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'Nazi Hunters' score an evil victory

For decades, there have been the heavily pro-Jewish / anti-Christian forces pushing an agenda with all their might and mane.  World War Two's Nazi interment, torture, and murder of untold innocents is well documented and stands in the ranks of the most heinous deeds ever committed by man.

I am certainly not a 'Holocaust Denier', but I am a 'Holocaust Enquirer' and a realist.  Nobody can deny the severity and horror of deeds in the past.  I contend, as do many, that these numbers have been greatly exaggerated, twisted, and reconstructed to suit an obvious agenda.  It's clear this has been and is to maintain worldwide sympathy towards the Jewish people, Judaism at large, and the Nation of Israel.

The world has long seen anti-Jewish feelings and actions.  The sordid history of anti-Semitic speech, action, and crime goes back thousands of years.  To this day we see the unjust hatred and prejudice levelled toward the Jewish people, religion, and state.  

America's fanatical support of all-things-Jewish has not escaped notice.

The powerful Jewish business, political, and media machines have ensured America's political, military, financial, and moral support in connecting Judaism with Christianity and developing the so-called 'Judeo Christian' ethos.  The flimsy platform on which 'Judeo Christianity' was created still cannot bear the weight of impartial scrutiny.

One of many examples of America's Pro-Israel fanaticism is seen in the case of Mr. John Demjanjuk, an aging German immigrant and naturalized US Citizen.  On the testimony of a woman who claimed to identify Demjanjuk from 50-year-old wallet-sized photo he was arrested, stripped of his citizenship, and deported to Israel for trial.  Wrongfully convicted solely on the testimony of this old woman, Demjanjuk he sat in jail for nearly 12 years before an Israeli appeals court overturned his sentence and he was returned to his family in Ohio.

Again and again, he was persecuted by 'Nazi Hunters' such as Simon Wiesenthal.  Wiesenthal and his crew were running out of Nazis, so they had to make as much hay as possible ostensibly to keep donations coming in.  The Wiesenthal Foundation continued to press in every direction possible, sending hundreds of people to court in Germany and Israel.  The remarkably high number of 'kangaroo court cases' overturned should have drawn public outcry and attention but the Wiesenthal Foundation still enjoyed the broad and unquestioning supported of the American press.

In an age where heroes were also becoming hard to find, the press worked overtime as they idolized and celebrated Wiesenthal in his global hunt for Nazis of all stripes.  From camp commandants to guards and even to janitors and secretaries, Wiesenthal and his crew kept busy.

Today marks yet another stroke of the 'bully bat' of these and other Nazi Hunters.

Now they've indicted, tried in a kangaroo court, and convicted Irmgard Furchner, a 97-year-old former office secretary at the Stuthoff Prison.  She was a teenager at the time.  She has been found guilty of complicity in the deaths of over 10,000 people.

Click here: https://nypost.com/2022/12/20/nazi-secretary-of-evil-97-convicted-by-german-court/

Aaron Simonson is an attorney who has followed this case since the indictment of Ms. Furchner [for the 2nd time in her life] on charges of 'complicity to murder'.  He says, "There have been too many variables here.  It's impossible to determine even how many people died in the Stuthoff Camp, let alone prove direct complicity on the part of Ms. Furchner, a teenager employed as a secretary in the Commandant's office.  It's possible she had no direct knowledge of how harsh prison conditions were.  I am stunned at the court's guilty verdict, especially in light of the fact that she had already been tried and sentenced for the very same crime as a juvenile and spent two years in prison.  It's unfortunate that European law has no protections against 'double jeopardy'.  In Europe people can be tried, sentenced, and retried and re-sentenced for the same crime almost indefinitely."

Dr. Benjamin Goodspeed, Ph.D. remarks, "Even if the woman had been privy to camp conditions and worse, she was an adolescent.  It is especially common teenagers to shut out the horrors around them and live in a state of denial.  This is a psychic defence mechanism many who witness or experience horrors in their lives use to preserve their sanity.  When terrible things happen it's not uncommon for a victim or witness to develop a 'selective amnesia' as a defence mechanism.  This is not a crime, but it is a treatable condition."

A horribly one-sided article has appeared in the media, as reflected by the link above.  There are subjects, attitudes, preferences, and prejudices that Americans suffer from, making their impartiality on the subject of Nazi war crimes an impossibility.  We can attribute these unforgivable prejudices to mainstream media's conditioning over the decades.

To paraphrase a popular quote, "Our minds are terrible things to waste."

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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