Monday, October 31, 2022



Volume #103122-1230                             October 31, 2022


Discussing Idaho's and America's future

October 31, 2022

Only 8 days away from the general election, and it's time to put on our boots, make up our minds, and vote.  Ammon and I discussed Idaho's future and the cure for that which ails us.  We also talked on how Idaho's freedom and Washington's oppression.

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I hope and pray you are ready to vote, or have already voted, and that you look at the person and not the party.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Sunday, October 30, 2022

* * * * WITH ZEUS, "IS NO MOOS GOOD MOOS?" * * * *


Volume #103022-1145                             October 30, 2022


My sources have dried up literally overnight

Zeus and his mob in the Eurimbula National Park are now beneath a cloak of secrecy.  I've managed to cooperate with local authorities and, up until now, we've struck a healthy balance.  This may have changed ... and only time will tell.

I've been unable to contact any of my people.  From Dr. Subramanian and his nurses right down to the 'hands' who work the facility and have cared for the cows, all have gone silent.  Trying to reach them is almost like cracking some top-secret code.

I've nothing to tell you this week, and frankly I expected information to dry up long before now.  I will look upon this with the hopeful confidence that more information will come to light ... by hook or by crook.


I guess, in a lighter note ...

"No moos is good moos."


I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Saturday, October 29, 2022



Volume #102922-1300                             October 29, 2022


Arizona fills gaps in border wall with shipping containers

Responding to the emergency conditions of an alien invasion, Governor Ducey of Arizona has stepped up to the plate.  By his order and under command of the state's Department of Emergency and Military Affairs has gone to work.

Click here for my video:

Or click here:

In spite of objections from both the Bureau of Reclamation and the White House, Ducey has essentially told them to pound sand.  Before, during, and long after the writing of this article, Arizona will continue to stack shipping containers two-high in the many gaps in the wall.

Says Arnold Aaronson, a member of the Military Affairs Taskforce, "In the face of Washington's devotion to illegal immigration our operations will continue, despite federal request or demand. We answer to our Commander in Chief who is Governor Doug Ducey."

Click here for NY Post's story:

As reported, Arizona is refusing to satisfy the White House demand to remove shipping containers plugging gaps in the border fence.  The state’s governor has ordered double-stacked shipping containers to be placed along the Mexico border, despite not being cleared placement on federal land.

It's clear that the Biden administration has absolutely no desire or reason to plug the holes in the border fence.  As long as millions upon millions of illegal aliens are able to pour over our border we are in mortal danger.  Our lives, livelihoods, security, and very way of life are threatened by the unchecked flow of invaders.

I take my hat off to Governor Ducey for showing the gumption and concern necessary to plug these federally authorized leaks in any way he can.  We need more governors like Doug Ducey.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Friday, October 28, 2022

* * * * * * * * * IT MUST SUCK TO BE US * * * * * * * * *


Volume #102822-1030                             October 28, 2022


How can we force our standards on other nations?

We [primarily North Americans] are the most interfering and judgmental people in the world.  We are constantly applying our set of values and behavioural norms to those of anyone other than fellow 'westerners'.

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Dateline Hong Kong -- Hong Kong television aired a show with characters in black face.  "Did you say, 'black face'?"  Oh the horror, the humanity!  How dare they disrespect the West's set of values!  How dare they appropriate African skin tone.  Said Jason Li Qui, a makeup artist for the television network, "Yes, Negroes are born with this,[a black face] but the rest of us need to go to great efforts as we apply uncomfortable makeup.  I really don't see what all the fuss is about."

His colleague in production went further when she said, "It offends us when those people [did he actually say, 'those people'?] constantly complain about the least little thing while they are free to mock and offend Asian people with apparent impunity.  I guess this is what is referred to as 'Western Whining'."  Yes, we in the West do whine a lot, and African Americans and 'wiggers' top the list of those who most constantly whine.  Primarily their whimpers and whines are about others 'appropriating' their habits and behaviour, there's the other side of the coin.


Confucius said, "Every coin has two sides."


