Tuesday, January 31, 2023



Volume #013123-1050                             January 31, 2023


This is how nature 'cleans' the gene pool.

Dateline Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- Some fanatic followers of the Philadelphia Eagles got hurt doing something stupid.  Yup, beer guzzling mentally deranged fanatics 'fans for short' got hurt after crawling up on top of a sheltered bus stop.  As they jumped up and down and chanted and bellowed their buffoonery the bus stop structure gave way.

Several injuries were reported after the SEPTA [Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority] bus stop they were standing on collapsed on South Broad Street near City Hall, according to Philly Crime Update. The site added that there were several injuries reported.

See video: https://nypost.com/2023/01/30/eagles-fans-fall-through-bus-stop-after-nfc-championship-game/

This is so typical of the generally 'low IQ' and mindless sports fans that populate our country's major cities and minor ones as well.  What is it that propels already feeble minds and pedestrian mentalities to engage in chaos, riot, and sheer stupidity like this?  Whatever the answer is [if there is one] it eludes me.

Can you explain this?  I'm not so sure anyone can!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Monday, January 30, 2023



Volume #013023-1015                             January 30, 2023


Here is a president whose pathological prejudices overrule sound judgement.


Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford is yet the latest addition to the Biden Administration.  She will serve with Health and Human Services an in-house expert on matters of health.  Her own medical knowledge has often been challenged in the course of a career dependent wholly on her minority status.

This is the woman who claims that obesity can't be treated through diet, exercise, sleep and stress management.  Despite this idiocy she has continued her practice, as an obesity specialist, at Mass General Health in Boston.  But keep in mind this institution's own long history of anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Jew, and heavily pro LGBTQ shows why [presumably] she was kept.

Click here: https://nypost.com/2023/01/26/dr-fatima-cody-stanford-joins-biden-administration/

Now she is the newest member of the Biden USDA’s 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which will help determine dietary standards for Americans over the coming years.  She reportedly specializes in obesity yet she claims diet and exercise have little impact on the condition that affects nearly half of all Americans.

Here's her cop-out: “The number one cause of obesity is genetics,” She said in an interview with CBS’ Lesley Stahl.   That means that, if you were born to parents that have obesity, you have a 50 to 85% likelihood of having the disease yourself even with optimal diet, exercise, sleep management, stress management.

Well Joe Biden, it's clear you've put yet another 'double minority', a black woman, on your staff.  How's that worked for you so far?  This follows the horrific bigoted policies of Joe Biden to only hire or appoint LGBTQ, Women, Blacks, or any combination thereof.  To Hell with the remaining 90% of Americans, the only qualifications here seem to be, as Stanford would say, 'genetic'.

This really sucks.  Time and again this man, Joe Biden, has displayed a pathological prejudice in his hiring practices.  Is this supposed to be model behaviour?  I don't think so.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Saturday, January 28, 2023



Volume #012823-1100                             January 28, 2023


Anthropologists readily identify this 'troop violence'

A New York Post article https://nypost.com/2023/01/27/it-was-not-race-but-bad-policing-in-deadly-beating-of-tyre-nichol/ claims that it wasn't race, but simply bad policing, which led to the beating death of Tyre Nichols.  They couldn't be more wrong!  It was primarily race, and then to a lesser extent bad policing.


When we see the tragedy of the death of an innocent young man at the hands of a troop of 5 killers it speaks volumes.  If this was simply due to 'bad policing' as many are saying, it can only mean that the 'bad policing' in question leaving 5 black officers alone to their own devices.  An 'all-black' squad or 'troop' of cops spells danger.

Anthropologists tell us that our pre-human simi@n forebears, and their distant relatives the apes, are not too far from today's Homo sapiens.  If we are to believe in the evolution of man having descended from the ape, then it's not too far a stretch to see that our African brethren are just a little bit closer to our simi@n ancestors.

