is not free to even enter the hallway outside her door.  The 'White Suit Gang' is everywhere.  [The White Suit Gang refers to health workers decked out in white level 2 garments who patrol the buildings, hallways, yards and streets making sure people comply with rules that no apply].

Even members of the Chinese led media have begun to subtly question the validity of Xi's 'Zero Covid' policies.  Even the military has refused to respond to the violence despite Xi's commands.  Thank you, General Jiang, for your resistance to Xi's idea of crowd control.  In the words of General Jiang himself, "We do not need another Tiananmen."

What lies in wait remains a mystery.  Xi's government still controls all major media of the western world as well as China's own.  Xi still controls the World Health Organization as well as America's ruling Democrat Party.  With military options more or less off the table, expect a media onslaught as never before seen.




Look for the absolute enemies of Xi such as Hu Jin Tao and even Donald John Trump to come under fire from the media as never before.  Xi's greatest fear now is a Donald Trump presidency in 2024.  Xi's plans were delivered a severe blow when President Trump assumed office in 2016.  He was put off balance and lost nearly all momentum.  Trump had beaten Xi and his plans to a stand-still.

Try, if you can, to open your ears and minds to what is going on around you.  Realize that the media always targets people who pose a threat either direct or indirect to Xi's China Dream.


"You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies."

-- Oscar Wilde --


Act accordingly.  Vote your conscience.  Read and listen to all sides.  Make your decision and stick with it.  Take whatever action you must to ensure the stability and future of the republic.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #112822-1200                             November 28, 2022


The media continues to condition us to a new reality

Take a careful, reasonable, moral and real look at this picture and tell me what's wrong with it.  From every possible angle the mass media is working to change not only the way we live, but the way we think!

This picture is part of a health insurance company's campaign to get people to choose their services.  Here we see their idea of reality, and it's not nearly as real as you would think.  It represents an acute minority of American couples.  How acute?


Google it and figure it out yourself!


When last I checked, I can't remember knowing anyone personally who is reflected by this picture.  Okay, what do we see here?  We see a white guy and a black woman in bed together.  Assuming they are 'husband and wife' or even 'shack jobs' their age and relationship belie reality!  I mean c'mon!

How many people go to bed with frosting on their moustache?

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Sunday, November 27, 2022



Volume #112722-1635                             November 27, 2022


How is it that we assign guilt to anyone who has anything at all to do with anyone we don't approve of.  From deeds to beliefs, creeds to colours, and a host of other 'judging criteria' we do this every day.  Now we see just how far it has gone with the media, politicians from both sides, and the criminals of the White House.

This is what I mean.  I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!



Volume #112722-1040                             November 27, 2022


Spooky action at a distance.  Eurimbula and Inner Mongolia

A huge surprise has taken me days to confirm.  The sheep in Inner Mongolia have ceased their unexplained march in a circle.  They all broke up and scattered at exactly the same time as did the march of cattle in Australia.

At exactly 6pm Eastern Australia Time which is about 4pm in Inner Mongolia, all the marching livestock simply stopped.  According to Guo Hui, an observer in Inner Mongolia; "The sheep suddenly stopped, and they all looked into the air for about 6 seconds before breaking up.  When they finished looking up at the sky they just wandered around the paddock or returned to their pens."

Simultaneously, Nurse Ada in Australia reports; "It was at 6pm sharp that the cows stopped walking and circling as they do every day but there was a difference this time.  This time when they stopped, they all looked up into the sky for exactly 6 seconds before they broke up.  I want to say also that they no longer sleep in compass alignment or with noses together.  It's bloody spooky, that's what it is!"

'Spooky' is an interesting word because it brings to mind Albert Einstein's theory of Quantum Entanglement, also known as 'spooky action at a distance' which seems to apply here with the Australian and Inner Mongolian animals.  Look this theory up in Google and see what I mean or just click here: to get a better understanding of the otherwise unexplainable events taking place between the Eurimbula National Park in Australia and a sheep station in remote Inner Mongolia, China.

They all ceased their marches on the 22nd of November 2022 at 0700 Greenwich Mean Time.  It happened as the Aussies say, "on the tick".  What connection there is remains a mystery, as much a mystery as the cocoon at the Eurimbula National Park.  Was there some form of universal communication between animals halfway around the world from one another?  Was there an all-powerful command to the animals from a 3rd party?  The answer is that we don't have an answer.

Now cometh my theory:  What if the sheep in Inner Mongolia, China have been genetically engineered in similar or exact replication of what the Aussies have done with the Zeus Mob?  What if there is a connection between the two herds / flocks brought about by some undisclosed cooperation between the two countries' secret research programmes?  The Chinese are well known for keeping dark secrets surrounding even darker deeds.  SARS, Covid-19, H1N1 Influenza and a host of other horrors have emerged through the genetic meddling of Chinese Scientists.

