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Volume #123122-1515                             December 31, 2022

Just what is our true 'state of the union'?

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Volume #123022-1455                             December 30, 2022

It's not really a matter of 'if' dinosaurs and reptiles roamed the land in Washington, D.C. among other places.  No, it's more a matter of how long they have done so and just who they are.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #122922-1315                             December 29, 2022


China's insidious plan is working, but not without help

As China reports dramatic increases in Covid cases they aren't reporting very many, if any, Covid related deaths.  Despite their low to non-existent fatality rate China maintains an iron grip on its people.  Their logic, their reason, and their purpose are to execute their 3rd 10-year master plan.

Click here:

Without the military clout he once enjoyed, Xi Jin Ping has been forced to take a parallel route in his march toward world domination.  With major American and European politicians long in his pocket, he's not worried about The West.  Having most western nations under control and in check, he can focus on his own back yard where the citizens of China are becoming increasingly restless.

With major riots in more than 123 cities, and growing military threats from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and now even India he has his hands full at home.  Xi has found keeping the 1.3 billion people in his country locked down to be an impossibility.  While he continues to try and lock down over 200 municipalities and 33 provinces it's just not working.  He has ordered sterner and more stringent measures of population control, using Covid as his excuse ... one that loses credibility day-by-day.

In desperation Xi had hoped to invade Taiwan back in October.  But that didn't happen.  He had hoped to rally the people around the flag and form a united front with China at war with Taiwan.  Only weeks ahead of his planned invasion he lost control of the People's Liberation Army, Navy, Air Force, and Missile Division in a quiet coup headed by General Jiang, now the commander in chief.

Patriotism in China is at an all-time low.  Cohesiveness among the population is strong, but in an anti-government anti Xi Jin Ping way.  Cohesiveness among party leaders is weakening day by day with more and more members of the People's Congress, Central Committee, and even the Politburo losing confidence in Xi's leadership.  Xi needs majority support from the Central Committee to retain his chairmanship of the Communist Party.  He needs majority support of the People's Congress to retain the presidency.  He needed the total support of the General Officer Corps of the People's Military Union to retain his authority over the military, and he has lost that.

For over 9 years Xi Jin Ping was the first leader to control all three legs of the Chinese 'milking stool', and now he has only two.  The three legs are 'Government, Party, and Military'.  Even the late Chairman Mao only held two of those legs.  When Xi first became President, Chairman, and Commander in Chief it bothered many in the People's Congress.  They saw this as, in the words of former Chinese President Hu Jin Tao, "too much power' for one man."

They let Xi's power grab slide just a bit too long, allowing him to establish a potential fourth leg of the milking stool, his infamous 'Missile Division'.  This new branch was given complete control over the Chinese Nuclear Arsenal, including but not limited to nuclear bombs, artillery, and missiles.  This was a very powerful and frightening move that drew little to no attention from foreign news sources, most of them dependent on Chinese money to stay afloat.

Then it happened, General Jiang [China's Chairman of Military Activities] rested control of the military from the clutches of Xi Jin Ping.  Xi's precious Missile Division was absorbed into the Army/Navy/Air Force Joint Command.  Now only a component of the military family, the fourth leg died almost as quickly as it had been born.

Jiang's taking the military from Xi's hands has proved disastrous to Xi's schemes, so he's gone the way of Covid, Propaganda, and Politics using his most valuable allies the American Media and in Washington, D.C.  The Chinese Communist Party [CCP] has had plans in place for decades and is sticking to most details of their latest plan.  Xi himself has little to no control over the current '10-year-plan'.

Where do we go from here?  Where does China go from here?  How can we hope to win when Xi Jin Ping has so many of our nation's, and states', leaders in his pocket?  From Obama on down the chaos we are living with originates in Beijing.  Working as much as they can with their handlers in Beijing, Washington's not gonna let go of the Covid edge.  Having failed to bring down the government completely they still hold the 'derringer in the sock' of Covid, ready to lock down whomever they need should things go sideways.  'Sideways' meaning a turn in the direction of freedom, or possibly the re-election of Donald Trump in 2024.

Having Washington [From Obama on down] under control, Xi Jin Ping can concentrate on the home front where things are getting uglier by the day.  Thousands have starved to death, locked down in their homes under threat of death.  Hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, have violated lockdown and quarantine orders, rioted in the streets, and delivered untold threats by phone, email, and even snail mail against the lives of provincial governors, party officials, and Xi Jin Ping himself.