Had there been a better racial mix in this 'troop' of 5, this beating death would more than probably never have occurred.  There exists a certain 'troop mentality' among those of African descent, and this is one of the many reasons for their documented higher-then-average violence.  Remember that, according to NCIC reports, the number one cause of death among African Americans is Afric@n Americans.  Black-on-Black violence is the leading cause of death and injury among our Afric@n American brothers and sisters.

Endowed with significantly higher testosterone, a denser bone structure, and cultural deprivation it stands to reason that our Afric@n American brothers ... and sisters ... bear some supervision when placed in potentially violent situations.  Police officers are frequently placed in violent situations, and that is reason enough to maintain salt-salt or salt and pepper teams of officers at all times.  As long as Afric@n American Police Officers are accompanied by those of other races there seems to be a tempering effect and such horrible situations as the beating death of young Tyre Nichols need never occur.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out, but then again ... there's a real shortage of rocket scientists!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Friday, January 27, 2023



Volume #012723-1045                             January 27, 2023


Evidence to clear him, idiot though he be, is the gun he used.

Alec Baldwin's claim that he doesn't remember pulling the trigger on the gun holds more water than you might think.  He was handling a Colt .45 single-action revolver, known as the 'peacemaker'.  This was the standard sidearm in the period the movie; 'Rust' is supposedly taking place.

I have owned a number of single-action revolvers ranging from the 1857 Colt Navy to the 1872 Cold Army aka 'Peacemaker'.  They all have one thing in common, a hair trigger.  When the hammer is at full cock, the shooter has no business resting his finger anywhere near the trigger.  The standard practice of indexing [extending your trigger finger along the side of the gun away from the trigger] prevents accidental discharges.  And any competent shooter knows this.

Had Baldwin been a competent shooter, he would surely have been aware of this, knowing how to 'index' his firearm.  Had Baldwin been a competent shooter this shooting need never have happened.

Also, there is the mind-numbing question of how a 'real' gun fully loaded with 'real' bullets ever made it on the set.  Here the responsibility falls directly and squarely on the armourer's shoulders.  The armourer in this case had little experience, knowledge, or common sense in this matter.

I spoke with retired motion picture armourer David Stihl, and he says, "An armourer's job is to inspect the weapon before it changes hands to the actor.  It is then the responsibility of the armourer to watch over that actor as he checks out the weapon, again assuring its safety.  Once the scene is complete it is the armourer's job once again to inspect the weapon and ensure that it is made safe."

He went on to say, "I have never seen anything like this, where a fully functioning weapon [not one designed to fire only blank ammunition] is allowed on set, let alone that actual ammunition had ever gotten within a half mile of the set.  There's something fishy going on if you ask me."

The summary is simple.  With these doubts in play the armourer should face charges of 'negligent homicide' while Alex Baldwin's misfortune deserves nothing more than the charge of 'accidental homicide'.  The punishments of these two brands of homicide vary greatly.

We can only hope that justice will be done.  I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Thursday, January 26, 2023



Volume #012623-1215                             January 26, 2023


As they propagandize the latest virus, media uses mentally retarded to endorse the shots.

Have they no shame at all?

The greatest, most intense, and most expensive propaganda war has been waged by Washington, Beijing, the WHO and big pharma.  They haven't given up on injecting an experimental solution into the bodies of every living being.

In their quest to appeal to all levels of society they've used doctors, teachers, brick layers, shop keepers, pregnant women and mothers, and now they're employing the mentally retarded in hopes of getting them on board.

Click here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=disabled+idaho+man+endorses+covid+shots

Good God man!  Have they no shame?

I'm Max, and that's the way it is!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023



Volume #012523-0845                             January 25, 2023


Model Rocketry is seeing more and more people wanting to fly their own rocket.

Model rocketry has been around for decades, and it's just as much fun today as it was back in the 1970's when it really exploded [a pun] onto the scene.  For as little as $20 and as much as $15,000 you can launch your own rocket as high as even 20,000 feet [which requires FAA clearance].

These rockets can carry cameras, altimeters, and pretty much anything you want to put up very, very high.  The photos are a real hit because photos and videos from over a thousand feet up are uniquely fascinating, especially when you sent them to your friends or post them on social media.

