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Nancy's TDS shows just how far 'over the edge' she's gone

Imagine someone so 'off the edge of sanity' as to forbid even mention of a person's name in her presence.  Imagine this octogenarian 'cuckoo for coco puffs' gas bag so demented she'd rather say and even hear the word 'n!gger' than 'Trump'.  Equally disturbing is her frequent use of this offensive epithet while she has never once been called on it!  Imagine if Donald Trump had ever dared say that word anywhere and under any circumstance.  He'd be roasted alive, and Pelosi would be turning the spit.

I spoke with NancyQ. a former aide to Pelosi.  She says, "She [Ms. Pelosi] has frequently threatened the entire staff.  If any of us even dare whisper Trump's name we're out!  She's made it clear we'll not only be fired, but black-balled in all of Washington!  If we have to bring up Mr. Trump's name, we always say 'Mr. T' which is code for Donald Trump.  A number of my coworkers have already quit because she's maniacally unreasonable on a myriad of subjects and her temper is 'tiger ferocious'."

'Nancy Q.' has since left her position citing 'wishes to continue her education' as the reason.  It's so sad when your workers can't even be honest about why they're leaving you.  It's tragic when an octogenarian mental case can serve as 3rd in line to the presidency.  What went wrong with our system that allows this to happen?

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Recently this 82-year-old California Democrat exposed an insane sensitivity to a name.  Her TDS [Trump Derangement Syndrome] came out in full flourish during an interview with CNN's Jamie Gangel.  She made no attempt to control herself during a lunch interview with CNN.

I don’t think we should talk about him while we’re eating,” Pelosi scolded CNN’s Jamie Gangel after the reporter asked “what it would mean” if Trump was returned to the White House in 2024.

Pelosi shook her head in an effort to restrain her already infamous temper.  She spat out, “Really? Another Trump presidency?” Her rebuke was so out of place that it prompted open laughter from her 80-year-old chum and long-time sycophant, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sitting at her right hand as he crammed yet another hors d'oeuvre into his mouth.

As Gangel reminded an already uncomfortable Nazi Pelosi that she had described the 45th president as “insane,” Pelosi doubled down, saying: “I think there’s a need for an intervention there by his family or somebody. I don’t think he’s on the level, no.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!  This 82-year-old candidate for the rubber room is hardly one to call out anybody else for mental illness.  Her explosive temper, magnum potty-mouth, and obsession with Donald Trump, have made her infamous even among contemporaries.

Says Alan Amos, former aide to this witch, "Not a moment went by when she didn't lay a line on Donald Trump.  She's totally obsessed with him.  It's one thing to dislike or even hate somebody, but this sort of obsession is not normal.

I remember when I dropped a copy of a magazine on her desk.  Trump's picture was on the cover.   I had been charged with keeping tabs on 'all things Trump'.  No sooner had she [Ms. Pelosi] come back to the office than she saw the magazine.  She went 'postal'.  Tearing the magazine into pieces she bellowed, "No more.  Keep this bastard out of my office."  She was so crazy I thought she was going to have a stroke or something.  She shook almost uncontrollably and hardly found her seat at the desk.  She just sat there with her head in her hands speaking to herself.  It was then I realized it was time for me to move on."

I then spoke with Dr. Alan Hawksworth, Ph.D. who says, "I have never met this woman [Nancy Pelosi], but her stories of her behaviour are disturbing.  If what I am hearing is true, she shows an almost maniacal rage and hatred for a man whom she hardly knows.  If reports are accurate, she's fixated on this one man to an extent that would concern any mental health professional.  The fact that she wields so much power in office is even more disturbing.  When someone with such a violent temper, a fixation on another, and a penchant for screaming and hurling epithets at her workers sits in a high office that's a frightening thing."

I need not even get into the fixations, horrific temper, and bad behaviour of Chuck Schumer, her long-time ally, co-conspirator, and devoted sycophant.  Let's stick with Nancy 'Nazi' Pelosi for now.  I hope you've found this introspective helpful.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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