When you hear of the 'exploding' Covid crisis in China, know that it's a lie.  When you hear of how valiant China is in its pursuit of a solution to the Covid Crisis, know it's all a lie.  Know it all to be a dirty lie with dirtier purpose.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S. For more on the Chinese menace, read 'Eyes on China' and 'Paper Dragon' by Max Allen.  Available at

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Volume #122822-1245                             December 28, 2022


The late and great Mr. Rogers said it best in this song.

As the more mindless of our generation search for what's popular and not necessarily right, the subtle and obvious truth remains.  It's a fact that only a boy can become a man, only a girl can become a woman, and so goes the simple biology lesson for today.

If you won't believe me, believe Mr. Rogers.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S.  Keep this recording because it is about to be scrubbed from the net.

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Volume #122722-1015                             December 27, 2022

This guy did what?

How did he 'accidentally' swallow a jellyfish?

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Dateline Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia -- An 18-year-old man made his way back to shore after swallowing a Bluebottle Jellyfish.  He claims it swam into his mouth while he was swimming.  He was treated by lifeguards and transported to St. Vincent's hospital for follow-up.

He was treated and later discharged according to sources at the hospital.  Okay, ya gotta ask yourself how a jellyfish 'crawled' or floated into this guy's mouth.  Then ya gotta ask yourself how and why this bloke would swallow it.  C'mon, he was in the ocean swimming around as we all like to do when we're at the beach.  I can't picture anyone gulping down seawater, jellyfish notwithstanding, unless of course he happened to be drowning at the time.

The only way a jellyfish could 'crawl' into his mouth and be swallowed is if this guy was high on drugs, drunk, or stupid beyond belief.  The 'Gag Reflex' causes the body to reject anything unfamiliar going down the throat.  C'mon man!  I got in touch with Dale Murphy of the Royal Australian Surf Lifesaving Society and he says, "Not happenin' mate, not happenin'.  I can't even imagine anyone wanting to do that, let alone doing it.  This whole story's a bit fishy if you ask me."

Bluebottle jellyfish float on the top of the water and move as the wind and currents permit.  They aren't prolific swimmers by any standards.  Researchers from UNSW [University of New South Wales] say about 1 in 6 Australians have been stung by a marine stinger, with most of those being Bluebottle Jellyfish.  With more than 40,000 stinging incidents each year, nobody has ever swallowed one, at least not that they are aware of.

What do you think?  Could this be legit?

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S.  Put yourself in this situation and ask yourself, "Just how could I accidentally swallow a jellyfish?"  If you were sober, of your right mind, 

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Volume #122622-1220                             December 26, 2022


Much longer, equally thrilling, more serene at a fraction the cost of others.

(A Max Allen Replay from June 24, 2021)

Dateline Titusville, Florida – Space Perspective is a company ready to send folks up to the limits of the stratosphere at only $150,000 a ticket!  A lot you say, but not when compared to the many tens of millions of dollars a seat costs with Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic!

You can forget being shot into space on a huge bomb [sorry, ‘rocket] for a 6-minute thrill ride.  Yep, that’s not a great dollar-per-minute value, now, is it?  You can forget rockets when you ride in Neptune One, a space balloon by Space Perspective, a Florida based firm.

These flights will begin in 2024, possibly 2023 depending on how things go.  Unlike the aircraft-like capsule of the other commercial space firms, Neptune One will be more like a lounge, complete with WiFi, toilet and bar, that floats at 12 mph in the upper limits of the Earth’s atmosphere.  The capsule can seat eight passengers and a pilot.

Says Jane Poynter, who founded the company with her husband, “Everything is slow, gentle and comfortable.  You’re not blasting into space on top of a rocket, with the fury and vibrations that involves.  You can see the full blackness of space and 450 miles in every direction on Earth—including all of Florida and into the Bahamas.  The view is virtually indistinguishable from one out the tiny porthole of a space capsule.

Check it out:

The six-hour, thirty-seven-minute trip contrasts to the 11-minute flight of a rocket.  So does the price:  Space Perspective opened up ticket sales at only $150,000.  Virgin Galactic wants what will certainly be in excess of their initially planned $250,000.  And the latest ‘auction winner’ for Blue Origin’s flight paid $28 Million for the seat.

