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Volume #111322-0955                             November 12, 2022


Things seem to be coming to a head.

Dateline Eurimbula National Park, Queensland, Australia -- Zeus' 'Mob' [Australian for a small herd] has grown.  Within a day's time as all 3 non-GMO heifers have dropped calves.  Born within hours of each other, they all bore the same 138 - 140lb birth weight and are the picture of good health.  Virtually every test one can imagine is being done to see just what these three non-GMO heifers, married to a totally GMO bull, have produced.

"There's never a dull moment around here." says Dr. Subramaniam, attending physician to the mob.  He adds, "Births were absolutely textbook, and occurred within a span of less than 6 hours.  The unique timing of birth and uncanny resemblance between the calves are worthy of note.  In fact, it's highly unusual, but 'unusual' seems to be the rule in my post here at the Eurimbula."

Okay, let's go from top down here.  Zeus has begun to march in an east ~ west line of exactly the same length as the north ~ south line the young bulls are following.  Notes Nurse Ada, "The line Zeus is walking bisects the bull calves' line at exactly midpoint and at right angles.  We've actually taken a measure out there and found Zeus' new line to be at exact centre-point of the bull calves' line.  Measuring line length shows it's the same length as that of the bull calves.  They, all of them, are following the same time schedule of noon to six."

In the meantime, Zeus' 3 GMO heifers, along with the non-GMO heifers, have begun to walk in a circle.  The circle is mathematically related to the intersecting lines which their continual marching has worn into the ground.  It is also centred exactly over the intersection of the Zeus line and that of the bull calves.  And, here we go, they walk their east~west and north~south lines and the heifers circle on the exact same schedule.  Says Dr. Giannini in his observations, "They never meet, and always manage to slip between one another with adroit precision.  This 'parade' goes on for exactly 6 hours every day from noon until 6pm, on the tick!"

So much for Zeus, his 'wives', and his offspring.  Let's get to the one most remarkable calf, the one on the table encased in a rock-hard cocoon.  Here there is something new going on as the shell has begun to show micro fractures and major cracks.  Dr. Subramaniam's relief physician, Dr. Mervyn Hawthorne, notes, "That strange frequency we have been listening to [believed to be Schumann Resonance] continues to emanate from within the cocoon.  Of note now is that the tone is shifting into a series of joined harmonics and pure tones.  It bares remarkable similarity to whale song."

This alone would be the showstopper were it not for Dr. Giannini's latest discovery.  He noted that, like the other cows, the cocoon recognizes time of day.  From noon to six the 'music' coming from the cocoon changes dramatically.  At noon sharp, it begins.  At six sharp, it stops and all that remains is the Schumann Resonance.  Given the nature of this high strangeness, staff are reluctant to bring in more experts.  What this tune or dance or whatever you want to call it, has to do with virtually every cow in the facility remains a mystery.

Remember that now we have Zeus, his 3 GMO heifers, his 3 non-GMO heifers, his 3 GMO calves [one in cocoon], and his 3 Part-GMO calves just delivered.  With their synchronicity we have something not only odd but downright scary.  Nobody can figure it out, and everyone is concentrating on the cocoon which appears to be ready to split open on at of a dozen major fissures in the shell.  The north~south holes on the cocoon have enlarged to nearly 1/4 inch in diameter and the flow of air in and out of these holes has increased dramatically.

What are we dealing with here?  Cows making patterns in the ground, new calves of unknown character, a cocoon that is ready to bust open showing who-knows-what?  And the fact that there seems to be some sort of communication between all of the above.

Just an update.  I have no idea what next week will bring.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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