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Volume #102322-1210                             October 23, 2022


Zeus' calf remains encased in a cocoon of stone

Are the baby bulls learning to talk?

As the story takes us further into the maze of information and speculation, one thing is for sure.  Zeus' youngest chimera-calf remains in the sac-turned-cocoon which has hardened unbelievably since last I reported on these most unusual events.  Just what is going on remains uncertain.

The staff of consultants and experts has widened to include Dr. Emeril Giannini, Ph.D., a noted biologist.  Dr. Giannini says, "There is no doubt we are looking at a cocoon.  I have examined it and found it to be literally 'as hard as a rock'."  He goes on to explain just what is being done about this.

"We have brought in high powered ultrasound equipment, a more powerful version of what a hospital might use in diagnosing the condition or progress of one's pregnancy.  This is a 'souped- up' version and should be able to tell us more about what's going on inside.  We want to use magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] but even hints at removing this cocoon from the park have met with solid resistance by staff on all sides."

So far imaging with ultrasound and a few low intensity x-rays have shown remarkable transformation, regressive transformation.  It's the regression which confuses even Dr. Subramaniam, DVM.  He says, "It is undergoing a radical metamorphosis, one such as is only seen in certain insects.  But we are not dealing with an insect.  There are structures of bone and dense tissue developing from within this cocoon."

He goes on, "The sac has become a hard-shelled cocoon.  It has developed a very dense outer layer and the cocoon is now completely opaque.  I can no longer shine even the brightest light through the shell.  When I tap it with the end of my pen, it sounds as though I am tapping on stone.  When I tapped it the other day, a scratch-tap sound came from within.  We have attached microphone pickup sensor on the shell and are listening to a most interesting series of sounds and noises."

Okay, we've a mystery of mysteries here regarding the youngest of the Zeus Mob, but let's move on to her siblings.  The two young bulls are gaining weight at a healthy rate and continue to romp and frolic in the pasture.  To observers it's clear to see they enjoy one-another's company, that's for sure.

Maybe not a surprise to some, but certainly to others, is that these young bulls are now talking.  Yes, it's confirmed that limited speech has begun to develop.  Okay, what of it?  These animals are only 100 days or so old, and already they're making sounds [words?] which would seem consistent with infant oral communication.  Ada, a nurse on station says, "I watched one of the bulls approach its mum for some milk.  As he tried to nurse, the heifer gently pushed him away.  The bull then said what sounded an awful lot like, 'Mama'The heifer put her head down in a nose-to-nose with the young bull and said what sounded an awful lot like, 'No.' Put that one together if you will."

I'm not surprised to see them developing speech capabilities.  They live surrounded by an entirely English-speaking staff of caretakers, nurses, and field hands.  They've been exposed to hundreds, dare I say thousands? of hours of human speech, television, and radio.  When you add this to the 'conversations' they have with the staff, is it a wonder that any reasonably intelligent animal would mimic their surrounding?  Is it mimic or is it intelligible speech?

Remember that their tongues and oral cavities are identical to those of human beings.  Remember that they are extremely intelligent.  Remember that their father and mother are equally intelligent and biologically endowed.  Finally, keep in mind that their unbelievable life expectancy of 80 years or so is going to work well in their favour as they continue to 'morph' in their own fields of intelligence, knowledge, speech, and dare I say, 'wisdom'?

We've got a 'bull by the horns' and the situation is only getting more and more complex as time marches on.  It's been both a pleasure and a nightmare covering this story as reams of information continue to pour in and I just don't have the time to review it all.

So for this week's installment, here's a summary:

● father, mother, and young bulls are a tight-knit family.  Their verbal communication skills are progressing not only among the youngsters but Zeus and his heifers as well.

● those heifers which are not genetically engineered are very heavy with calf [already] and will soon [as early as mid-November] drop their calves.

● the cocoon in which the youngest resides is supporting some form of life, but we don't know exactly what that is.  Metamorphosis is almost certain as the cocoon has hardened and developed an incredibly dense shell.  Ultrasound and X-Ray have been employed and they show remarkable development of 'unusual and abnormal dense tissue and bone development'.

● Security around the nursery and laboratory has been stepped up and the Army's 1st Combat Engineer Regiment (1 CER) has erected a temporary building, brought in housing trailers, and set up a 'base of operations' to replace the tents in which everyone has been working.

The ministry of the interior has taken charge.  Just what it is they've taken charge of remains a mystery for sure.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. The news coming out of Eurimbula is beginning to flow again after a three-day moratorium.  I now have contact with my 'regulars' and others and have begun to receive photos, which never happened before here.

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