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Joe Biden's presidency may be nearing a scandalous end.

A plethora of assaults on The Office of the President is pushing Joe Biden further and further toward his now inevitable resignation.  In his tenure as President, Joe has committed innumerable deeds of distrust, dishonesty, and treachery, and these chickens are coming home to roost!

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When former president Donald Trump was found possessing classified documents, Joe made a huge blunder in ordering a massive FBI raid on Trump's Mar a Lago home.  Armoured personnel carriers, swat teams with snipers, and scores of agents stormed the premises at a time they knew President Trump would not be home.  Cowardice?  Sure!

The act of a coward!

Now, amid all the scandals of his son Hunter, known to be a traitor to his country, a drug addict, a drunkard, a man-whore, a thief, and an extortionist the focus has turned toward Joe 'the big guy' himself.  Having gained financially from his son's illicit activities around the world Joe Biden is now being hoisted on his own petard as his very own document scandal eclipses that of the former president.

When Donald Trump moved documents to his home, he was still president.  He exercised his authority as president, de-classifying them first.  This made them 'open for view' and no longer confidential, secret, or top secret.  The president has the authority and power to do this.

Only the president can 'de-classify' documents!

It seems that when Joe Biden, then Vice President, moved boxes and boxes of classified documents to his home, office, library, and club he did so without the power to declassify.  He was only Vice President at the time.  Joe Biden did this on his own, without permission of any kind, and for reasons one can only guess.

While none of Trump's document acquisitions could be linked to national security, many of Biden's can.  From his dirty dealings with Ukraine to treacherous deals with China and Russia, these documents damn not only him but his former handler and boss, Barack Obama.  'Vice President Biden era' documents now in the hands of the Justice Department and Homeland Security are at damning at best and convicting at worst.

Despite Biden's 'secret orders' to bury these documents, they have risen to the surface of the swamp, floating on top of the muck and mire of government policy.  Yes, Biden did a lot in his 8 years as VP.  And Obama let it happen!  This does not bode well for him either.

This means that, if all things are to be equal, the FBI needs to storm Biden's homes, offices, library, and club armed with search warrants ... as they did with Donald Trump.

The reason this has yet to be done is obvious, and that is that Biden has Attorney General Merrick Garland in his hip pocket.  Inequity is the rule rather than the exception in this case.

Inequity and prejudice rule!

● We're looking at a president who has managed to single-handedly destroy a once orderly border and immigration policy.  This has resulted in the largest enemy invasion in the history of the world as millions and millions of illegal aliens pour over our border ... at Joe Biden's behest.

● We're looking at a president who has single-handedly driven oil prices through the roof by cancelling gas and oil leases while favouring foreign oil drilling, pumping, and processing with cash incentives.  The effect this has had on our economy is inestimably damaging.

● We're looking at a president who single-handedly drove inflation and interest rates to record levels, punishing consumers across the board, especially minorities and the poor.  The average middle-income family now pays over $7,000 a year more than they did before Joe stuck his knife in their backs.

● We're looking at a president who single-handedly destroyed the morale of our military making it nearly impotent as his policies forced patriotic soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and coast guard personnel out of their careers defending our country.

● We're looking at a president who single-handedly spent more money in less than 2 years than all past presidents ... all combined!

This man can only be labelled 'Traitor'!

The discovery of innumerable documents and files has brought shielding of the Bidens' illegal document disposition to an end.  The scandal rages on, putting Joe’s presidency in peril.  No way around it, he's in deep doo-doo and there's no way out of this that won't scream "CORRUPTION".

Anything other than jail screams, "Corruption!"

There's a favourite saying in Washington, "Two weeks in politics is a lifetime."  What this means is that virtually anything can happen in the course of just a couple of weeks.  In the case of Joe Biden, it took only 5 days to turn him on his head and eviscerate all respect for presidency.

For years he's fought to distance himself from his felon drug-addict son and with minimal success.  This alone has had him walking the razor's edge between keeping his job and 'retiring to spend more time with his family' ... as the saying goes.  In his case the word 'retire' would actually mean 'resign'.

News this past Saturday that even more classified documents were found in his Delaware home puts an end to a bizarre week that quickly and effectively put Biden’s presidency in peril and delivered a possible death blow against the already sagging credibility of the Justice Department.

Fearing blowback, more and more members of his own party are quietly distancing themselves from their now badly tarnished 'golden boy'.  The few who still openly support him are not the cream of the Washington crop but are the flotsam and jetsam of political society.  Their own futures are already in question.

We've watched Joe publicly stammer and stagger for his entire presidency.  His mental acumen has indeed slipped to a level somewhere between a late-stage Alzheimer's patient and a drunken monkey.  Unable to face open questioning by the press and hiding behind the most incompetent White House Spokesperson in history he's in deep, deep doo-doo.  Even the mass media is now beginning to turn on him.

It's a miracle he has made it this far.  Slipped into an office he was never qualified to run and having been elected president through dubious means, his has been a failed presidency from the start.  Ya know, I have always referred to Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter as the worst presidents in American History.  I have to change my mind now because this guy with his agenda to destroy our republic is by far the worst president imaginable.  He's also the most dangerous man imaginable!

By the way, he still refuses to account for the $1M a year he has been paid for an 'invisible' professorship at the University of Pennsylvania.  'Invisible' is the key word here because he never taught a single class.  What's that all about?

Where is the money really from?  Click here:

Hangin' on by his fingernails!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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