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Volume #122522-1400                             December 25, 2022


Best wishes from Governor Greg Abbot

As Kamala enjoyed her Christmas eggnog, smiling in front of an open fire, there was a Christmas present outside her home she could never have expected.  Yep, a definite Christmas surprise awaited her.

Three busloads of remarkably well-fed and well-dressed illegal aliens, many carrying cell phones, were dropped off in front of her home.  Yes, Kamala's D.C. home had just received three busloads of the illegal aliens she calls 'undocumented immigrants'.

Arriving all the way from the Great State of Texas, these buses dumped off a bunch of illegals, dumping them off in the 18-degree weather of Washington, D.C.  Illegal Aliens mostly come from countries that never see temperatures drop below ... say ... 50 degrees.  What a shock for them to find the price of their felony trespass would include enduring hard - freezing weather.

Dressed for warmer climes, the T-shirt and 'hoodie' wearing trespassers found a whole new world.  Maybe they were counting on the good graces of Kamala to invite them in from the cold, perhaps share a few cups of eggnog and sit by the warming fire, do you?

Maybe they thought this woman, a champion for the 'rights' of Illegal Aliens, would welcome them with open arms.  Maybe not!

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Local authorities tossed them blankets and put them on other buses to be taken to a local church for a warm place to sleep and a hot meal or two, or three, ...

Earlier this month dozens of Illegals were seen getting off the bus in front of Kamala's D.C. home.  Nobody really knows where they were from either.  The many possible points of origin include dozens of 'south of the border' hellholes, as well as transferees from far off parts of the middle east.

While we're told they come from Venezuela and Nicaragua, at least five were identified as coming from IranIran?  Say it isn't so.

I join Gov. Abbot in saying, "Merry Christmas Kamala.  Merry Christmas."

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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