We already know that Australian CSIRO scientists have no more morals or conscience than their Chinese counterparts.  They worked with these cattle to create a so-called 'super strain' and have ended up with something rapidly getting out of hand.  Both countries have deployed the military to keep their experiments in check.  Both have tried with little success to keep it all secret.  Both conducted their research in relatively remote areas far from the prying eyes of unauthorised personnel.

What are we dealing with?  What is the end game of these cooperating parties?  Are the Chinese and Australians the only ones involved with this research?  Are all efforts under one roof of direction and compliance?

Questions, questions, questions

I'd like to change gears here and go to the cocoon which shows signs of opening literally any time as of the writing of this article.  All we know is that it will open soon, but how soon is anybody's guess as this is an entirely new area of science and surrounded by mystery on all levels and at every layer.

I'll keep you abreast of the latest as it comes to hand, and I expect things to go 'bat-shit crazy' all too soon.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #112622-1310                             November 26, 2022

'SATURDAY MAX' 11/26/2022

Special Guest: Gloria Urwin


We had a great chat and covered a lot about Adjustable Rate Mortgages [ARMs], buying down interest rates, and lots of stuff about buying versus renting and qualification to buy.  The real estate situation we face is unique and even foreboding.

Gloria Urwin is a real estate broker and has over 20 years experience in placing people with the right house.  Unlike many, hers is a mission of compassionate service to homeowners.  Listen and enjoy.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #112522-1555                             November 25, 2022


Racism trumps common sense in New York

A woke grand jury fearful of snowflake fallout

Keyondre Russle, aged 18, was arrested for the murder of a 15-year-old boy in the subways.  The victim has been identified as Jayjon Burnette.  I'll give you three guesses of the racial narrative ... and the first two won't count.

Click here:

Dateline, New York -- Believe it or not, in spite of video evidence and eyewitness testimony, a grand jury failed to indict 18-year-old Keyondre Russle in the murder of 15-year-old Jayjon Burnette.  Prosecutors initially charged Russle with murder and two counts of felony possession of a firearm.  But the woke, snowflake infested grand jury has refused to indict this little bastard for murder.

Nope, after deciding just how woke they could be, Russle's been indicted on ... get ready for this ... Class E felony weapons possession charges as well as two counts of tampering with physical evidence and two counts of menacing, according to Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz’s office.  These charges could well be met with a jail sentence of less than a year or even worse, probation!

Damn!  If Keyondre had been any race other than black [with a name like that?  Nah!] he'd of been slapped with an instant 'hate crime', the grand jury would have hung him out to dry, and the public would be calling for blood.  We've really screwed up our priorities in a nation where the second leading cause of death among African Americans is ... 'African Americans.'  By the way, the leading cause of death among these people is abortion.

Food for thought.  I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Thursday, November 24, 2022



Volume #112422-1100                             November 24, 2022


We've surrendered minds and mouths to a new form of bigotry

There's an old adage, even a limerick of sorts, and it goes like this; "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me."  Wow!  Can you even imagine a more politically incorrect statement?  This adage goes back tens of thousands of years all the way from our young republic to the ancient kingdoms of China and Samaria.  It's a statement that seems to have survived for an awful long time [longer than we can remember], but today is an endangered script, all but erased from human usage as it sinks into the quicksand of human memory.

The foul excrement of politically correct speech is a whole lot younger.  Hell, it hasn't even been around for a hundred years.  Isn't it strange how successful the whole 'political correctness' movement has been?  Having survived forever, much of our vocabulary [as demonstrated by this little limerick] has been all but erased from existence.

Today a word, a hint of a word, or even the misuse of a pronoun [also a word] can doom a person to social exile at best, and prison at worst.  We've gone all the way from banning the many nicknames surrounding ethnic minorities, sexual deviants, and other select freaks to even forbidding use of such words as 'him' and 'her'.  Yet all of this vocabularistic nonsense has failed to erase the minds and memories of tens of millions of Americans.  Time will do that.

The other day I was having a discussion on racism and the falsely labelled concept of 'reverse racism' [one of those 'newly invented' words now in our vocabulary] with two of my black friends and two blacks who are NOT my friends.  In the course of our discussion I used the words 'you people' in allusion to blacks.


Pull the pin and duck!


My friends weren't offended; in fact, they didn't even blink when I uttered those thermonuclear words.  The other two, however, displayed the thinness of their skin as they erupted into a verbal tirade of complaint at my 'horrific' use of those terrible and almost unforgivable words, 'you people'.

I am old enough to remember when even the words n!gg*r, faggot, even cripple didn't elicit such a violent response.  I can remember when blacks and whites, gays and handicapped were a lot more congenial and tensions weren't boiling over with help from Washington, the press, and the subtle inklings of Communist subversion.  Back then it really was a world with thicker skin and more of a 'live and let live' attitude.