Long ago I fired off a couple of rockets and it was a blast.  Try your hand at it and go to this website:  https://www.nar.org and see what you think.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023



Volume #012423-0900                             January 24, 2023


Over 80% of America's and Europe's waste products go unrecycled.

Recycling has become a religion, a cult, an obsession especially with people of the West.  We're told to save the forests, protect the wetlands, honour the earth goddess Gaia, and all other sort of insane rhetoric.  Understand this; we should be responsible stewards of the earth, but not fanatic cultists driven by insane fanaticism and fantasy over-the-top philosophies.


Recycling paper products does save trees, but if you just take a look around, you'll see that we have more trees than we can use.  According to the Department of Land Management, there are more trees of harvestable size growing in the United States today than there were 300 years ago.  Our insane headlong charge to 'save the trees' has brought us a new problem, too many trees.


Perennial forest fires, floods, and a host of other mini disasters can be directly attributed to the 'over forestation' of AmericaThe greatest sustainable resource we have is trees.  Yes, the timber industry has found it profitable to plant 3 trees for every one they harvest.  Rotation of timberlands allows those newly planted trees to grow tall and mighty, ready for harvest in perhaps 20 years.

Only government regulation [often based on the Gaia mythology] has limited logging in our country and, in some states, has banned it altogether.  Unable to harvest the valuable timber resources due to over regulation and laws based on false premise, over forestation and its many hazards are here.

Click here: https://nypost.com/2023/01/19/the-costly-stupidity-of-the-recycling-religion/

Another blow to reality is that federal and state governments often provide huge financial and tax incentives to firms for recycling paper and wood products.  Without government bailouts, the cost of recycled wood and paper products would be nearly 71% more expensive than those produced from raw or virgin forest.  [This according to the Hemer Institute for Ecological Common Sense in a report dated August 2013.]

When I go to the grocery store, I ask for paper bags because, unlike their plastic counterparts, these are recyclable, biodegradable, and come from sustainable sources.  It just makes sense to use paper, cardboard, and wood products as an earth-friendly choice.


Advances in recycling technology have made metal recycling less expensive and more efficient, almost to the point of being a source for viable industry.  Recycled aluminium can be produced at about the same cost as that produced from raw ore.  An exaggerated claimed that recycled metals are nearly 29% cheaper to produce does not take into account government subsidies and tax incentives.

In fact, studies now show that if the metals recycling industry had to 'stand on its own two feet' it would rapidly collapse under the weight of expense in equipment, energy, and labour.  What we are experiencing is, yet another recycling industry 'juiced' by the leftist 'save the whales and hug a tree' media.

It's an ugly truth that many so-called 'recyclables' collected and sent to recycling plants are never really recycled, either due to cost or technological limitations.  It is estimated that in many cases nearly 80% of collected 'recyclables' are planted in landfills.  The plastics and glass, and certain metals are not economically recyclable, so they are headed for the landfill.

The worst of these is plastic.  Even Greenpeace now says, “Plastic recycling is a dead-end street.”  Almost all plastics are hauled off to landfills, not recycling plants.  Of the few plastic recycling plants in America, the costs are prohibitive, the processes unreliable, and the headaches of maintenance on expensive machinery make plastic recycling prohibitive.  Again, were it not for government bailouts, these plants would be rusting hulks and remnants of a futile and failed effort.

Writer John Tierney says, “Recycling is an industry that uses increasingly expensive labour to produce materials that are worth less and less."  It would be smarter take this all to landfills.


People have drunk the koolaid in thinking that landfills are terrible polluters.  A simple dip into fact shows that they are not. State and Federal regulations ensure that today's landfills have protective barriers, so they don’t leak into surrounding soil or into the groundwater.

When landfills reach 'maturity' [that means when they are full], they often become ski runs, public parks, golf courses, wildlife habitat, and even subdivisions for new homes.  The next cup of koolaid has convinced many that we're running out of space for landfills.  The woke 'tree-huggers' of Washington and the major media would have you believe this, but it's a lie.  America has far more space for landfills than it will ever need.