Africans in the West fail to allow for the fact that wearing underwear, using deodorant, brushing one's teeth, wearing shoes, eating with utensils, and a host of other things Blacks have adopted might well be considered 'cultural appropriation'.

I'll tell you what, If African Americans, for example, want others to stop appropriating elements of their culture, they must be ready and willing to do the same.  What you'll be left is a non-black  society no longer listening to rap, R&B.  They'll be wearing ball caps with the visor right over their eyes.  They'll walk with good posture.  And 'fist bumping' and 'high-five' will no longer be practiced.  Oh, how non-black society would suffer.  Oh the torment and the horror of this lasting plague of non-inclusiveness!

Now, on the other hand you'd see Black society in loin cloths with bones shoved through their noses, bare footed, smelling like the dead with breath that would knock a bulldog off a meat wagon.  You'd see them fumbling with Swahili, Hausa, and a host of other primitive African languages because English, French, and any of the more advanced tongues endemic to Caucasian society would be out of the picture.  SO MUCH FOR APPROPRIATION!

Blackface is considered highly offensive and racist almost exclusively in Canada, The United States, and the European Union.

Let's keep in mind that their collective populations don't even reach those of either India or China.  Not to mention all of East Asia!  But, let it be known that the West is always right, and anyone else is wrong!

In an episode of a popular sitcom that aired Monday (local time), a scene showed a funeral service where the actors in the show wore black face.  For what it's worth, they looked a lot better in black face than Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

In retrospect, if this show was intended for a western audience we could well see the offensive nature.  However, it was not!  This show is intended for Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Hong Kong audiences.  It also shows through dozens of other Oriental countries.

All I can say to you tweeters, bloggers, and other internet champions is this, "Get used to the fact that your warped set of standards and behaviours does not trump everyone else's".  You thin-skinned whiners obviously have nothing better to do.

In the immortal words of Lillian MacLeod, "It must suck to be you!"

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Thursday, October 27, 2022

* * * * * OUR JUSTICE NEEDS AN ENEMA! * * * * *


Volume #102722-1540                             October 27, 2022


America won't execute females but is eager to kill males.

You live in a land where the thought of executing a woman, no matter how heinous her crimes, is morally repugnant.  Society at large has no problem with executing men, even boys, but the thought of executing a woman is just unthinkable!

Dateline Texas -- Prosecutors asked a Texas jury Wednesday to consider the death penalty for Taylor Rene Parker, who was found guilty last week of murdering a pregnant woman and cutting her unborn baby from her body.

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Parker, 29, was convicted of capital murder on Oct. 3rd and the verdict, reached in under an hour by a jury of six women and six men, found her guilty and recommended the death penalty, something almost unheard of with a female defendant.

Since 1900, that's the last 122 years, only 53 women have been executed for crimes in the United States.  In the same period of time, the same 122 years, over 9,900 men have been put to death.  That's an unjustifiable difference!

Click here:

Women can be, and often are, just as vicious and bloodthirsty as men.  Your prejudices have long favoured women with a certain 'legal privilege' afforded not only by society but by the courts as well.  If women want equality, true equality, they will lobby to end this insane sex-tiered system of justice.

What the hell is wrong with you?  How have you become cheerleaders of court-ordered executions, praising the deaths of all men convicted of capital crimes?  How do you justify cheering for the 'life sentences' routinely handed out to women for commission of equally heinous crimes?  Why do you go ballistic when a man convicted of murder is released on parole, yet you cheer an equally guilty woman's early release from prison?

I'll tell you what.  It means you're sick!  Your outlook needs a tune up!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2022



Volume #102622-1410                             October 26, 2022


They gladly abuse the elderly and infirm to get their own way!

When will we, the American People, stand united in defence of the elderly and the infirm?  We've made great progress over the years in how we treat others of different race, belief, and sex, but the Democrats have not.  Democrats live an 'anything goes' lifestyle and will sacrifice their firstborn if it means they can get ahead.

Look at how they've treated Joe Biden, a doddering simpleton afflicted with the worst form of dementia.  A literal marionette in the hands of others, Joe has been put in place to destroy not only our economy and world standing, but the republic itself.  Let's not forget how he has single-handedly [he and those pulling his strings] undone decades of race relations and sexual cooperation.

