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Volume #121222-1250                             December 12, 2022


Associating with an insufferable polemic can be a chore

Some people leave an insufferable mark on those around them.  I know such skid-mark and, after much effort, have abandoned building a relationship with him.  A hopeless polemic and a wholly inadequate antagonist, his is a life wasted.  His is a life oozing vitriol and subtle nastiness.  Like a virus he spreads among the unsuspecting leaving behind only regret and sorrow.

Although middle-aged, having been raised in the protective bubble of a family trust, he has never had the opportunity to mature as most have.  For this he is to be pitied.  The maturity one gains through marriage, parenthood, self-sufficiency, and professional dedication seems to have escaped him entirely.  Rather, the indulged 'brat' inside him has been given far too much life-leeway producing what he is today.  Imagine what it is like to live all your life without significant challenge, hardship, life's education, and always getting what you want.

Shallow be thy name!  What often accompanies such people is a false sense of adequacy, even superiority.  According to Daniel Shae, Ph.D. a Clinical Psychologist, "When one is denied a lifetime of growth experience there can only be damage to the psyche.  If one is indulged, being denied those experiences that make boys men the end product is never good.  Such people often turn to a form of narcissistic behaviour as a defence against their own inadequacies.  Without counselling and revised experience there can be no growth of self."

If I could I would ask this person; "Have you ever had to balance your utility bills against eating meat?  Have you ever had to sweat an insurance or rent payment because your child or spouse had a greater need?  Have you ever missed a meal so that your spouse or child could eat?  Have you ever had to sacrifice anything to any degree for anyone else?"

A natural-born polemic, he only knows and therefore sows the seeds of chaos and contention.  In scripture we learn that "contention is of the devil..." and that no good can come of it, or those who author contention.

To he who leaves such skid-marks on the canvas of humanity, leaving no friends but only acquaintances behind I would say, "Loneliness be thy name, and tragedy be thy game."

I'm Max, and that's the way it is.

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