With an overabundance of open land suitable for reclamation by landfill, America has more space than we will ever need.  Sometimes states and businesses will actually fight over the right to get our garbage.  Says writer Tierney, “If you think of the United States as a football field all the garbage that we will generate in the next 1,000 years would fit inside a tiny fraction of the one-inch line.”

Isn't it time we put propaganda to bed looking at science instead?  Isn't it time we sacrificed the fictional goddess Gaia on the altar of truth?  Isn't it time to challenge municipal orders requiring multiple trash cans and forcing us to pre-sort our trash?  When you see it picked up by 'robo-truck' you don't see that 80% of what is collected from different coloured cans ends up in the same landfill.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Monday, January 23, 2023



Volume #012323-1600                             January 22, 2023


Property ownership is forbidden in America

What's wrong with us?  How is it we've allowed our government to relegate us to serfdom?  We are land-occupiers, but not land owners.  Say what you will, but if you don't keep up your obligation to the state, you're out on the street.

There are substitutes for the onerous land / property taxes, such as a one-time sales tax.

What's wrong with you all?

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Saturday, January 21, 2023



Volume #012123-1600                             January 21, 2023


Washington's demonstrated fiscal incompetence forfeits the right to tax us.

Time and time again our elected officials [or should I say 'criminals'?] find new and outlandish ways to waste the money they take from us.  At gunpoint, we pay taxes on virtually everything including the air we breathe.  Never before has any nation been so tax-subject than the United States of America.

● We pay one or more taxes on the water that comes to our homes.

● We pay one or more taxes on the electricity that comes into our homes.

● We pay one or more taxes on the very property we own or the car we drive.

● We pay one or more taxes on motor fuel used to power heavily taxed cars we drive.

● We pay one or more taxes on the food we buy, our sustenance.

● We pay one or more taxes on medication & lifesaving/sustaining medical treatments.

● We pay one or more taxes on every penny that comes across our table, our earnings.

We pay, we pay, and we pay again and almost for nought!  All of our tax dollars, ripped from us at gunpoint, go to fund irresponsible, ignorant, and even traitorous programs and whims of government.  From city to federal, government is run by adolescent-minded people so used to suckling from the tax payers' teat they completely discount the needs and wants of people like us.

When will we stand up in revolt [hopefully non-violent, but not necessarily] against the tyranny of those who violently rob us [not violent?  Really?  Don't pay your taxes and see how quickly men with guns are on your property.]

The longer we act as sheep, the more they will shear us.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Friday, January 20, 2023



Volume #012023-1120                             January 20, 2023


The Mall of America displays its hatred for religion.

We have become a nation of intolerance.  Our intolerance seems to spread like so much muck over the surface of the putrid swamp of anti-religious bias and atheistic hatred.  What we have here is yet another example in a city known for its bigotry, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Yes, 'that' Minneapolis, a city made infamous for its rioting, looting, civil insurrection, criminal assault, and even murder.

Click here: https://nypost.com/2023/01/16/man-ordered-to-remove-jesus-is-the-only-way-shirt-at-mall-of-america/

Dateline Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Mall of America -- A man was ejected from the Mall of America last week because security guards, aka. 'The Rubber Gun Squad' ordered him to remove his T-shirt which read “Jesus is the only way”.

Isn't it interesting that they would find a half-naked man less offensive than one wearing a T-shirt?  I'll lay odds of 1000-to-1 that had this T-shirt born Islamic or Black Lives Matter slogans, he would have been unmolested regardless of how many patrons complained.

An example of this is that, at the time rubber guns were assaulting this man, there was a party of 6 in the mall ... all wearing 'Black Lives Matter' T-shirts.  Surely someone was offended by these people's shirts endorsing anti-White, anti-Hispanic, and anti-Asian bigotry!  Nope!  These dark black T-shirts with bold and bright white lettering on them no less than 6 people never drew so much as a glance from the rubber gun squad.

