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So why believe anything they say?

Joe Biden is struggling to remain relevant, what with his failing financial policies, angry Millennials wanting free college, and the burgeoning border crisis.  Virtually anything he has to say might as well go in one ear and out the other of anyone with a measurable I.Q.  Remember, this is the president who is Greek, Italian, has Cancer, and was raised in Puerto Rico ... Ahem!

Unable to get any traction anywhere he's shifted to issuing dire warnings of a coming Armageddon, with warning that World War III is fast upon us.  Of course, he fails to document any supposed 'facts' in support of these cries that the sky if falling.  He quotes an inept intelligence agency [the CIA], the SBU [Security Bureau of Ukraine] as well as the equally unreliable FBI.  I think he's also paraphrasing the comments of Dr. Jill Biden, the one who dresses him in the morning and warms his Sippy-cup.

Here we live trying to communicate with the most mentally impaired president in our nation's history, and we have to do this through the most incompetent White House Press Secretary in our nation's history.  Ah to be Karine Jean-Pierre, whose qualifications to the post are being black, female, and LGBTQ.  Yep, that's like a grab-bag of minorities and the ideal candidate to put in such an office ... were it not for the fact that she's largely illiterate, doesn't speak well, and hasn't the discipline to brush up on the subjects that reporters are likely to ask about in those three-ring circuses she calls 'press conferences'.

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How about it Karine, or Joe, whichever of you twitches first?  Aren't you buying up the anti-radiation medications as a scare tactic.  Isn't this to lend credence to your idiotic statements that Russia is about to unleash a fusillade of nukes on Ukraine, Poland, and the entire western world?

How about this; nobody believes you and all you are accomplishing is to worry the snowflakes and the faint of heart and mind.  Those categories of people are thankfully in the minority of American voters.  The writing is on the wall and even the mass media can't save you from yourselves.

Karine, crawl back into the cave you came from.  Joe, go back to your living room where you can chew on your bathrobe while watching re-runs of "Let's Make a Deal" dreaming of days gone by.  Do us all the favour of no longer inflicting us with your presence.

To anyone else reading or hearing these words, "Vote your conscience this November 8th."  Vote for those people who will build the kind of America you want, not what you've been told is 'good for you'.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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