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Realities of electric cars and trucks are coming home to roost.

Tesla isn't the only electric vehicle manufacturer cutting prices.  Sales of electric cars, vans, and light trucks are tanking from sea to shining sea and nobody is more bummed about this than the 'all-electric-save the whales' liberals in government.  From Biden on down they're wailing and gnashing their teeth in frustration.  "Why can't we rewrite the laws of physics?" they cry.

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According to Dr. Harvey Louis, Jr. an environmentalist with the World Environmental Congress, "The carbon footprint and recycling future for electric vehicles are, at present, untenable.  The very manufacture of an electric car and its batteries leaves a larger carbon footprint than the manufacture and operation of a full-sized pickup truck for 5 years of average use."

What we're looking at is wholesale consumer revolt.  As more and more electric cars are manufactured, fewer and fewer people are willing to put up with a price tag about 32% higher than a gasoline or propane powered counterpart.  For many of those willing or able to pony up the extra dough, there still exists range anxiety.  They naturally fear running out of electricity on the road, especially the open road.

The average mid-sized car today has a cruising range of 470 miles.  This figure is good in all seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Unlike gasoline and propane-powered vehicles, electric car range varies with the climate.  A Tesla with a 'Summer Range' of about 350 miles only has a 'Winter Range' of about 170 miles.  Batteries just don't do well in cold weather.  Nobody wants an electric-only car as their primary or sole means of transportation.

Okay, so we can see the high initial expense and range anxiety issues clearly enough.  But what about 'filling the tank'?  The average gasoline powered mid-size car has a gas tank of 15 gallons and it takes about 3 minutes to refill the tank from empty.  The very best of all electric cars takes, at minimum, a half hour for a partial charge and an hour and a half for a full charge.  Many busy owners of electric cars surveyed admit to driving around on partial charge all day long because it takes so long to 'fill the tank'.

I suppose the last, but not final, issue with electric vehicle ownership is the frightening prospect of replacing the battery at a cost ranging from about $5,000 to $15,000 depending on brand and model of car or truck.  This is referred to as 'Battery Anxiety'.

With these many reasons to be anxious, it's not a good idea for most people to go electric.  Let's look at all the anxiety connected with owning an electric car.

Price Anxiety:  Fear of the incredibly high price of an electric vehicle, new or used, as compared with a gasoline, diesel, or propane powered vehicle.  Electric cars and trucks just cost a whole lot more.  This is because it costs so much more to make an electric car or truck than one powered by gasoline, diesel, or propane.  It costs a whole lot more!

Range Anxiety:  Fear of running out of juice, especially in cold weather.  When your car's range is so dependent on outside temperature that can be more than a little intimidating.

Recharge Time Anxiety:  Fear of not having enough time to fully charge the vehicle.  With an average 20% to 80% fill time of 2 hours, it's not encouraging.  Not many people have 3 hours to take on a full charge.

Power Access Anxiety:  Fear of not having any place to charge other than at home.  Running around town you've got to keep your eye on that battery gauge because there isn't a battery charging station on every corner.  Gas stations on the other hand are everywhere.

Battery Replacement Anxiety:  Knowing that one day, maybe one day soon, you're looking down the barrel of a really expensive battery change!  When that battery begins to lose its charge it's not really a gradual thing where you can say, "Hey, my battery's getting weak.  I should look into getting it replaced sometime soon."  No, it comes on 'all at once'.  One day your car battery just won't take a charge .... oopsie!

 Environmental Anxiety:  If you're environmentally sensitive it must really bother you to know that the very expensive, large, and heavy battery running your car is not recyclable.  Nope, they haven't yet figured out a way to really fully, or even partially, recycle a Lithium-Ion Battery.

Gaia will not be happy!

The 'all-electric' liberals in government are ringing their hands right now because they see their goal of an all-electric roadway in America dissolving before their very eyes.  They're realizing that no number of windmills, solar panels, and wishes for a unicorn future will supply any sort of solution to their problem.  They know the national power grid just isn't up to the task even if they can find a way to make electric cars acceptable to most Americans.

Even though various state and federal government regulations are calling for an eventually all-electric fleet of personal and commercial vehicles they are beginning to see that it just is not possible!

Lacking the rare earth minerals needed for battery manufacture and lacking the cobalt and palladium resources needed to further their dreams of a million-mile battery, they are losing ground day by day.

America is famous for its embrace of and love affair with cars.  We love our cars and trucks both vintage and new, and we're not going to let go of them ... period!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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