This man’s bright yellow shirt read “Jesus saves” on the front and “Jesus is the only way” on the back as seen in video footage.  He had the temerity to show his love of Christ in a public place in Minnesota and the words on his shirt served as a virtual magnet for rubber guns.

The valueless excuse by 'Rubber Guns' was to say that the shirt offended someone in the mall.  Here is a mall with literally thousands of people on all levels and somehow, someone allegedly complained to the Rubber Guns and they found him immediately.

No sooner had they cornered this foul Christian than they immediately demanded he remove his T-shirt which would leave him half-naked.  Merely wearing this shirt seemed sufficient cause to warrant tossing him out.  Never mind the numerous T-shirts sporting everything from Black bigotry to White bigotry to obscenities with sexual connotations.  No, Christ had to go!

When looking for religious or racial intolerance, one need not travel so far away as Detroit, Chicago, or even New York.  No, it seems there is plenty of prejudice, bigotry, and religious intolerance to go around in our nation's heartland ... Minneapolis Minnesota.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Thursday, January 19, 2023



Volume #011923-1145                             January 19, 2023


Realities of electric cars and trucks are coming home to roost.

Tesla isn't the only electric vehicle manufacturer cutting prices.  Sales of electric cars, vans, and light trucks are tanking from sea to shining sea and nobody is more bummed about this than the 'all-electric-save the whales' liberals in government.  From Biden on down they're wailing and gnashing their teeth in frustration.  "Why can't we rewrite the laws of physics?" they cry.

Click here: https://nypost.com/2023/01/13/tesla-slashes-its-car-prices-as-much-as-20-to-prop-up-sagging-sales/

According to Dr. Harvey Louis, Jr. an environmentalist with the World Environmental Congress, "The carbon footprint and recycling future for electric vehicles are, at present, untenable.  The very manufacture of an electric car and its batteries leaves a larger carbon footprint than the manufacture and operation of a full-sized pickup truck for 5 years of average use."

What we're looking at is wholesale consumer revolt.  As more and more electric cars are manufactured, fewer and fewer people are willing to put up with a price tag about 32% higher than a gasoline or propane powered counterpart.  For many of those willing or able to pony up the extra dough, there still exists range anxiety.  They naturally fear running out of electricity on the road, especially the open road.

The average mid-sized car today has a cruising range of 470 miles.  This figure is good in all seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Unlike gasoline and propane-powered vehicles, electric car range varies with the climate.  A Tesla with a 'Summer Range' of about 350 miles only has a 'Winter Range' of about 170 miles.  Batteries just don't do well in cold weather.  Nobody wants an electric-only car as their primary or sole means of transportation.

Okay, so we can see the high initial expense and range anxiety issues clearly enough.  But what about 'filling the tank'?  The average gasoline powered mid-size car has a gas tank of 15 gallons and it takes about 3 minutes to refill the tank from empty.  The very best of all electric cars takes, at minimum, a half hour for a partial charge and an hour and a half for a full charge.  Many busy owners of electric cars surveyed admit to driving around on partial charge all day long because it takes so long to 'fill the tank'.

I suppose the last, but not final, issue with electric vehicle ownership is the frightening prospect of replacing the battery at a cost ranging from about $5,000 to $15,000 depending on brand and model of car or truck.  This is referred to as 'Battery Anxiety'.

With these many reasons to be anxious, it's not a good idea for most people to go electric.  Let's look at all the anxiety connected with owning an electric car.

Price Anxiety:  Fear of the incredibly high price of an electric vehicle, new or used, as compared with a gasoline, diesel, or propane powered vehicle.  Electric cars and trucks just cost a whole lot more.  This is because it costs so much more to make an electric car or truck than one powered by gasoline, diesel, or propane.  It costs a whole lot more!

Range Anxiety:  Fear of running out of juice, especially in cold weather.  When your car's range is so dependent on outside temperature that can be more than a little intimidating.

Recharge Time Anxiety:  Fear of not having enough time to fully charge the vehicle.  With an average 20% to 80% fill time of 2 hours, it's not encouraging.  Not many people have 3 hours to take on a full charge.