Sure, there was racism [but it cut both ways even back then] and there was anti-gay sentiment [which also cuts both ways] but these were no more endemic to our society then than they are today.  So why has our skin become so thin as to actually fuel the fires of prejudice?  How are the issues of enhanced perception of prejudice and political correctness now 'the rule of the day'?

Why is it that the whole world of political correctness is aimed [like a gun sight] at whites and straights?  How is it that society has banned and even removed over 143 words from our vocabulary?  How is it that we've actually invented new words to fit the mood?  Just what's going on anyway?

How is it that blacks can openly call one another 'n!gg@r', and it's considered a term of endearment, but when a white person uses the same word, it becomes a 'hate crime' and he or she [there I go again with those horrible pronouns] can even go to jail for their use?


Flip the coin.


When a black calls a white 'cracker', or a gay calls a straight 'breeder' or any of a few other vile nicknames that's also 'okay'.  After all, this 'one-way' dialogue has been designed to divide people of all flavours.  All of this is what we euphemistically refer to as 'politically correct' speech.

As my sainted grandmother used to say, "It makes my ass hurt."  Well, my abuela had many such exclamations, some far more colourful than this one.  But she was right, and as she would say, "Political Correctness makes my ass hurt too."

Look around you and ask yourself this question; does the 'crime' of socially unacceptable use of pronouns or other terms really warrant the punishment?  Do you think we might be overdoing it ... just a little bit?

I do.  I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Wednesday, November 23, 2022



Volume #112322-1600                             November 23, 2022


The parting lie of Anthony Fauci

It's not a good thing when a politician lies, but we expect it of them.  It's yet another thing when a public health official, an unelected bureaucrat, lies to us.  It's even worse when that seat-polisher [suckling from the government teat] doubles down on his lies.




In my parting words to you, Dr. Fauci, "It must suck to be you."



Volume #112322-1245                             November 23, 2022


Click this link to my video:

In Joe Biden's first 'face-to-face' meeting with President Xi of China, he surrendered his very dignity.  There was not a single 'hot-button' issue discussed, nor did Joe ever correct or disagree with Xi.  Walking into the meeting it was clear 'who was in charge'.

Click the link to NY Post:

Being as the DNC and Joe Biden are on Beijing's payroll, none of this is a surprise. He is addled, subservient to his handlers, and a most valuable tool for Beijing in the Chinese march toward world domination. As long as there are Joe Bidens in the world, there will never be justice, peace, or understanding.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2022



Volume #112222-1245                             November 22, 2022


Texas is getting tough with illegal aliens

To fight the alien invasion on America's southern border, the governor of Texas has taken the situation more and more seriously as conditions continue to deteriorate.  Texas has sent National Guard troops, Texas Rangers, and others to help the beleaguered members of the US Border Patrol.  His actions fly in the face of Joe Biden's moves to open the border completely, a move which would doom the US economy and bring untold tragedy to Americans at large.

Click here:

Dateline Texas Southern Border — The Texas National Guard is set to deploy 10 armoured personnel carriers and 100 soldiers along the state’s border with Mexico — only days after Gov. Greg Abbott declared that Texas, as well as the United States, is under “invasion by the Mexican drug cartels.”

The M113 armoured personnel carriers are tracked rather than wheeled, like a tank.  This is all part of the state's 'Operation Lone Star', according to documents obtained by the Texas Tribune and the Army Times.

When dealing with human trafficking, drug running, weapons trafficking, and a host of dangerous members of drug cartels and terrorist organizations, it's obvious that desperate times call for desperate measures.

States as far away as New Jersey have stationed National Guard troops along the southern border to help stem the rising tide of alien invaders.  We owe them our support.

I'm Max, and that that's the way I see it!

Monday, November 21, 2022



Volume #112122-1320                             November 21, 2022



Chuck Schumer admits that Dems welcome illegal aliens

Click here and see what there is to fear:

From the NY Post: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made some startling admissions last week about his immigration views: “We have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to.  The only way we’re going to have a great future in America is if we welcome and embrace immigrants, the Dreamers and all of them, because our ultimate goal is to help the Dreamers but to get a path to citizenship for all 11 million or however many undocumented there are here.”

The honesty was breathtaking. For so long, Schumer (D-NY) and his party have danced around the truth: They want to legalize anyone coming over our border for any reason.  Schumer wasn’t always this brazen about wanting open borders for all

In 2014, he bragged that President Barack Obama was serious about enforcing immigration law and had “deported more people than any other president.” Schumer used to at least mouth some lines about securing the border when pushing for legalization.  No more.

That’s why it’s so important Americans know that the jig — the idea that Democrats want anything resembling reasonable immigration policies — is up.  But it’s going to require Republicans putting on their big-boy pants and pointing it out.

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