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Volume #102522-1345                             October 25, 2022


V.A.B.s are violent by their very nature.

Okay, here's the argument that fails in its attempt to explain away rampant V.A.B. violence.  Some would have you believe it's a matter of living in poverty and illiteracy.  This argument crops up every time any of a plethora of violent altercations involving angry black people occurs.

Look at these V.A.B.s 'getting it on' in a basketball game.  I mean, they're duking it out in a manner that would put you or me in jail!  Virtually everyone on the court [with the exception of referees and towel boys] is a millionaire.  On the court is a collection of spoiled, overindulged, over paid, and self-centered little rich boys each wanting his own way!  Wait a minute ... I thought their violence came from their impoverishment.  Obviously, that's not the case.

How about illiteracy?  These guys are all high school graduates, some even have bachelor's degrees [about as valid as a three-dollar-bill] from schools that hand them out like candy to every athlete student.  It's a safe assumption that they can read a newspaper headline, understand the instructions on the back of a frozen TV dinner, and the pages of a magazine.  Illiterate they are not!

To make matters far worse, violence in professional sports is treated with a 'boys will be boys' attitude, while we 'common folk like you and me' go to jail or even prison for half the mayhem spread by these people.

Dr. Hannah Spalding, PhD, says this; "The inherent violence of the Black Community has absolutely nothing to do with impoverishment.  We see other cultures and subcultures living in abject poverty yet in peaceful co-existence.  The violence of the Black Community is endemic to their culture, breeding, and genetic makeup."

As Americans we need to address violence at all levels, whether it be domestic, racist, or otherwise ... violence is violence.  The creeping tide of violence has preyed upon the black community for decades, victimizing innocent people.  According to the NCIC [National Crime Information Centre] the number one cause of death among Black Americans is Black-on-Black violence.  Neither stroke, heart attack, nor any other of the leading causes of death even comes close to the extreme nature of the Violent American Black subculture.

Click here: https://nypost.com/2022/10/19/marcus-smart-joel-embiid-have-tense-altercation-in-nba-opener/

The creeping 'black plague' of violence in our country rages equally from the slums of the inner city to the countryside to the suburbs of our land.  This violence can only be met with forceful and just treatment of the offenders.

It's time we stopped mollycoddling the minions of murder and mayhem and started locking them up.  Of course, that brings to light the issue of overcrowded prisons.  That problem is easily curtailed through the judicious and careful execution of corporal punishment.  These people may not fear incarceration, but the prospect of a good beating would get their attention.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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