Power Access Anxiety:  Fear of not having any place to charge other than at home.  Running around town you've got to keep your eye on that battery gauge because there isn't a battery charging station on every corner.  Gas stations on the other hand are everywhere.

Battery Replacement Anxiety:  Knowing that one day, maybe one day soon, you're looking down the barrel of a really expensive battery change!  When that battery begins to lose its charge it's not really a gradual thing where you can say, "Hey, my battery's getting weak.  I should look into getting it replaced sometime soon."  No, it comes on 'all at once'.  One day your car battery just won't take a charge .... oopsie!

 Environmental Anxiety:  If you're environmentally sensitive it must really bother you to know that the very expensive, large, and heavy battery running your car is not recyclable.  Nope, they haven't yet figured out a way to really fully, or even partially, recycle a Lithium-Ion Battery.

Gaia will not be happy!

The 'all-electric' liberals in government are ringing their hands right now because they see their goal of an all-electric roadway in America dissolving before their very eyes.  They're realizing that no number of windmills, solar panels, and wishes for a unicorn future will supply any sort of solution to their problem.  They know the national power grid just isn't up to the task even if they can find a way to make electric cars acceptable to most Americans.

Even though various state and federal government regulations are calling for an eventually all-electric fleet of personal and commercial vehicles they are beginning to see that it just is not possible!

Lacking the rare earth minerals needed for battery manufacture and lacking the cobalt and palladium resources needed to further their dreams of a million-mile battery, they are losing ground day by day.

America is famous for its embrace of and love affair with cars.  We love our cars and trucks both vintage and new, and we're not going to let go of them ... period!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Wednesday, January 18, 2023



Volume #011823-1710                             January 18, 2023


Immersed in the 'victim mentality', we are the wusses of the world

We once stood forward in the world as courageous and even bold.  As a people we have descended the ladder of liberal thought into the abyss of 'like think' and communist cowardice.  Yes, cowardice is a trademark, even fingerprint, of communists worldwide and we are now counted among them.

What ever happened to those bold and courageous Americans who stood for the right and in opposition to the evil?  Goodness and mercy guided our people for over a hundred and fifty years, but now that is all but erased as we have fallen to the communist left.

Even our own neighbours have been sucked into the idea that, somehow, they are all victims.  yes, Americans love being victims and that really sucks!  We've come so far 'around the bend' as to treat all victims of every stripe as heroes!  Hmmm, get hit by a car and your a hero.  Have a building fall on you and you're a hero.  Get mugged and you're a hero.  Wow!

Many of our peace officers, firemen, and even some politicians are heroes.  Some among us, the ordinary men and women, are heroes as well.  Let's get our heads straight and realize that not all victims are heroes, neither are all heroes victims.


I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2023



Volume #011723-1100                             January 17, 2023


Here's a principal in a 'dangerous' high school who stands up!

When this high school principal stood up to one of his thug students he caught a load of sh!t!  This guy is principal of a school that might as well be a jail for the population of thugs, thieves, muggers, dope dealers, and gang bangers.  This is no easy job by any means.

The woke media is after him because he wouldn't let one of his thug-students intimidate him.  This is a story of a principal who is no coward and knows that the only way to stand up to the criminals, thugs, and gang bangers in his school is with force.

You don't win by bending over every time you're threatened!

Brett Schneider was seen on video posted to social media during an Oct. 24 fracas outside the Bedford Park School which is an unlabeled reformatory.  'Unlabeled' means this school is a dumping ground for the flotsam and jetsam of society.  It's where the district sends delinquents and criminals who are too young to arrest or prosecute.

Schneider can be seen pushing the teen and then raising his fists ready to defend himself.  What you don't see is that the student threatened the principal and slyly showed him a knife.  Rather than back down or run away, Schneider stood up to this animal.  Remember too that he and the student were surrounded by other thugs, mostly friends of this animal student.

