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Here's a principal in a 'dangerous' high school who stands up!

When this high school principal stood up to one of his thug students he caught a load of sh!t!  This guy is principal of a school that might as well be a jail for the population of thugs, thieves, muggers, dope dealers, and gang bangers.  This is no easy job by any means.

The woke media is after him because he wouldn't let one of his thug-students intimidate him.  This is a story of a principal who is no coward and knows that the only way to stand up to the criminals, thugs, and gang bangers in his school is with force.

You don't win by bending over every time you're threatened!

Brett Schneider was seen on video posted to social media during an Oct. 24 fracas outside the Bedford Park School which is an unlabeled reformatory.  'Unlabeled' means this school is a dumping ground for the flotsam and jetsam of society.  It's where the district sends delinquents and criminals who are too young to arrest or prosecute.

Schneider can be seen pushing the teen and then raising his fists ready to defend himself.  What you don't see is that the student threatened the principal and slyly showed him a knife.  Rather than back down or run away, Schneider stood up to this animal.  Remember too that he and the student were surrounded by other thugs, mostly friends of this animal student.

Although a school safety agent was standing nearby, he was isolated by the crowd and couldn't get between thug and principal in time.  This is why Schneider took matters into his own hands.

Click here for the woke side to the story: https://nypost.com/2023/01/14/bronx-high-school-principal-brett-schneider-gets-physical-with-student/

The NYPD confirmed that school safety agents called 911 about a fight that day and that no arrests were made.

Someone who 'saw it all' says, "Mr. Schneider did what he had to man.  This dude **** was pissed he'd been suspended from school for 3 days so he took it out on the principal.  There were too many kids around us for the hallway cop [school security guard] to get to it.  Then this dude **** pulled a knife on him [Mr. Schneider] kinda showing it real sly-like so's no one else could see it.  Only Schneider and a couple of us up close could.  Mr. Schneider did the right thing."

It seems that in today's 'woke' world nobody is allowed to stand up and be brave.  In today's world courage is called arrogance and righteousness is called fanaticism.  The fact is there are still brave men and women in this world who are not afraid to stand up to bullies, be they thugs or gang banger or even politicians.

Stand and be counted.  You know in your hearts what is right and what is wrong.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. This article has been rewritten after warnings from our server that it may be too sensitive for woke eyes and the eyes of the young.  Potentially politically and socially incorrect terminology has been removed without changing the intent and content of this article.

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