The balloon doesn’t actually go into space but rises to 100,000 feet which provides an unparalleled view.  Says the spokesperson for Space Perspective, the actual time at 100,000 feet is nearly two hours, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the view.

Can I go?  I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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Volume #122522-1400                             December 25, 2022


Best wishes from Governor Greg Abbot

As Kamala enjoyed her Christmas eggnog, smiling in front of an open fire, there was a Christmas present outside her home she could never have expected.  Yep, a definite Christmas surprise awaited her.

Three busloads of remarkably well-fed and well-dressed illegal aliens, many carrying cell phones, were dropped off in front of her home.  Yes, Kamala's D.C. home had just received three busloads of the illegal aliens she calls 'undocumented immigrants'.

Arriving all the way from the Great State of Texas, these buses dumped off a bunch of illegals, dumping them off in the 18-degree weather of Washington, D.C.  Illegal Aliens mostly come from countries that never see temperatures drop below ... say ... 50 degrees.  What a shock for them to find the price of their felony trespass would include enduring hard - freezing weather.

Dressed for warmer climes, the T-shirt and 'hoodie' wearing trespassers found a whole new world.  Maybe they were counting on the good graces of Kamala to invite them in from the cold, perhaps share a few cups of eggnog and sit by the warming fire, do you?

Maybe they thought this woman, a champion for the 'rights' of Illegal Aliens, would welcome them with open arms.  Maybe not!

Click here:

Local authorities tossed them blankets and put them on other buses to be taken to a local church for a warm place to sleep and a hot meal or two, or three, ...

Earlier this month dozens of Illegals were seen getting off the bus in front of Kamala's D.C. home.  Nobody really knows where they were from either.  The many possible points of origin include dozens of 'south of the border' hellholes, as well as transferees from far off parts of the middle east.

While we're told they come from Venezuela and Nicaragua, at least five were identified as coming from IranIran?  Say it isn't so.

I join Gov. Abbot in saying, "Merry Christmas Kamala.  Merry Christmas."

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #122422-0900                             December 24, 2022

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Everyone deserves a Merry Christmas, even you!

I just wanted to take a little time to 'rant' politely and with some hope.  We've been through a roller coaster ride of a year in 2022, but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel.  All will work itself out, as it always has in the past and always will in the future.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it.  Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Volume #122322-1230                             December 23, 2022


Relentless infomercials, billboards, and watermarks drive us away

As we try to watch broadcast TV, we're forced to suffer the myriad indignities of this failing medium.  It's bad enough that a 1-hour TV show is really only 40 minutes long, but it's made even worse by the seemingly endless parade of infomercials and mind-numbing public service announcements.  Ranging from ambulance-chasing lawyers to a parade of crippled children to dogs in the snow, a range of slippery ad agencies are intent on prying $19 a month from your wallet.

I don't mind being informed of a new product, service, or sale that can help to benefit my life.  In fact, a good TV ad can be informative as well as entertaining.  I also like to know which stores are going to be closed on Sundays.  That's commercial television at it was, at least it was until now.

Now, those 'commercial-filled' 21 minutes of every hour consist almost entirely of infomercials.  These infomercials are those 2–5-minute invasions of your privacy that run on and on and on.  Yes, and on!  Hell, when I see a little girl with a leg missing or a little boy with no arms, jump out at me on the TV, I leave the room.  I could just change channels, but these ads-in-bad-taste are probably showing on the other channels as well.  My only remedy is to leave the room for about 3 minutes and 50 seconds [I don't' want to miss any of the 40 minutes I tuned in to see].

5-minute 'bathroom breaks', and then some!

Just yesterday I heard a handicapped little girl begin singing "I'll be home for Christmas" and I was up and out of the room like a flash.  I took a bathroom break, fixed a sandwich, chatted with my wife, and when I got back to the TV, the same ad was still running!  

What in hell is a 4-minute ad doing in my living room?

Those 4-minute, sometimes 'only' 3-minute, and sometimes [if you're lucky] 'only' 2-minute ads are paid for by legal firms telling you how you can get rich quick by suing people for whatever happens to be the 'lawsuit of the day'.  "Did you drink bad water?  Did you ever use talcum powder?  Did you ever have a hernia mesh implant?  Did you ever feed your baby milk-based formula?"  All of these ads say the same thing, "You may be entitled to substantial compensation!"  'Substantial compensation' means a lot of money!  Most Americans view a lawsuit like winning the lottery, a win that will let them 'get rich quick'.