Although a school safety agent was standing nearby, he was isolated by the crowd and couldn't get between thug and principal in time.  This is why Schneider took matters into his own hands.

Click here for the woke side to the story: https://nypost.com/2023/01/14/bronx-high-school-principal-brett-schneider-gets-physical-with-student/

The NYPD confirmed that school safety agents called 911 about a fight that day and that no arrests were made.

Someone who 'saw it all' says, "Mr. Schneider did what he had to man.  This dude **** was pissed he'd been suspended from school for 3 days so he took it out on the principal.  There were too many kids around us for the hallway cop [school security guard] to get to it.  Then this dude **** pulled a knife on him [Mr. Schneider] kinda showing it real sly-like so's no one else could see it.  Only Schneider and a couple of us up close could.  Mr. Schneider did the right thing."

It seems that in today's 'woke' world nobody is allowed to stand up and be brave.  In today's world courage is called arrogance and righteousness is called fanaticism.  The fact is there are still brave men and women in this world who are not afraid to stand up to bullies, be they thugs or gang banger or even politicians.

Stand and be counted.  You know in your hearts what is right and what is wrong.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. This article has been rewritten after warnings from our server that it may be too sensitive for woke eyes and the eyes of the young.  Potentially politically and socially incorrect terminology has been removed without changing the intent and content of this article.

Monday, January 16, 2023



Volume #011623-1245                             January 16, 2023


Joe Biden's presidency may be nearing a scandalous end.

A plethora of assaults on The Office of the President is pushing Joe Biden further and further toward his now inevitable resignation.  In his tenure as President, Joe has committed innumerable deeds of distrust, dishonesty, and treachery, and these chickens are coming home to roost!

Click here: https://nypost.com/2023/01/14/classified-documents-scandal-puts-biden-presidency-in-peril/

When former president Donald Trump was found possessing classified documents, Joe made a huge blunder in ordering a massive FBI raid on Trump's Mar a Lago home.  Armoured personnel carriers, swat teams with snipers, and scores of agents stormed the premises at a time they knew President Trump would not be home.  Cowardice?  Sure!

The act of a coward!

Now, amid all the scandals of his son Hunter, known to be a traitor to his country, a drug addict, a drunkard, a man-whore, a thief, and an extortionist the focus has turned toward Joe 'the big guy' himself.  Having gained financially from his son's illicit activities around the world Joe Biden is now being hoisted on his own petard as his very own document scandal eclipses that of the former president.

When Donald Trump moved documents to his home, he was still president.  He exercised his authority as president, de-classifying them first.  This made them 'open for view' and no longer confidential, secret, or top secret.  The president has the authority and power to do this.

Only the president can 'de-classify' documents!

It seems that when Joe Biden, then Vice President, moved boxes and boxes of classified documents to his home, office, library, and club he did so without the power to declassify.  He was only Vice President at the time.  Joe Biden did this on his own, without permission of any kind, and for reasons one can only guess.

While none of Trump's document acquisitions could be linked to national security, many of Biden's can.  From his dirty dealings with Ukraine to treacherous deals with China and Russia, these documents damn not only him but his former handler and boss, Barack Obama.  'Vice President Biden era' documents now in the hands of the Justice Department and Homeland Security are at damning at best and convicting at worst.

Despite Biden's 'secret orders' to bury these documents, they have risen to the surface of the swamp, floating on top of the muck and mire of government policy.  Yes, Biden did a lot in his 8 years as VP.  And Obama let it happen!  This does not bode well for him either.

This means that, if all things are to be equal, the FBI needs to storm Biden's homes, offices, library, and club armed with search warrants ... as they did with Donald Trump.

The reason this has yet to be done is obvious, and that is that Biden has Attorney General Merrick Garland in his hip pocket.  Inequity is the rule rather than the exception in this case.

Inequity and prejudice rule!

● We're looking at a president who has managed to single-handedly destroy a once orderly border and immigration policy.  This has resulted in the largest enemy invasion in the history of the world as millions and millions of illegal aliens pour over our border ... at Joe Biden's behest.