Okay, we all know about 'Bumbling Biden', the nation's 'Weekend at Bernies President'.  Let's look at another shameful exhibition in the race for the Senate in Pennsylvania.  Squaring off against one another are John Fetterman and Mehmet Oz to see who will fill the seat of US Senator representing the people of Pennsylvania.

Click here:

In their debate yesterday, it was nothing less than painful to watch.  I actually tuned in this debate because of Pennsylvania's importance in the overall political picture.  I watched, soda and popcorn in hand, and prepared myself for what happened.  This debate was nothing less than a bloodbath as Fetterman, a recent stroke victim, struggled to find words, recall facts, and speak coherently.

I could see the pain in Oz's eyes as he watched his opponent struggle to focus, recall, and speak.  Anyone with any sensitivity and compassion would be moved by the Democrat manipulation of this man, equally as much as they continue to manipulate the president, Joe Biden.

Just how shameless is the Democrat Party?  Just how criminally complicit is the Democrat-run mass media?  In the weeks leading up to the debate, all forms of media dog-piled on the situation painting Fetterman as a capable and brilliant candidate for office.  They severely downplayed his stroke and the lasting damage it has done to this once brilliant man.

Will Fetterman recover from his stroke?  He might do so ... in time.  Will he get better and better with therapy over time?  He may, but like recovering from it, nobody really knows.  In the meantime, the media is unbelievably in support of this man, a man incapable of carrying on an intelligent conversation let alone running the country as a Senator.

The Democrats know how valuable a puppet, a political marionette, can be.  Look at how effectively they've run Biden.  When it comes to placing the mentally and physically incompetent in office the Democrats can never have enough.  Whether through impairment, blackmail, or other coercion, the Democrats are running at full speed to maintain control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Vote your conscience.  Vote your heart.  Vote with your head.  I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2022



Volume #102522-1345                             October 25, 2022


V.A.B.s are violent by their very nature.

Okay, here's the argument that fails in its attempt to explain away rampant V.A.B. violence.  Some would have you believe it's a matter of living in poverty and illiteracy.  This argument crops up every time any of a plethora of violent altercations involving angry black people occurs.

Look at these V.A.B.s 'getting it on' in a basketball game.  I mean, they're duking it out in a manner that would put you or me in jail!  Virtually everyone on the court [with the exception of referees and towel boys] is a millionaire.  On the court is a collection of spoiled, overindulged, over paid, and self-centered little rich boys each wanting his own way!  Wait a minute ... I thought their violence came from their impoverishment.  Obviously, that's not the case.

How about illiteracy?  These guys are all high school graduates, some even have bachelor's degrees [about as valid as a three-dollar-bill] from schools that hand them out like candy to every athlete student.  It's a safe assumption that they can read a newspaper headline, understand the instructions on the back of a frozen TV dinner, and the pages of a magazine.  Illiterate they are not!

To make matters far worse, violence in professional sports is treated with a 'boys will be boys' attitude, while we 'common folk like you and me' go to jail or even prison for half the mayhem spread by these people.

Dr. Hannah Spalding, PhD, says this; "The inherent violence of the Black Community has absolutely nothing to do with impoverishment.  We see other cultures and subcultures living in abject poverty yet in peaceful co-existence.  The violence of the Black Community is endemic to their culture, breeding, and genetic makeup."

As Americans we need to address violence at all levels, whether it be domestic, racist, or otherwise ... violence is violence.  The creeping tide of violence has preyed upon the black community for decades, victimizing innocent people.  According to the NCIC [National Crime Information Centre] the number one cause of death among Black Americans is Black-on-Black violence.  Neither stroke, heart attack, nor any other of the leading causes of death even comes close to the extreme nature of the Violent American Black subculture.

Click here:

The creeping 'black plague' of violence in our country rages equally from the slums of the inner city to the countryside to the suburbs of our land.  This violence can only be met with forceful and just treatment of the offenders.