How about the 4-minute infomercials for one of the children's hospitals?  Yes, some of these go for 4 freaking minutes!  There's a cute little dark-haired kid who has grown up as a patient of one of this hospital and is now living a productive life.  He's still kinda cute in a weird sort of way.  For years I watched as he grew up and grew on a lot of us.  Yes, the hospital tugged at our heart strings and played on our sympathies for as much money as we could give.  Okay, that worked then.

Now there are a couple of fresh faces on this hospital charity's ads, mostly featuring an annoying, scene stealing, and 'not-at-all-cute' little blond kid.  Yes, he's a scene stealer and works hard to upstage anyone and everyone around him whenever the cameras are running.

I suppose his mother told him he's 'cute' one time too many.  This does nothing to endear him to anyone except 'maybe' his mom and dad.  Many find his attitude of self-centricity, hubris, and his unintelligible speech more than they can bear.  So annoying is this little bastard with his 'chipmunk-on-steroids' voice and shameless hubris that I, for one, change the channel on the TV the minute I see this little bastard flash his ugly mug.

I understand that, according to their ad strategy, this hospital chain feels the need for a new pitch-kid since the older boy is in college and making a life for himself.  The folks at the hospital are to be commended for their terrific success with this young man.  But, when looking for a new pitch-kid, did they really have to choose this 'little blond elf'?  C'mon, really?

This is coming back to bite them in the ass!

Possibly feeling a growing resentment among viewers, the hospital has begun grooming yet another 'almost as equally annoying' pitch kid.  This one is a little older and is only slightly less annoying than his elfin blond counterpart.  Unfortunately, this new kid on the block still exudes the hubris and attitude that continue to drive people from watching or giving.  All this kid does is enhance our dexterity with the TV remote control.

Well, let's set aside a horribly transparent ad campaign waged by a children's hospital to evoke sympathy and exert pathos as they parade kids with missing limbs, deformed bodies, and a plethora of other disturbing maladies.  Let's put these shameful efforts aside and take a look at another equally shameless series of infomercials plaguing the silver screen.  I'm talking about animal rescue organizations.  'Rescue' is a funny word, since most of their 'rescued' animals end up being put down.

Almost as if they used the same advertising agency as the children's hospital, these folks parade dog after dog, cat after cat, and any animal in between in distress.  You'll see Pit Bulls [the world's most dangerous breed of dog] shivering in the snow and held on chains large enough to moor a battleship.  These 'animal rescuers' stomp on our sensibilities and tug at our heart strings.

When they're not showing various and sundry large [dangerous] dogs chained to trees in the snow, they give us extreme close-ups of 'road-kill' dogs as they drop a tear.  This shamelessness goes on and on and often to the tune of a hymn or sad song.  No effort is spared in playing on our sympathies in an effort to pry as much money from our wallets as they can.

Let's sum up this advertising Armageddon by saying that's it's disgraceful at best.

Moving right along, how about watermarks and billboards?  I'm watching a police detective show where a bomb making felon is doing something with his hands on the desk.  I really can't tell what it is he's doing because a 'video billboard' has risen from beneath the screen to hide his hands and important details pertaining to the plot.  This is how the TV network tells you what will be on their station two days later at 7 Eastern, 6 Central times.

Buy a TV Guide and learn how to read!

Again, and again these 'moving billboards' get in the way and annoy the holy hell out of everyone watching.  There are those of us who struggle to not put a brick through the TV screen because of an unholy 5-minute commercial break!  Now, as if these 5-10 second billboards weren't enough, there's that damned watermark in the lower corner of the screen.  And it never goes away!

Where's my brick?

Unlike a 5-10 second billboard, these damned things are stuck on the screen 'forever'!  I mean, forever ... until I go to the web and watch something commercial free and without a billboard or a watermark!

Broadcast TV is fast cutting its own throat with these insanely stupid practices which only drive people away from 'free' television and into the world of cable and internet.  Putting up a TV antenna and cutting your cable is a recipe for madness.  You really don't want to become 'hooked' on broadcast television as a source of information or entertainment.  You may save a few dollars a month, but what is money where your sanity is concerned?

