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Volume #111622-1150                             November 16, 2022


The reason is obvious and quite singular.

Blame it on policies, performance, or whatever floats your boat, and you would be wrong in either or any case.  Do you really wanna know what cost the Republicans their much-anticipated 'red wave' in votes?  Here's the only answer that seems to fit: bad candidates!

Plain and simple, the GOP failed to put forward qualified, trustworthy, and likeable candidates for Senate and Congress in these still-contested mid-terms.  Okay, grant that Americans by and large don't know how to count.  That's obvious in the fact that so many elections are still being counted, even now, more than ten days after polls closed.  Let's get to the nitty-gritty.

How could voters in Pennsylvania choose a pro-abortion, pro tax-the-rich, pro spend-it-all stroke victim unable to string two sentences together when they could have chosen a heart surgeon?  How did they choose this 'hoody-wearing' 'goatee brandishing' imbecile with no real planks to his platform to beat out a well-spoken and well-dressed heart surgeon and television personality?

The answer is simple.  Mehmet Oz was a good candidate, but not a 'great' one.  His approach to public campaigning lacked 'fire in the belly' and he just did not resonate with the people.  Perhaps it was his condescending manner and really 'establishment white bread' looks that turned voters off.  In any case, John Fetterman, the bumbling stroke victim with horrible ideas on how to run the country, won not because he was more liked and trusted, but because the people disliked Oz more than they did Fetterman.  They voted for what they believed to be 'the lesser of two evils'.

Likewise we saw a presidential victory back in 2020 not because the people liked Bumbling Joe Biden more than Donald Trump, but because they disliked Trump more than Biden.  No doubt, the leftist press and media on all fronts helped to build a public dislike and even hatred for Donald Trump.  After all, 'The Donald' promoted a stronger and healthier America and the media openly pressed for a socialist republic.  So, with over four years of open assault on everything Donald Trump had to say or do, it only made sense that the people would dislike Biden less than Trump and thus vote for what they perceived again, as the lesser of two evils.

In either case it's obvious that a media-addicted American public believed far too much of what they were told by the media, that being radio, television, social media, newspapers, and powerful word-of-mouth campaigns.  For years they stuffed their relatively empty heads with an undeserving trust of all that the media had to say.  They believed it, and here we are today.

So effective was media that Joe's strategy was elegantly simple, and simply elegant.  He hid in the basement, refusing to engage in meaningful dialogue, and counted on the media's ability to generate such public loathing for Donald Trump that even Mussolini could have beaten him in an election.  The media suppressed Biden's declining mental state and kept him in the basement to hide that horrible truth.  They knew that Biden was, and still is, in mental decline.  In fact, he has since declined so far as to have become unable to string more than two sentences together, and that with no small degree of effort.

So, if the GOP wants any chance of keeping the house and gaining control of the senate in 2024, let alone securing the White House, they're going to have to rebuild from the ground up.

Today's GOP is hated by many, including lifelong republicans.  Republican candidates and officers have shown themselves to be so eager to 'protect their cushy jobs' that they've thrown voters under the bus.

I hope you guys are listening out there because, on the issues, you GOP guys have got it in the bag.  In terms of getting more votes than Democrats, you've got a long way to go.  It's going to mean tossing a lot of your baggage like Mitt Romney, Lindsay Graham, and a host of other 'deplorables' currently in office under the bus and bringing in fresh and likeable new faces.

Only a change of people and bedrock policy can save the GOP from self-destruction.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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