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Idaho schools' perennial plea for more money does no good.

Ours is nothing new in the land of "oh my God, did we really do that?"  This is especially true with public [government-funded and run] education.  Every year the Idaho Department of Education receives and doles out insane amounts of money to education and receives nada, zilch, zip, when it comes to producing educated students.

How is it that an average of sixty-nine cents on every dollar they receive is spent on bureaucracy, staffers and managers at large?  Where does the remaining thirty-one cents go?  Well, it sure as hell hasn't gone toward teacher salaries or student aid and tutoring services.  It's been sand down a rat hole as far as anyone can see.

With record amounts of money being spent on student education, there's no reasonable explanation for their declining skills in mathematics, science, language, history, and even in music.  The only possible explanation is that administration not only sucks up all the bucks, but they don't give a rat's ass about teachers or students.

Since when and how does a school district superintendent [a largely do-nothing job] deserve a six-digit salary and bennies?  Hell, for that matter, since when does Dr. Tromp of BSU earn her exorbitant salary and bennies?  The many 'since when's' go on and on and on as our tax dollars are squandered year after year after year.

Funds from ever increasing property taxes, relentless bond issues, even sales tax, and the dubious Idaho Lottery just aren't enough to feed the beast of public education in Idaho.  Money, money everywhere, and not a cent to invest in our future.

Time for a solution:  FIRST: Sack the board of education [six of seven members serve at the pleasure of the governor] and they're really not contributing in any way anyway.  Replace them with three people, shrinking the size of the board to a manageable few who actually give a damn about our public schools and our children's education.  Furthermore, salary them at sixty thousand dollars a year and require them to work for at least ten months of the year.  This is just the beginning.

SECOND: Reduce Boise State University's administrative staff by at least half or even more for that matter.  It's time the assistant to the assistant to the director of campus toilet paper management got sacked!  How about the paid part-time instructors and adjunct professors who only teach 2 or 3 classes a week so 'real professors' and 'real instructors' can work on their pet projects?  An audit of this university's finances would raise more than a few eyebrows.

Let some of these people answer their own phones and schedule their own calendars.  Okay then, if the person is R-E-A-L-L-Y busy, get a part-time assistant from the senior intern pool.  Oh, you don't have a senior intern pool?  Make one!

THIRD: Audit every public college and every school district in the state to find out where state funds and redirected federal funds are really going.  Dig deep and see if you can't sack over half of their administrative staff as well!

While you're at it, leave them enough money to boost teacher salaries [along with revamped teacher competency requirements] and buy up-to-date textbooks and equipment needed for our students to gain a quality education.

I have no doubt these school districts can weed out the extraneous staff.  They're out there growing like weeds in the cracks and crevices of their own school districts.  The larger districts will have the hardest time because they have become monolithic tigers prowling the pocketbooks of the public looking for their next meal.  It might take the National Guard or the Marines to dislodge some of the perennially inept dinosaurs roaming the halls of our schools.

FINALLY: A review of curriculum at all levels and textbooks will help to eliminate such trash classes as Critical Race Theory, Sex Education, Gender Studies, and a host of erstwhile inane and frighteningly destructive books and courses which, like those monolithic tigers in the office, show no morals, no character, and no conviction beyond their next paycheck.

Putting it all in context, our education system is in deep trouble.  We should look to parochial, private, and charter schools for lessons on how to run the government-funded schools.  Just an idea.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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