As for me and my house, we will surf the web!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #122222-1150                             December 22, 2022

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A nation led by 'trust babies' and enemies of the people

It really must suck to be us, really!  We live in a nation where our 'leaders' act with impunity as laws unto themselves.  There's no reckoning or responsibility in higher office as politicians spend more recklessly than drunken sailors on shore leave!

Click here for NY Post:

Our leaders are all wealthy and as such are removed from the real world.  They never sweat a power bill, the rent, or an insurance premium.  They are strangers to sacrifice, and this means they are truly laws unto themselves.  Think of them as 'trust babies' of a sort.

Let's look at the life of a trust baby and see how their lives mirror those of our politicians.  I know such a 'trust baby', born and raised into wealth and privilege.  He's lived over 50 years with not so much as an unpayable power bill or rent check.  Coddled in the arms of trust and privilege, his only worry is if his next 'allowance' will be in the bank a day early or a day late.  Oh, the worries!  Marc my words; Anything he's ever really wanted, he's gotten.  Deprived of the maturing experiences of life he has been left to his own devices and has become what we see now ... a literal waste of human flesh!

The same can be said for Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, ... et al.  How is it that we elect the privileged and immature the likes of Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, and the majority of Washington.  We overlook or completely ignore their conceit and hubris, born of and immunity from responsibility.  Their failings and shortcomings are as obvious as a pimple on the nose of a fashion model.

You Americans [by and large] have brought this on yourselves and continue to do so.  As more and more of you slip into the 'trust life' of welfare and government handout it becomes easier and easier to ignore the impending disasters brought about by your elected officials and, through complacence, you.  Marc this down; You have sown the seeds of your own demise.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #122122-0845                             December 21, 2022



Failure to follow woke policies has caused me to leave Rumble

Hey Rumble!  It must suck to be you!  We left Rumble several months back due to horrible service and undependable platforms.  Then we came back on Rumble about 4 months ago deciding we'd give it another chance.  Their servers are slow and undependable and uploading to them has become more and more difficult.

Recently we received an email from claiming two different 'infringements' on their policy ... dating back over a month or more.

Rumble had already been shadow-banning and censoring videos and the ability to link to their servers.  I know that when I insult Joe Biden or lodge credible charges against certain racist organizations such as Black Lives Matter, it brings down the wrath of Rumble and that file will sit there for weeks before it is monetized.

We had seen for weeks that Rumble was not monetizing a number of our posts, the main threads of which were rampant crime in the big cities, politicization of abortion, and the incompetence of the White House as well as the exploding humanitarian crisis on the southern border.

Well, we had planned on dumping them at the first of the New Year but, it seems they have beaten us to it.

Hey Rumble!  It must suck to be you!

P.S. We're losing honest and open platforms on the web.  Youtube and others have long been woke, and it seems rumble has gone "the way of the woke."  Continue to check with us here at and sometimes on facebook.

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Volume #122022-1330                             December 20, 2022


'Nazi Hunters' score an evil victory

For decades, there have been the heavily pro-Jewish / anti-Christian forces pushing an agenda with all their might and mane.  World War Two's Nazi interment, torture, and murder of untold innocents is well documented and stands in the ranks of the most heinous deeds ever committed by man.

I am certainly not a 'Holocaust Denier', but I am a 'Holocaust Enquirer' and a realist.  Nobody can deny the severity and horror of deeds in the past.  I contend, as do many, that these numbers have been greatly exaggerated, twisted, and reconstructed to suit an obvious agenda.  It's clear this has been and is to maintain worldwide sympathy towards the Jewish people, Judaism at large, and the Nation of Israel.

The world has long seen anti-Jewish feelings and actions.  The sordid history of anti-Semitic speech, action, and crime goes back thousands of years.  To this day we see the unjust hatred and prejudice levelled toward the Jewish people, religion, and state.  

America's fanatical support of all-things-Jewish has not escaped notice.

The powerful Jewish business, political, and media machines have ensured America's political, military, financial, and moral support in connecting Judaism with Christianity and developing the so-called 'Judeo Christian' ethos.  The flimsy platform on which 'Judeo Christianity' was created still cannot bear the weight of impartial scrutiny.

