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Our electoral process has gone horribly wrong!

When I was much younger [back when the Earth's crust was still cooling.  We had to wear asbestos soled tennis shoes] we had a pretty simple electoral process in this country.  It happened in a few recognizably easy steps.

● Citizens registered to vote.  This required identification and proof of citizenship.  It also required a steady address that could be quickly linked to the registered voter.  This meant that voters were vetted.  It made voting virtually impossible for anyone not qualified to do so.

● On Election Day we went to the polling stations and cast our ballot for our favourite candidates.  This meant going to a local church, school, or city hall assigned as voting locations.  You went to your own, in your own district, allowing close oversight of voters, again locking in security for the system.

● We cast ballots on a paper ballot.  We coloured in the boxes, 'X'd' them, or whatever.  This ballot was then put through a scanner and/or dropped into a box for counting later.  In any case, the 'chain of custody' of our votes was secure.

● When the polls closed, they were closed.  The only exception was for those people still standing in line when the 'closing time' was reached.  The line was isolated so that nobody else could join it, as the polls were 'closed to new arrivals', and that was good.  It prevented all manner of election fraud so common today.

● The scanners counted the ballots.  These figures were certified 'on site' and there was always the paper backup in case of contest.  The idea of putting computers to work was never considered because of the myriad security risks endemic to computer and internet technology.

When we trusted our elections, it's because they earned our trust.  There was no 'mail-in voting', nor were there 'drop boxes' making ballot harvesting a cinch for the ruling party.  We knew that the only folks who voted without showing up at the polls voted by 'absentee ballot'.  These included overseas stationed military, expatriates, and the shut-in.  That's it!  That's all there was, and it worked!


K.I.S.S. "Keep It Simple, Stupid"


What we need is a standardized and simple set of rules, ones adopted by all fifty states,even if they have to be crafted in WashingtonHow about this ...

● Require that a person show official identification such as a driver license, passport, state I.D.  demonstrating that they are old enough to vote.  Yes, how about proof of ageWhat am I talking about?  Hell, why not let anyone vote?  Let's give the ballot to school children.  Hmmm.

● Require proof of residence.  A person must reside within his or her precinct or district.  This means you've gotta show power bills, mortgage payments, etc. to prove where you live.

Summed up:  You must be registered to vote in order to vote.  You must show I.D. at the polling station so that you can be verified as being the person you claim to be.

Now, showing yourself to be a legally registered voter, you can go to the polls and vote for the candidates of your choice.  Then you can go home and wait for an actual count of votes cast.

We need to put a halt to any release of election information to the press until final numbers are in.  The ability of the media to 'call the win' sways many voters getting ready to go out and cast their vote after work.  It plays on the minds of the many who are so easily manipulated.


Call it what it is; propaganda.


I long for the days when it might have taken a day or so to count all the votes, but that's all.  We didn't have the incipit media gang working every angle possible to get their 'pet candidates' into office.  It took the power away from the media and put it back in the hands of the people.

So there ya go, let's look at the current battle for the US Senate.  This is a joke, and a bad one, as anyone looking in from without can see that it's scripted.  As my friend Joe says, "It's like a 'Rocky' movie where the good guy is down on the mat, then the evil opponent is down on the mat.  Then the good guy is all but out of the game when at the last minute he rallies and knocks out his opponent".  That's what we are watching with the Senate race.


Elections are scripted like a soap opera.


Given the many improbabilities such as a Marxist stroke victim beating out a respected doctor or the many impossibilities such as a geriatric mental incompetent beating out a sitting president; we need an electoral system that fairly represents the people and one that is secure.

Right now, in America, we don't have such a system.  No, our electoral system is badly broken and in need of a rebuild.  Like a clogged colon, this system too needs an enema!  A systemic 'high colonic' would surely do the trick.


Our elections need an enema!


I'm not fooling myself though, because it's clear who really runs the country and its not you or me.  No, it's the big money coming in from China and other centres for world control.  Without a better electoral system, we will always be pawns in a game of Chinese Chess.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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