Thursday, January 12, 2023

A BEST-SELLER RARELY EVER READ. Harry's accusations should be hurled at his ghost writer.


Volume #011223-1155                             January 12, 2023


A review of Prince Harry's ghost-written book, 'Spare'

Immediately upon opening this book and flipping to 'page oneits obvious Harry's ghost writer wasn't up to the task.  Filled with 'word padding and sentence stuffing' along with questionable grammar it skips merrily along as a collection of disjointed and often disturbing metaphors and accusations.  So badly written is this 'novel' that I wonder if Harry really took the time to read this piece of trash before it went out.

It's like that book report your teacher asked you to write while in the 9th grade.  Teacher said it had to be 1,000 words and you wrote exactly 1,000 words.  You padded, fluffed up, and filled the page with sentences like, "and then, of course, and most assuredly ..."  When you were done you had about 200 words of substance and 800 words of padding to get you over that thousand-word finish line.

This book 'Spare' is as obvious an example of a thousand-word-finish- line work as I've seen in a long time.  It reminds me of my early writings in high school.  Fortunately, I graduated from the 'word padding academy'.

I am [you'd be surprised to know] a fan of Prince Harry and his lovely bride.  I recognize his military service and down-to-earth attitude on life and friendships.  I've followed this young man since the untimely and suspicious death of his mother and what a roller coaster ride his life has been.

As I trudged through the long run-on sentences and attempts at literary greatness it became obvious that, if all the fluff and padding were removed from this book it would be a pamphlet.

As the author of 8 books and numerous papers and posts I would offer the young prince a single piece of advice: "Write your own stuff and then hire an editor to work out the lumps and bumps".  The problem with most ghost writers is their penchant for turning essays into novels as they pursue their not-so-hidden dreams of one day authoring a best-seller under their own name.

In closing, it's obvious this book's sales are more for display than consumption.  A recent survey in the UK showed that only about 11% of those buying the book read the book.  Having slugged and trudged my way through this poorly written and often confusing and disorganized tome I cannot recommend it.

It's nice to see one of these on the shelf or coffee table but, almost invariably, when you see a copy of this book on your friend's table or bookshelf, the pages are crisp and clean ... and never read.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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