It's time we stopped mollycoddling the minions of murder and mayhem and started locking them up.  Of course, that brings to light the issue of overcrowded prisons.  That problem is easily curtailed through the judicious and careful execution of corporal punishment.  These people may not fear incarceration, but the prospect of a good beating would get their attention.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Monday, October 24, 2022



Volume #102422-1315                             October 24, 2022


Obama and Rice control Joe Biden, Jill has the final say!

This is so damned typical of the present administration.  Here's a story of how Jill Biden ripped into White House staffers for failure to cut the president's microphone or get him down from the podium as he gaffed his way into history.

We've been afflicted with a senile and evil old man willing to follow any and all instruction given by his masters.  One would think as many do that Barack Obama and Susan Rice are pulling his strings on behalf of their Beijing masters, and not be too far off.  The exception is the final wall, that being Jill Biden, the woman who has final say and control of the empty-headed 'Weekend at Bernies President' we suffer every day of his term.

Click here:

As far back as we can remember; Joe has always bowed before Jill.  Even before his more serious onset of senility she has had him under her wing and pulled all the strings.  Now, in his terminal phase of dementia, she wheels his cart from here to there always watching over this madman marionette.

It seems that every time Joe makes a fool of himself ... that's an awful lot ... 'Dr.' Jill unleashes her legendary temper on White House staffers.  Statements like, "What in Hell is wrong with you?  Can't you keep an old man in check?"  She's even been heard saying, "Why didn't you cut his mic?"  This makes it pretty clear who has the 'final say' in Biden's blunderings.

November is fast upon us and, if not really careful, the agenda which Joe Biden follows so blindly [under the close supervision of 'Dr.' Jill] may reach fruition.  If he succeeds then we are truly doomed.  Only you can stop this in a bloodless way.  You need to vote in November.  That's November 8th, 2022, and voting is the only way to make your wants and needs known.

Vote for those who will give you the country you want ... not those who will give you the country 'that's good for you.'

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. All hail to the chief, President Dr. Jill Biden



Volume #102422-1230                             October 24, 2022



Ammon Bundy has the plan and only he can do it!


Max and Ammon talked all about what can be done.  There was no 'pie in the sky' thinking here, but solid application of fact and principle.  Ammon is a good man, an honest man, and has that fire in the belly we need for a governor.

Click to watch:

I heartily endorse him for governor and have voted for him in my absentee ballot.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Sunday, October 23, 2022



Volume #102322-1415                             October 23, 2022


This 'oily' lying bastard of a president is literally 'selling us out'

Here we are, only two weeks from the most important election in our history, and Joe Biden has found yet another way to sell us out.  Yes, the 'student loan forgiveness programme' is one way, but thankfully that's been put on hold by a federal district court.  Okay, then there's the blank check book he's given Ukrainian dictator, Volodymyr Zelensky, to fight Russian.

This bastard's spending has crippled our economy and disheartened a nation.  But wait, there's more!

Joe Biden has decided to sell off what's left of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve [SPR], and much of that is being sold to ... are you ready?  Our number one arch enemy, China!  "How can this be?" you ask.  Well, it's this simple.  Two weeks before the election is a good time to try and drive down the fuel prices he drove up earlier.  It's time to bring gas prices down from $6 a gallon to $5 a gallon and declare a victory, knowing most voters will have forgotten that he's the one who drove gas prices from $1.70 a gallon to $6.00 in the first place!

Yep, after pushing motor fuel costs up by nearly 300%, he's now going to 'try' and bring them back to only 250% of what they were before he began his disastrous reign.  Call it what you like, 'bribery' is the only word that fits.  If voters are gullible enough, fanatical enough, or just plain stupid then they'll fall for this and vote Democrat in November.

Here's the real situation: Our petroleum reserves are at their lowest since we began the project in 1975.  We established the SPR to prevent the situation where Arabs reduced production to blackmail the US into withdrawing support for Israel.  It hurt us badly, but we did not fold and stood by our long-time ally in the Middle East.  With an SPR that is supposed to never happen again.  And, if we had maintained good faith in the programme, our energy future would remain secure.

