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Volume #121422-1430                             December 14, 2022


From election fraud to surrender of rights, we circle the drain

With the mainstream media [TV, radio, print, social] firmly in the hands of our enemies, the United States seems headed on a one-way trip to Hell.  Whatever the media says, prints, shows, or does is carefully controlled, edited, and even created by those answerable to Communist China.

We've been conditioned, lied to, and forced to take a stand [often on the wrong side] as our republic circles the drain.  Yes, I said, "Our Republic", as the United States has never been a democracy.  Even today, as we slowly but surely get sucked down the drain, we remain a fragile republic.  Granted, we function more as a democracy these days, and that's by design to serve the Democrats and their masters.

This plotting and planning is decades old as we've seen major shifts in law and public opinion on the very stakes of truth.  The 1st Amendment to the Constitution has been shredded under public decency, hate speech, and race-based legislation.  Our 2nd Amendment has been shredded under mandated regulation of sales, FBI authority to approve or disapprove anyone they wish, and various states still ban possession of many firearms.  Our 4th Amendment has been shredded with 'Red Flag' laws allowing police to enter your home without permission and to confiscate all weapons they wish.  The apparently irreversible damage to our Constitution goes so much further and so much deeper.

Under a barrage of disinformation and fake news, more and more Americans believe that the LGBTQ, Socialism, and Green fanaticism are innocuous and thoroughly harmless things.  What they have been conditioned to ignore is that these agendas are by direction of Communists bent on destroying our own moral values and sense of right and wrong.  Deep in our hearts, we all know that homosexuality, transexuality and all of its varieties are deviant and harmful behaviour.

We've seen more and more Americans accepting the murder of the unborn and just-born.  Abortion has gained a foothold with the unrelenting and seemingly endless support of Communist forces by way of major media and a puppet government.  Most people still believe everything the media or government have to say.  I interviewed a school teacher of 23 years and she said, "Of course I believe what I see and hear on CNN and the others.  It's ludicrous to think they'd lie to me.  They wouldn't dare!"

The remarkable naiveté of this statement is obvious.  This empty-headed non-thinker has allowed herself to be conditioned to accept new ways of thinking, and take it all in ... hook, line, and sinker.  She is typical of tens of millions of American voters who, like her, dare not challenge what is purveyed as 'the truth' in today's media.  The Communist propaganda campaign has done its job.

In the same course of propagandizing the American People, the churches have fallen to Communist control.  The very basic beliefs of Christianity and Judaism have compromised through the largest and most influential churches.  All this is to please their real masters, 'Big Government' and 'China'.  Our two largest churches continue to bow to their masters; the US Government and the US Major Media Machine.

In recent decisions the leaders of these two megalithic organizations have either endorsed child molesters and other deviants or supporting law that grants equality and protection to LGBTQ and others of this fanatical cult.  Reflecting changes in the very doctrine of these churches, their true loyalties are clear.

The depths of depravity that US churches have fallen to leave us to wonder what's next.   In the Christian Bible we are told that we cannot serve two masters.  God proclaims his jealousy and commands that He and only He is to be worshipped and adored.  Unfortunately, the Internal Revenue Service is the 'bottom line' master for these churches.  Eager to protect their non-profit status, saving them hundreds of millions in taxes, they bow to their true master, money.... It is said that the love of money is the root of all evil, and that's true.  Look around you!

In our schools children as young as 8-years-old are being taught how to use condoms.  Sex education has become sex indoctrination and woe betide the parents who rise up in protest.  Those parents become targeted of the FBI and the IRS, the two most feared government entities in the world!  Our children are taught not to trust their parents and only to follow their teachers and government leaders.  In California they have been teaching 'see something, say something' to children for decades now.  Children are encouraged and even rewarded for snitching on their parents if they say or do something that is in any way critical of government.

That's a mirror image of 1960's and 70's Communist China.  That's a carbon copy of the Soviet Union in the 50's, 60's and 70's.  And here we are, stuck in the middle.

General apathy, greed, and ignorance have led the American People to the precipice.  Looking down we see only what we want to see.  Looking up we see only what we want to see.  If something we see or hear pricks our conscience, we turn away and drive it from our minds.  We know what happens to those who agitate or make trouble.  We have become the authors of our own demise.

Law is no longer law, unless the government says so.  Right and wrong are defined by the government, and anything else is branded 'fake', 'misinformation', and even outright treason.  The very presence of the Holy Spirit, the sole source of right and wrong, is being driven from us as we reject him outright.  Without this, we become animals and are no longer human.  The only difference between man and animal is a sense of right and wrong.

How about it?  Are you man or animal?

I am a man.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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