One of many examples of America's Pro-Israel fanaticism is seen in the case of Mr. John Demjanjuk, an aging German immigrant and naturalized US Citizen.  On the testimony of a woman who claimed to identify Demjanjuk from 50-year-old wallet-sized photo he was arrested, stripped of his citizenship, and deported to Israel for trial.  Wrongfully convicted solely on the testimony of this old woman, Demjanjuk he sat in jail for nearly 12 years before an Israeli appeals court overturned his sentence and he was returned to his family in Ohio.

Again and again, he was persecuted by 'Nazi Hunters' such as Simon Wiesenthal.  Wiesenthal and his crew were running out of Nazis, so they had to make as much hay as possible ostensibly to keep donations coming in.  The Wiesenthal Foundation continued to press in every direction possible, sending hundreds of people to court in Germany and Israel.  The remarkably high number of 'kangaroo court cases' overturned should have drawn public outcry and attention but the Wiesenthal Foundation still enjoyed the broad and unquestioning supported of the American press.

In an age where heroes were also becoming hard to find, the press worked overtime as they idolized and celebrated Wiesenthal in his global hunt for Nazis of all stripes.  From camp commandants to guards and even to janitors and secretaries, Wiesenthal and his crew kept busy.

Today marks yet another stroke of the 'bully bat' of these and other Nazi Hunters.

Now they've indicted, tried in a kangaroo court, and convicted Irmgard Furchner, a 97-year-old former office secretary at the Stuthoff Prison.  She was a teenager at the time.  She has been found guilty of complicity in the deaths of over 10,000 people.

Click here:

Aaron Simonson is an attorney who has followed this case since the indictment of Ms. Furchner [for the 2nd time in her life] on charges of 'complicity to murder'.  He says, "There have been too many variables here.  It's impossible to determine even how many people died in the Stuthoff Camp, let alone prove direct complicity on the part of Ms. Furchner, a teenager employed as a secretary in the Commandant's office.  It's possible she had no direct knowledge of how harsh prison conditions were.  I am stunned at the court's guilty verdict, especially in light of the fact that she had already been tried and sentenced for the very same crime as a juvenile and spent two years in prison.  It's unfortunate that European law has no protections against 'double jeopardy'.  In Europe people can be tried, sentenced, and retried and re-sentenced for the same crime almost indefinitely."

Dr. Benjamin Goodspeed, Ph.D. remarks, "Even if the woman had been privy to camp conditions and worse, she was an adolescent.  It is especially common teenagers to shut out the horrors around them and live in a state of denial.  This is a psychic defence mechanism many who witness or experience horrors in their lives use to preserve their sanity.  When terrible things happen it's not uncommon for a victim or witness to develop a 'selective amnesia' as a defence mechanism.  This is not a crime, but it is a treatable condition."

A horribly one-sided article has appeared in the media, as reflected by the link above.  There are subjects, attitudes, preferences, and prejudices that Americans suffer from, making their impartiality on the subject of Nazi war crimes an impossibility.  We can attribute these unforgivable prejudices to mainstream media's conditioning over the decades.

To paraphrase a popular quote, "Our minds are terrible things to waste."

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Monday, December 19, 2022



Volume #121922-1445                             December 19, 2022


Nancy's TDS shows just how far 'over the edge' she's gone

Imagine someone so 'off the edge of sanity' as to forbid even mention of a person's name in her presence.  Imagine this octogenarian 'cuckoo for coco puffs' gas bag so demented she'd rather say and even hear the word 'n!gger' than 'Trump'.  Equally disturbing is her frequent use of this offensive epithet while she has never once been called on it!  Imagine if Donald Trump had ever dared say that word anywhere and under any circumstance.  He'd be roasted alive, and Pelosi would be turning the spit.

I spoke with NancyQ. a former aide to Pelosi.  She says, "She [Ms. Pelosi] has frequently threatened the entire staff.  If any of us even dare whisper Trump's name we're out!  She's made it clear we'll not only be fired, but black-balled in all of Washington!  If we have to bring up Mr. Trump's name, we always say 'Mr. T' which is code for Donald Trump.  A number of my coworkers have already quit because she's maniacally unreasonable on a myriad of subjects and her temper is 'tiger ferocious'."

'Nancy Q.' has since left her position citing 'wishes to continue her education' as the reason.  It's so sad when your workers can't even be honest about why they're leaving you.  It's tragic when an octogenarian mental case can serve as 3rd in line to the presidency.  What went wrong with our system that allows this to happen?

