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Volume #121822-1010                             December 18, 2022


More 'mystery kills', and more calves drop.

It seems someone or something has declared Dingo Hunting Season.  More of these wild dogs are being found around the Eurimbula, all within a mile of the park offices.  To date, there are more than 24 reported incidents of Dingo kills.  In every case dingoes are found piled up on each other, and always 7 to a pile.  They all share the same wounds in the chest and back, and all have the same as yet unidentified substance around the 'exit wounds' on the back.

In the mean time, there have been sightings of what appears to be a huge salamander [a snakelike creature with legs] in the park, near two of the kill areas.  No pictures are known and even the description from the only 'clear eye witness' is vague because whatever it is moves quickly and hides well.

Here's the clincher.  In two of the sightings the same substance has been found on leaves and underbrush as has been found on the exit wounds of the dead dingoes.

Included here is a composite sketch of what the witnesses claim to have seen:

Witnesses say this creature is grey to brown in colour with a coat of mucus-like substance over all parts of the body.  Its tail is as long as it's body and, like the head and neck, it sports barbs and feather-like scales.  These tend to flip up and down almost as though in an effort to 'flapthem.

Says Carl Mitchell, a witness: "It moves very quickly and almost noiselessly.  I just caught a couple of glimpses before it just about disappeared into the brush."

David Mitchell, a witness says, "It's long, really long, I'd say about 4 meters or so.  It's slimy like a snake only with a lot more slime.  God it's fast, really fast.  I'd say it almost flew and I swear I saw its feet leave the ground when it took off!"

These stories have some things in common, and I am 'guesstimating' that their descriptions lead up to this:

(1) This thing is quick and possibly has chameleon-like properties allowing it to blend in with brush and surroundings.  (2) It is slippery, coated with the same 'goo' as has been found in the exit wounds of the dead dingoes.  (3) Its long tail is equipped with barbs, possibly long and strong enough to cause the wounds found in the dingoes.  (4) It may be capable of flight, maybe just a few inches or feet off the ground.

All we really know is that there are at least two, probably more, of these in the park as the killings have happened at around the same time but now over a mile apart.

Given the fact that all killings have been in an area relatively close to the offices, there may be a reason these things are 'sticking around' and that may be because of the cocoon which, despite being empty, continues to emit an unexplained frequency, a Schumann Resonance.

Weird is weird, and this definitely qualifies.  I'll keep you informed.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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