It was during the Trump presidency that oil prices had fallen to under $34 a barrel due to Covid restrictions preventing Americans from driving around all the time.  President Trump then suggested that we buy up that oil at this discount price and use it to top off our oil reserves.  That, it would seem, was a great idea!  Well, not to the Democrats.  It was Chuck Schumer who led the charge and defeated Trump's plan.  Now, at a much higher price, Biden is suggesting we buy foreign oil in order to top off our reserves.

Ya gotta wonder.  If he actually does fill the SPR to the rim, is he gonna turn around again and sell it to the Chinese?  Will he sell it to other un-friendlies such as North Korea?  With Biden you never know.

You're getting ready to vote and, if the polls are right, there will be a 'Red Tsunami' as more seats in the House and Senate turn Republican and conservative.

Click here:

Biden’s fooling around with SPR will hurt Americans and do inestimable damage to our national security.  Isn't that just what Joe Biden is working for?  Doesn't he hate this country and its people so badly that he'll do anything to bring us down?

Quotes the New York Post; "President Joe Biden’s latest politically timed release of another 15 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve — when it was already at a 40-year low — is just the latest disgraceful move in a decades-long Democratic drive to pretend the SPR is a magic gas-price wand, which now leaves the reserve too depleted to serve its actual, important purpose.

The SPR was created in 1975 to guard against attacks on the US oil supply, after the 1973-74 Arab oil boycott sought to blackmail America into abandoning Israel in the wake of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, which began with a surprise attack on the Jewish state and ended after President Richard Nixon sent Jerusalem critical supplies.

In short, the reserve’s purpose is to deter foreign powers from even trying to cut off the US oil supply. It’s authorized to hold up to 714 million barrels in four Texas and Louisiana salt caverns along the Gulf of Mexico coast, near pipelines that can rapidly deliver the crude to US refineries".

It's simple.  No oil, no move, no income, no production, no nothing!  This bastard in the White House and his accomplices in the Congress and Senate have brought our once great nation to its knees.  Before they put the final boot into our faces, its time to fight back!  Vote dammit!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!



Volume #102322-1210                             October 23, 2022


Zeus' calf remains encased in a cocoon of stone

Are the baby bulls learning to talk?

As the story takes us further into the maze of information and speculation, one thing is for sure.  Zeus' youngest chimera-calf remains in the sac-turned-cocoon which has hardened unbelievably since last I reported on these most unusual events.  Just what is going on remains uncertain.

The staff of consultants and experts has widened to include Dr. Emeril Giannini, Ph.D., a noted biologist.  Dr. Giannini says, "There is no doubt we are looking at a cocoon.  I have examined it and found it to be literally 'as hard as a rock'."  He goes on to explain just what is being done about this.

"We have brought in high powered ultrasound equipment, a more powerful version of what a hospital might use in diagnosing the condition or progress of one's pregnancy.  This is a 'souped- up' version and should be able to tell us more about what's going on inside.  We want to use magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] but even hints at removing this cocoon from the park have met with solid resistance by staff on all sides."

So far imaging with ultrasound and a few low intensity x-rays have shown remarkable transformation, regressive transformation.  It's the regression which confuses even Dr. Subramaniam, DVM.  He says, "It is undergoing a radical metamorphosis, one such as is only seen in certain insects.  But we are not dealing with an insect.  There are structures of bone and dense tissue developing from within this cocoon."

He goes on, "The sac has become a hard-shelled cocoon.  It has developed a very dense outer layer and the cocoon is now completely opaque.  I can no longer shine even the brightest light through the shell.  When I tap it with the end of my pen, it sounds as though I am tapping on stone.  When I tapped it the other day, a scratch-tap sound came from within.  We have attached microphone pickup sensor on the shell and are listening to a most interesting series of sounds and noises."

Okay, we've a mystery of mysteries here regarding the youngest of the Zeus Mob, but let's move on to her siblings.  The two young bulls are gaining weight at a healthy rate and continue to romp and frolic in the pasture.  To observers it's clear to see they enjoy one-another's company, that's for sure.

