Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Volume #100122-1330                              October 1, 2022


Here’s where the citizens need guns.

It seems there really ARE police out there who are more incompetent than our own major metropolitan forces [Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Seattle to name a few].  Right now, Aussie cops are being ripped up one side and down the other on social media for asking for help in finding a violent mentally ill perpetrator.  "This guy's not going to be easy to find." says tongue-in-cheek officer Mervyn Muldoon of the Australian Federal Police.

He goes on to say, "This bloke is / or rather was / a white man before his thousands of tattoos.  His face is really one huge ink tattoo with the word 'Beast' tattooed across his forehead in huge inch-and-a-half letters.  There's less white showing through the ink than intelligence showing in his eyes."  I love it when someone else gets to crack a joke.

Yep, this is a guy who’ll be able to blend in … in a comic bookstore or lying face down in a landfill!  C’mon coppers, step away from the jelly donuts and get back to work!

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Aussies have been quick and merciless as they jump on this idiocy with their own quick-witted remarks.  This is in an era where Australian Police have a very low approval rating of 18% according to national polls.  This is because of their draconian law-enforcement tactics.  The people are so anti-police now that they are commonly 'aiding and abetting' minor offenders to keep them out of police hands.  Anyway, that explains these comments:

One person writes "It reminds me of doing a poster in primary school!" referring to the amateurish sharpie-pen like artwork.  Another writes "Did this bloke pass out and get attacked by a sharpie?"

These are just a few of the kinder and more civilized remarks appearing on social media across the country.  Over 5,000 comments, none of them complimentary, about the incompetence and lack of effectiveness of Australian Police are already posted.  Don’t laugh folks; we’re slowly but surely catching up to their level of incompetence.  Well … maybe not slowly.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

P.S.  Australian cops have behaved as 'jack-booted thugs' for years, even before the debacle of the Covid Hysteria.  Roving in packs like wild dogs they pounce upon their 'prey' at random.  Known for particularly brutal and nit-picking enforcement of the law they have lost the public trust.

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