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Anthony Fauci walks back the horrors of his mouth

Disgraced potential mass murderer Dr. Anthony Fauci has begun walking back his string of lies and misinformation from the heydays of the Covid hysteria.  The hysteria can certainly be blamed, in large part, on the mass media but the core of the chaos came from Fauci's own mouth.

Click here: Fauci: I should've been ‘more careful’ about COVID messaging (

Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted in a new interview that he should have been “much more careful” in his early messaging about the COVID-19 pandemic — saying he should have stressed “the uncertainty” at the time.  Yah, of course he's walking back his panic-driven hysteria-fuelled rhetoric.  After all, he's almost certain to be impeached if he doesn't retire first.

Then again, he's almost certain to be criminally indicted for a laundry list of crimes, Depraved Indifference notwithstanding.  If this man thinks he can 'walk back' the deaths of untold millions, all due directly to his lies and propaganda, he's got another thing coming.  If there's a candidate for impeachment this guy goes to the head of the line ... even ahead of Bumblin' Joe Biden.

In an interview he was asked if he would have done anything differently, could he go back in time, and his answer was typically unapologetic and wreaked of hubris and deceit.  He said, "You know, the answer is yes, Dan. I mean, my goodness, no one’s perfect. Certainly, I am not ... when I go back in the early months, I probably should have tried to be much, much more careful in getting the message to repeat — the uncertainty of what we’re going through.

Well, we can be sure Anthony Fauci is hoping, wishing, and experiencing some degree of angst as the mid-term elections approach.  These elections seem almost certain to take both houses of government away from the liberal left.  A more conservative and fairly realistic congress is almost certain to indict or impeach this man.  I would like to think he's praying, but that's not the speed of this whining 'Hitler wannabe' atheist because atheists don't pray.  After all, there is no God

From the mandate that all wear paper masks of dubious efficacy, to the even more suspicious 6-foot-distancing rule and of course, those absolutely unproven gene-tampering injections.  We had to do it all just to get around!  Hell, for that matter we can't forget the insane hospital protocols he helped put in place.  Those protocols didn't follow sound medical practice.

Sound practice says ●you meet the patient, ●check him or her over, ●draw blood for testing, ● Test for Covid, ●come to a preliminary diagnosis.  ●Then you prescribe a medication or treatment protocol you believe will abate the symptoms and address the causes.  ●Finally, if the patient is ambulatory you send him or her home to be watched closely until the symptoms abate.  The 'court of last resort' is to hospitalize the patient for closely monitored care.

Okay, that's what SHOULD have been done, but wasn't.  Instead it went like this; ●you meet the patient, ●do a cursory check and test for Covid in particular, ●prescribe acetaminophen for the aches and pains, ●send them home and when it gets worse admit and ventilate.

Nowhere in the advised protocols were proven-safe drugs used or even allowed to be used.  In one such case the governor of Idaho banned, by executive order, the prescription of hydroxychloroquine, a drug that showed promise in treatment of this viral infection while maintaining a large degree of safety.  Of course, the governor of Idaho is as much a 'suck-up' to Washington as anyone.  Why not?  Washington was pumping billions of dollars into the coffers of this small state.

The president, under advisement of Dr. Fauci encouraged the banning of prescriptions of various sorts, all proven safe and probably effective.  From the use of monoclonal antibody treatment to chloroquine and its cousin hydroxychloroquine and even Ivermectin, all were decried by the White House, Fauci, and following along, the mass media.  The idea of prescribing a drug 'off label' suddenly became abhorrent even though 'off label' use of prescription drugs has been common practice in the medical community for decades.

As patients checked in but didn't check out the nation's mistreatment of the ill and hospitals' bent to suck up undeserved federal dollars led to untold and unnecessary deaths and debilitation.  When you look at this in retrospect, it all came through or from Dr. Anthony Fauci, a man with more innocent blood on his hands than Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, and a host of other mass murderers whose names dot the pages of history.

Look out Fauci, there's indictments a'comin', and at least one of them's got your name on it!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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