Maybe not a surprise to some, but certainly to others, is that these young bulls are now talking.  Yes, it's confirmed that limited speech has begun to develop.  Okay, what of it?  These animals are only 100 days or so old, and already they're making sounds [words?] which would seem consistent with infant oral communication.  Ada, a nurse on station says, "I watched one of the bulls approach its mum for some milk.  As he tried to nurse, the heifer gently pushed him away.  The bull then said what sounded an awful lot like, 'Mama'The heifer put her head down in a nose-to-nose with the young bull and said what sounded an awful lot like, 'No.' Put that one together if you will."

I'm not surprised to see them developing speech capabilities.  They live surrounded by an entirely English-speaking staff of caretakers, nurses, and field hands.  They've been exposed to hundreds, dare I say thousands? of hours of human speech, television, and radio.  When you add this to the 'conversations' they have with the staff, is it a wonder that any reasonably intelligent animal would mimic their surrounding?  Is it mimic or is it intelligible speech?

Remember that their tongues and oral cavities are identical to those of human beings.  Remember that they are extremely intelligent.  Remember that their father and mother are equally intelligent and biologically endowed.  Finally, keep in mind that their unbelievable life expectancy of 80 years or so is going to work well in their favour as they continue to 'morph' in their own fields of intelligence, knowledge, speech, and dare I say, 'wisdom'?

We've got a 'bull by the horns' and the situation is only getting more and more complex as time marches on.  It's been both a pleasure and a nightmare covering this story as reams of information continue to pour in and I just don't have the time to review it all.

So for this week's installment, here's a summary:

● father, mother, and young bulls are a tight-knit family.  Their verbal communication skills are progressing not only among the youngsters but Zeus and his heifers as well.

● those heifers which are not genetically engineered are very heavy with calf [already] and will soon [as early as mid-November] drop their calves.

● the cocoon in which the youngest resides is supporting some form of life, but we don't know exactly what that is.  Metamorphosis is almost certain as the cocoon has hardened and developed an incredibly dense shell.  Ultrasound and X-Ray have been employed and they show remarkable development of 'unusual and abnormal dense tissue and bone development'.

● Security around the nursery and laboratory has been stepped up and the Army's 1st Combat Engineer Regiment (1 CER) has erected a temporary building, brought in housing trailers, and set up a 'base of operations' to replace the tents in which everyone has been working.

The ministry of the interior has taken charge.  Just what it is they've taken charge of remains a mystery for sure.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. The news coming out of Eurimbula is beginning to flow again after a three-day moratorium.  I now have contact with my 'regulars' and others and have begun to receive photos, which never happened before here.

Saturday, October 22, 2022



Volume #102222-1055                             October 22, 2022


Guest host: Pro-Life

October 22, 2022


We covered every aspect of birth control and most aspects of the sanctity of human life.  Pro-Life is an acknowledged authority on the subject of abortion, among many other horrific abuses of the spark of human life.

Click here to watch:

I'm Max, and that's the way WE see it!

Friday, October 21, 2022



Volume #102122-1055                             October 21, 2022


Imminent danger surrounding seniors

Where is the ACHD [Ada County Highway Division]?  Where are the Boise Police [contracted with the state to patrol Hwy 44]?  Where is the Department of Transportation [ultimately responsible for all things regarding state highways]?

Click here:

Someone's not doing their job.  When I don't do my job I get fired.  What about these folks?

Thursday, October 20, 2022



Volume #102022-1415                              October 20, 2022

You can take the boy out of the jungle but ...

Senseless violence is the trademark of V.A.B.s

Look at this piece of dog crap!  All dressed up with nowhere to go.  Proof positive that you can take the boy out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the boy.  V.A.B.s exemplify the retro-behaviour of uncontrolled monkey business.

Dateline North Carolina -- 17-year-old piece of crap [nameless because of being a minor and a minority] has been captured after spending weeks on the lam, hiding out in friend's houses and in small clearings in the woods.  Well, he's in jail now but it doesn't look like justice will be done.  He's accused of murdering two people in cold blood.

