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Volume #112222-1245                             November 22, 2022


Texas is getting tough with illegal aliens

To fight the alien invasion on America's southern border, the governor of Texas has taken the situation more and more seriously as conditions continue to deteriorate.  Texas has sent National Guard troops, Texas Rangers, and others to help the beleaguered members of the US Border Patrol.  His actions fly in the face of Joe Biden's moves to open the border completely, a move which would doom the US economy and bring untold tragedy to Americans at large.

Click here: https://nypost.com/2022/11/19/texas-gov-abbott-to-deploy-tank-like-vehicles-against-migrant-invasion/

Dateline Texas Southern Border — The Texas National Guard is set to deploy 10 armoured personnel carriers and 100 soldiers along the state’s border with Mexico — only days after Gov. Greg Abbott declared that Texas, as well as the United States, is under “invasion by the Mexican drug cartels.”

The M113 armoured personnel carriers are tracked rather than wheeled, like a tank.  This is all part of the state's 'Operation Lone Star', according to documents obtained by the Texas Tribune and the Army Times.

When dealing with human trafficking, drug running, weapons trafficking, and a host of dangerous members of drug cartels and terrorist organizations, it's obvious that desperate times call for desperate measures.

States as far away as New Jersey have stationed National Guard troops along the southern border to help stem the rising tide of alien invaders.  We owe them our support.

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