Click here:

Recently this 82-year-old California Democrat exposed an insane sensitivity to a name.  Her TDS [Trump Derangement Syndrome] came out in full flourish during an interview with CNN's Jamie Gangel.  She made no attempt to control herself during a lunch interview with CNN.

I don’t think we should talk about him while we’re eating,” Pelosi scolded CNN’s Jamie Gangel after the reporter asked “what it would mean” if Trump was returned to the White House in 2024.

Pelosi shook her head in an effort to restrain her already infamous temper.  She spat out, “Really? Another Trump presidency?” Her rebuke was so out of place that it prompted open laughter from her 80-year-old chum and long-time sycophant, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sitting at her right hand as he crammed yet another hors d'oeuvre into his mouth.

As Gangel reminded an already uncomfortable Nazi Pelosi that she had described the 45th president as “insane,” Pelosi doubled down, saying: “I think there’s a need for an intervention there by his family or somebody. I don’t think he’s on the level, no.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!  This 82-year-old candidate for the rubber room is hardly one to call out anybody else for mental illness.  Her explosive temper, magnum potty-mouth, and obsession with Donald Trump, have made her infamous even among contemporaries.

Says Alan Amos, former aide to this witch, "Not a moment went by when she didn't lay a line on Donald Trump.  She's totally obsessed with him.  It's one thing to dislike or even hate somebody, but this sort of obsession is not normal.

I remember when I dropped a copy of a magazine on her desk.  Trump's picture was on the cover.   I had been charged with keeping tabs on 'all things Trump'.  No sooner had she [Ms. Pelosi] come back to the office than she saw the magazine.  She went 'postal'.  Tearing the magazine into pieces she bellowed, "No more.  Keep this bastard out of my office."  She was so crazy I thought she was going to have a stroke or something.  She shook almost uncontrollably and hardly found her seat at the desk.  She just sat there with her head in her hands speaking to herself.  It was then I realized it was time for me to move on."

I then spoke with Dr. Alan Hawksworth, Ph.D. who says, "I have never met this woman [Nancy Pelosi], but her stories of her behaviour are disturbing.  If what I am hearing is true, she shows an almost maniacal rage and hatred for a man whom she hardly knows.  If reports are accurate, she's fixated on this one man to an extent that would concern any mental health professional.  The fact that she wields so much power in office is even more disturbing.  When someone with such a violent temper, a fixation on another, and a penchant for screaming and hurling epithets at her workers sits in a high office that's a frightening thing."

I need not even get into the fixations, horrific temper, and bad behaviour of Chuck Schumer, her long-time ally, co-conspirator, and devoted sycophant.  Let's stick with Nancy 'Nazi' Pelosi for now.  I hope you've found this introspective helpful.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S.  Thanks for frequenting as this is my primary outlet and platform.  My relationship with Blogspot has been a wonderful one, unlike the glitch-ridden and growingly thin-skinned folks at  I will continue to frequent them, as a secondary source, until such time as I grow too weary of their woke.

Sunday, December 18, 2022



Volume #121822-1010                             December 18, 2022


More 'mystery kills', and more calves drop.

It seems someone or something has declared Dingo Hunting Season.  More of these wild dogs are being found around the Eurimbula, all within a mile of the park offices.  To date, there are more than 24 reported incidents of Dingo kills.  In every case dingoes are found piled up on each other, and always 7 to a pile.  They all share the same wounds in the chest and back, and all have the same as yet unidentified substance around the 'exit wounds' on the back.

In the mean time, there have been sightings of what appears to be a huge salamander [a snakelike creature with legs] in the park, near two of the kill areas.  No pictures are known and even the description from the only 'clear eye witness' is vague because whatever it is moves quickly and hides well.

Here's the clincher.  In two of the sightings the same substance has been found on leaves and underbrush as has been found on the exit wounds of the dead dingoes.

Included here is a composite sketch of what the witnesses claim to have seen:

Witnesses say this creature is grey to brown in colour with a coat of mucus-like substance over all parts of the body.  Its tail is as long as it's body and, like the head and neck, it sports barbs and feather-like scales.  These tend to flip up and down almost as though in an effort to 'flapthem.

Says Carl Mitchell, a witness: "It moves very quickly and almost noiselessly.  I just caught a couple of glimpses before it just about disappeared into the brush."

