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The Biden administration is weighing a nationwide ban on gas stoves.

Puppet Joe Biden is seriously considering, if not planning, on a nationwide ban on gas stoves  — citing pollutants released from the flames of gas stoves and ovens.  Understand what this means.  This will put more strain on the power grid than even electric cars.  A typical electric oven draws over 50 amps of power, that's over 12,000 watts!  The typical car charger draws 1400 watts, about 1/9 that of an electric oven or stove.  Meanwhile, the typical car charge time of 3 hours coincides with typical use of an electric oven for being 3 hours.

With a whole lot more gas stoves than electric cars, this idiotic Biden policy is almost guaranteed to crash the power grids of multiple states.  Alas, Joe is on track to finish his mission of destroying the country ... according to his handlers in Beijing.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission is mulling Joe's request after a number of dubious studies show that emissions from gas appliances may cause health and respiratory problems, Bloomberg reported Monday.

The 'greenies' are also behind this because they want to protect our precious atmosphere from the myth of 'global warming'.  I can see the cost of gas stoves [used] skyrocketing and spare parts going up even faster and higher than that.

Later they plan on banning electric furnaces, hot water heaters, and commercial kilns and appliances currently running on natural gas and propane.

I live in an all-electric home by choice, although I do miss the flames of my stovetop.  If you want to keep the fires lit on the home front, you'd better get off your butts and start complaining.  It's time!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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