Thursday, October 27, 2022

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America won't execute females but is eager to kill males.

You live in a land where the thought of executing a woman, no matter how heinous her crimes, is morally repugnant.  Society at large has no problem with executing men, even boys, but the thought of executing a woman is just unthinkable!

Dateline Texas -- Prosecutors asked a Texas jury Wednesday to consider the death penalty for Taylor Rene Parker, who was found guilty last week of murdering a pregnant woman and cutting her unborn baby from her body.

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Parker, 29, was convicted of capital murder on Oct. 3rd and the verdict, reached in under an hour by a jury of six women and six men, found her guilty and recommended the death penalty, something almost unheard of with a female defendant.

Since 1900, that's the last 122 years, only 53 women have been executed for crimes in the United States.  In the same period of time, the same 122 years, over 9,900 men have been put to death.  That's an unjustifiable difference!

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Women can be, and often are, just as vicious and bloodthirsty as men.  Your prejudices have long favoured women with a certain 'legal privilege' afforded not only by society but by the courts as well.  If women want equality, true equality, they will lobby to end this insane sex-tiered system of justice.

What the hell is wrong with you?  How have you become cheerleaders of court-ordered executions, praising the deaths of all men convicted of capital crimes?  How do you justify cheering for the 'life sentences' routinely handed out to women for commission of equally heinous crimes?  Why do you go ballistic when a man convicted of murder is released on parole, yet you cheer an equally guilty woman's early release from prison?

I'll tell you what.  It means you're sick!  Your outlook needs a tune up!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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