● We're looking at a president who has single-handedly driven oil prices through the roof by cancelling gas and oil leases while favouring foreign oil drilling, pumping, and processing with cash incentives.  The effect this has had on our economy is inestimably damaging.

● We're looking at a president who single-handedly drove inflation and interest rates to record levels, punishing consumers across the board, especially minorities and the poor.  The average middle-income family now pays over $7,000 a year more than they did before Joe stuck his knife in their backs.

● We're looking at a president who single-handedly destroyed the morale of our military making it nearly impotent as his policies forced patriotic soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and coast guard personnel out of their careers defending our country.

● We're looking at a president who single-handedly spent more money in less than 2 years than all past presidents ... all combined!

This man can only be labelled 'Traitor'!

The discovery of innumerable documents and files has brought shielding of the Bidens' illegal document disposition to an end.  The scandal rages on, putting Joe’s presidency in peril.  No way around it, he's in deep doo-doo and there's no way out of this that won't scream "CORRUPTION".

Anything other than jail screams, "Corruption!"

There's a favourite saying in Washington, "Two weeks in politics is a lifetime."  What this means is that virtually anything can happen in the course of just a couple of weeks.  In the case of Joe Biden, it took only 5 days to turn him on his head and eviscerate all respect for presidency.

For years he's fought to distance himself from his felon drug-addict son and with minimal success.  This alone has had him walking the razor's edge between keeping his job and 'retiring to spend more time with his family' ... as the saying goes.  In his case the word 'retire' would actually mean 'resign'.

News this past Saturday that even more classified documents were found in his Delaware home puts an end to a bizarre week that quickly and effectively put Biden’s presidency in peril and delivered a possible death blow against the already sagging credibility of the Justice Department.

Fearing blowback, more and more members of his own party are quietly distancing themselves from their now badly tarnished 'golden boy'.  The few who still openly support him are not the cream of the Washington crop but are the flotsam and jetsam of political society.  Their own futures are already in question.

We've watched Joe publicly stammer and stagger for his entire presidency.  His mental acumen has indeed slipped to a level somewhere between a late-stage Alzheimer's patient and a drunken monkey.  Unable to face open questioning by the press and hiding behind the most incompetent White House Spokesperson in history he's in deep, deep doo-doo.  Even the mass media is now beginning to turn on him.

It's a miracle he has made it this far.  Slipped into an office he was never qualified to run and having been elected president through dubious means, his has been a failed presidency from the start.  Ya know, I have always referred to Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter as the worst presidents in American History.  I have to change my mind now because this guy with his agenda to destroy our republic is by far the worst president imaginable.  He's also the most dangerous man imaginable!

By the way, he still refuses to account for the $1M a year he has been paid for an 'invisible' professorship at the University of Pennsylvania.  'Invisible' is the key word here because he never taught a single class.  What's that all about?

Where is the money really from?  Click here: https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/world/joe-biden-was-paid-1-million-dollars-a-year-for-job-he-never-fulfilled-trouble-for-us-president-key-points/ar-AA16cwsF

Hangin' on by his fingernails!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Saturday, January 14, 2023



Volume #011423-0920                             January 14, 2023


The golden age of lighter-then-air is back!

Back in the golden days, before the Hindenburg Disaster, travel by airship was the ultimate way to travel.  From coast to coast, across 'the pond' to Europe, and beyond the airships were literally 'hotels of the sky'.  The luxury offered rivalled any 4-star hotel ... and then some!

Today modern technology has brought back the kings of the sky with flair!  The use of composite and flameproof fabric, electric motors, non-flammable helium for lift, and advance aeronautic technology are responsible.

Imagine an airship of truly gargantuan proportion covered with solar cells across the top, driven with electric fans powered by those solar cells, and weighing a fraction of those in the 1930's and 1940's.  Carbon fibre and other high technology polymers are stronger than steel and lighter than paper!  Let's not forget the non-flammable gas, helium, in use.

I want to take the Trans-Atlantic 'tour' to Europe.  I will, and very soon.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!