This is just the sort of senseless violence one sees in a troop of chimpanzees or apes.  There is the simian cry for violence as testosterone races through the system and genetics kick in.  Says noted anthropologist Geoff Marlboro, "The violence is more prevalent among the Negroid race.  It's in their genes, installed as a survival mechanism.  Mere hundreds of years of domestication have failed to stifle the underlying penchant for senseless, random, and extreme violence."

Click here:

Because of North Carolina's strict juvenile anonymity laws this monkey is likely to be tried as a juvenile where he cannot receive more than seven years in prison.  Yep, I spoke with Sheriff's Deputy Alan McCardle; "It's a double whammy.  You're dealing with a minority-minor; one who is of a 'protected class' due to his colour and he is a minor child.  Put those two things together and you've got 'superman', an almost untouchable, on your hands."

It's time we broke out the Kryptonite in the form of a sound caning and lengthy incarceration.  Lock 'em up, beat 'em, maybe let 'em go some day.  Maybe.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2022



Volume #101922-1415                              October 19, 2022


Lies, lies, and bigger lies on the Ukraine situation

Russia and Ukraine are at war, and there's no doubt about that.  The problem is that's all we really know about what's happening over there.  From the massive propaganda machine of the United States to that of Ukraine [US sponsored] all the way to that of Russia and the European Union; the truth is well-hidden.

To withhold truth is to lie, to misrepresent facts is a lie, and damned near every word we in the US hear about the Ukraine / Russia situation is by qualification a lie!  Well, I for one am sick and tired of the bucket load of lies being spread across the media like so much manure!

Let's take a careful list of events and see if we can't stick with the facts.  That'd be a change!

● Russian troops and armour began to mass along the border of Ukraine in March of 2021.  By December they had placed nearly 90,000 troops across the Ukraine border.  What's interesting is why Russia initially made this apparently threatening move in the first place.

Let's go back as far as October of 2020 when Ukraine provinces of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson all in the south and the east of Ukraine, sent a plea for rescue to the Russian Federation.  Their plea was for relief from an increasingly totalitarian government in Kiev, Ukraine's capitol city.  Almost entirely of Russian extraction, the people of these embattled provinces sought relief from an 'anti-Russian' president Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Since his bogus election in 2019, Zelenskyy had begun to lean on these provinces with all the weight of his regime.  He is Ukrainian all the way and cannot abide by Russians of any stripe.  From 'special taxes' to 'selectively enforced laws' Zelenskyy began to make the lives of the people of those provinces a living hell.  From 'disappearing' dissidents to outright murder of anyone in power who didn't agree with Zelenskyy's form of government, Zelenskyy rules with an iron fist.

Letters, phone calls, emails, and even couriers raced to Moscow on several occasions to plead with Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader.  It is estimated that over 90 percent of the people in these four provinces are of Russian extraction and have immediate family in Russia.  It is for this reason that Putin agreed to 'a show of force' to pressure Zelenskyy into relenting.  Even then Russia meant to annex these provinces in order to assure and ensure the freedom of these people.

In 2019 Zelenskyy became president of Ukraine in a rigged election.  Multiple cases recount tens of thousands of voters being driven from the polls and election sites in the embattled provinces ether shut down or, in at least one case, burned to the ground.  It was clear that powerful forces [could it be the CIA? ... nah, since when have they ever installed a foreign leader?] wanted Zelenskyy, a former stand-up comic, in office.

Almost immediately Zelenskyy started pressing the eastern and southern provinces to pay 'special taxes' for more reasons than can be mustered.  Zelenskyy's life-long hatred of 'all things Russian' extends to Ukrainians as well.  Freshly installed and in the cat-bird seat, he immediately applied as much pressure as possible.

During the year 2020 and into 2021 Zelenskyy kept ramping up the pressure.  Soon a 'localized' inflation set in.  The cost of groceries, electricity, and motor fuel rose over one hundred percent for those in the embattled provinces.  I say, 'localized', because this never occurred in Ukraine at large.  Zelenskyy bent over backward to ensure that the 'Pure Ukrainians' did not suffer such a fate.  According to Denis Pushilin, former leader of Donetsk Province, "Our pleas for help and rescue from the Russian Federation appear to be bringing some relief.  We eagerly await a life of freedom from Zelenskyy's persecution."

