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"I have to protect my son." says desperate dad.

Where did we go wrong?  Turning boys into girls is cruel beyond belief

This situation is completely out of hand as a mother wants to have her 9-year-old son castrated, chemically treated, and physically transitioned into something resembling a girl.  Remember that science is incapable of truly transforming a boy into a girl in any way except cosmetically.

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The Texas couple has been locked in a bitter and years-long custody and sexual-transition battle.  According to the father, Jeff Younger, his now ex-wife has moved to California where she is planning to have her son surgically altered to resemble a girl.  This process includes hormone treatments [puberty blockers] as well as castration and cosmetic alteration surgery.

"She always wanted a daughter, and it galls her that our child was a boy!  This, she thinks, is how she can have the daughter she always wanted!" says father.

The unfolding tragedy is that the mother has obviously conditioned the boy to think he wants gender-reassignment surgery and medical treatments.  It's a fact that no little boy at that age ever 'suddenly decided' he wanted to be a girl.  His confused decision is obviously the result of intense indoctrination and brainwashing by his mother.

Already the little boy, James Younger, identifies as Luna Younger, a name his mother helped him to choose.  By now it's obvious his name isn't the only thing his mother wants to change.  Yes, Mommy is up to no good and Dad is working his butt off trying to avert the catastrophic results this boy's mother wants to inflict on him.

I spoke with a psychologist familiar with the case, but not attached directly to the family.  She is Yuki Yamamoto, Ph.D. a specialist in abnormal psychology.  Here is what was said, "It seems clear the mother is using her son to get back at her ex-husband.  Often when a divorce goes really wrong, the parents will use their children to 'get at' one another.  No decisions made in this atmosphere can be good ones.  It is my considered opinion that the child must be removed from the custody of both parents and undergo self-reassurance and identity therapy before being returned to either the father and/or mother."

This is a fluid situation and is now years oldAs long as the mother even has visitation rights to her son, the danger of his confusion, born of 'Mom', leading to the mutilating surgery of gender-reassignment is very real.

Just what in Hell is American Society doing by tolerating this sort of crap?  Voice your objection and vent your righteous anger at the courts, government, and everyone you meet.


I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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