David Mitchell, a witness says, "It's long, really long, I'd say about 4 meters or so.  It's slimy like a snake only with a lot more slime.  God it's fast, really fast.  I'd say it almost flew and I swear I saw its feet leave the ground when it took off!"

These stories have some things in common, and I am 'guesstimating' that their descriptions lead up to this:

(1) This thing is quick and possibly has chameleon-like properties allowing it to blend in with brush and surroundings.  (2) It is slippery, coated with the same 'goo' as has been found in the exit wounds of the dead dingoes.  (3) Its long tail is equipped with barbs, possibly long and strong enough to cause the wounds found in the dingoes.  (4) It may be capable of flight, maybe just a few inches or feet off the ground.

All we really know is that there are at least two, probably more, of these in the park as the killings have happened at around the same time but now over a mile apart.

Given the fact that all killings have been in an area relatively close to the offices, there may be a reason these things are 'sticking around' and that may be because of the cocoon which, despite being empty, continues to emit an unexplained frequency, a Schumann Resonance.

Weird is weird, and this definitely qualifies.  I'll keep you informed.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Saturday Max, 12/17/2022: (1) The horrors of setting up a Vizio brand television. (2) The case against liberal propaganda


Volume #121722-1435                             December 17, 2022

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Saturday Max, December 17, 2022



The predicted and expected has been thrust upon us, and we must resist!

(1).  When setting up a new television one expects a user-friendly menu.  One expects something straight forward and relatively clear in execution.  NOT WITH A VIZIO TV!  I had a television in the studio fail so I ran out to the local big-box and bought a Vizio 24-inch TV.


Let the games begin!


With lengthy 'check here' and permissions and legal bullshit involved this would still take a long time.  What took even longer were the updates.  The software involved required no less than 3 sets of 'updates' often consisting of at least 5 parts each.

Finally, when I thought I was getting somewhere I quickly realized that this television must be set up to the internet or else you're dealing with a brick, a paperweight, a worthless compilation of electronic components, plastic, and so an extremely minor extent metal.

Okay, so I got the password, entered it into the television and then proceeded down another tangled pathway of permissions, choices, and nothing actually allowing me to select the input, which is necessary to select HDMI1 where I want to be so that I can see what is on my computer.

Finally finished, nearly an hour of my time was spent just getting this damned thing set up.  I dislike the Vizio brand, its horribly laid out remote control, it's tangled web of instructions and permission necessary to use what I have paid for, and the over-commercialized set of 'options' on the remote itself.  Let's not forget that there are no buttons on the TV itself, which means that if your remote control either fails or gets lost, you're looking at a brick, a paperweight, a worthless compilation of electronic components, plastic, and to an extremely minor extent metal.



(2).  ●  Is it coincidence that Donald Trump has begun to act more foolishly than ever before ... now that he has announced his candidacy?

  Is it coincidence that the media has suddenly found dozens of 'old cases' to throw at Donald Trump?

  Is it coincidence that, all of a sudden, the media finds Donald Trump to be a racist and a white supremacist?

●  Is it coincidence that the New York Attorney General 'suddenly' found reasonable grounds for trying Mr. Trump on a 6-year-old case?

During Donald's 2-year campaign and 4-year presidency there were myriad charges lodged against Donald, including two impeachments, yet nothing ever produced the 'smoking gun' the media clamoured for.

From his most personal elements of life to his business dealings to his political leanings, the mass media has conjured, created, and fabricated anything the possibly could against the man.

Between the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, The Hill, and other major city rags, the print media has beaten Trump in every single edition for over what is now 8 years.  Between ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and every major broadcast television opportunity Donald Trump has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous slander and lies as all of the mainstream media hides behind their 1st Amendment rights while denying those same rights to others.

Say what ya will, do what ya will, but facts are facts.  The most relentless persecution in recorded history continues as the 'fear driven' and 'fixated' media continue to dog-pile on the Trump.  If anyone else had this much crap piled up on them, reasonable people would begin to question the means and motives behind this gangland shooting.

Unfortunately, in America today reasonable people are in short supply.  Reason struggles in the mire of laziness and complacence.  Reason fades in the shadows of ignorance.  And reason sinks in the quicksand of peer pressure.  As you can see, reason is in short supply for a myriad of reasons.

I don't expect to change those minds already made up, but I hope that the few of you remaining who have not already cemented an opinion in the deep and empty crevices of your brain will listen to and consider what I have said.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!