This is typical of the four provinces, each under equal persecution and equally eager to be freed from the totalitarian CIA puppet-dictator Volodymyr Zelenskyy.  As the pressure mounted from Kiev, so did the cries for help to Russia.  It culminated in the March 2021 build-up of Russian troops and armour along the Russian / Ukrainian border.

Russia's leader, Vladimir Putin, sent messages to Zelenskyy, even offering to sit down with him, but they were rebuffed by Zelenskyy who remains [to this day] committed to the conquest and subjugation of all Ukrainians of Russian extraction.  As the attempts to open dialogue with Zelenskyy continued ... and failed ... Russia continued massing troops on the border, ready to strike and rescue those who, to this day, continue to beg Moscow's mercy.

● On February 24, 2022, attempts at negotiation ended and Russia moved across the border with force.  Russia's immediate success was expected as the people of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson welcomed Russian troops with open arms.  In scenes reminiscent of General Patton's ride into Italy, people cheered and through flowers onto the roadway as they waved Russian flags.

It was here that Putin expected to end military efforts and, through negotiations with local leadership, to annex and protect the embattled provinces.  While this is what Putin wanted, it surely isn't what Zelenskyy wanted.


Zelenskyy only wants war for western money.


Zelenskyy's pride was dealt a severe blow with the almost overnight successful occupation of the four embattled provinces by Putin's forces.  He immediately launched counterattacks which spurred Russian response as would be expected.  Since that time, nearly every major move by Russia has been of a pre-emptive nature to keep Zelenskyy in check.  What Putin could not have foreseen is the massive propaganda, spread like so much shit on a sidewalk, aimed at overthrowing Russia itself.

The US entered the war almost immediately with supply of hundreds of billions of dollars in military aid, cash to keep the Ukraine government afloat, and 'military advisors'.  The cash, by the way, will never be audited as Zelenskyy and his cronies continue to divert most of such 'foreign aid' to their own purposes.  In the meantime, Russian, American, and European propaganda continue.  In a relentless beating of war drums the west has ganged up on Russia. 


I am not defending Russia, because they have a strong hand in the war, but I also assign the greater blame where it is due, on Zelenskyy.  No war is a good war, and that's a fact.


Lately US propaganda, the most polished and accomplished in the history of the world, has begun to beat the war drums.  From politicians to media talking heads, they are calling for escalation of the war, not de-escalation.  They are begging for the chance to involve US troops in direct combat, even though the US already has 'military advisors' over there.  Gee, it sounds a lot like John F. Kennedy's involvement in Vietnam.  History may not repeat itself, but it certainly does rhyme.

Now politicians and mass media are spreading rumours of Nuclear War, an approaching World War Three.  As the media calls for a holocaust, the people spreading this shit are the same ones who have painted Putin the evil warlord and Zelenskyy the courageous hero defending his homeland.  All this talk about Nuclear War isn't coming from Russia, but from suspiciously 'anonymous' sources.  Putin has never openly threatened nuclear war but has been ready to respond to any new aggression from Kiev or the west.

Equally dangerous is the open rush of many European nations and America to shoehorn Ukraine into NATO.  With Ukraine a member of NATO this would obligate all NATO forces to 'defend' a member of the compact.  Putin sees this and realizes that he has to annex these provinces before Ukraine can enter NATO.

The provinces have now been annexed by referendum.  Clear and honest elections have taken place and have overwhelmingly voted to be a part of the Russian Federation.  Western sources, politicians, and media have declared these elections to be invalid, corrupt, dirty, and even outright theft.  Gee, to hear Americans preach to the world on fair and honest elections is a laugh!  Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

What's needed, and must happen, is for calmer heads to prevail and for nations such as the United

States to stay out of the conflict and let Russia and Ukraine duke it out.  Only when the west keeps its hands out of this conflict can it be resolved.  I, for one, don't have a lot of faith in that happening.  The US, through the CIA and other illicit agencies, will never release the power and influence it has gained in this region.


The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!