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Volume #121122-1455                             December 11, 2022


A pack of dingoes has been found dead.  Attackers unknown.

As questions still abound regarding the Zeus cocoon, the mob, and even the sheep in Inner Mongolia, a new twist may be in the offing.  This story has meandered through the internet for months, and it only gets stranger and stranger.

Dateline Eurimbula National Park, Queensland, Australia -- December 7th, 2022 -- Report of a slaughtered family of dingoes was filed with the department of agriculture.  The report speaks of "unusual circumstances surrounding extremely unusual deaths."  In part, the report reads; "They [the dingoes] were discovered by hikers who phoned the ranger station.  The dogs were piled up on top of each other and showed no signs of injury until they were loaded into the ranger's jeep when unusual wounds were noticed.  All of the dogs had what appeared to be puncture wounds through the chest and back.  The wound indicates something passing completely through the animal, entering in front and exiting at the rear."

Dr. Subramaniam, DVM, was in attendance at the necropsy and says, "It's as though something was driven through the dingoes' hearts and then exited through the back of the animal.  I am concerned, however, that the internal organs, heart, pancreas, liver, and lungs were missing."

Okay, let's put 2-and-2 together:

● Something penetrated the dogs' chests all in the same location.

● Something exited through the back next to the spine.

● The animals' vital organs were missing.

● Entry wounds measure an inch in diameter and exit wounds 2 inches in diameter.

My opinion is; Whatever entered the body ate the organs or dissolved them into a solution and then drank them.  What if some sort of animal entered the chest, dissolved the organs, drank the solution, and then left through the back?  What in hell does this?  According to Drs. Angie and Latterly, wildlife specialists, no known creature does this.

Dr. Latterly says, "Close examination of photos of the wounds and the internals indicates something or things slender and long like a snake, or possibly a centipede, penetrated the dingoes' chests.  It or they then consumed the internal organs and exited through the back of the dead animal.  Traces of an unknown oily substance were found around the exit wound.  A chemical analysis of this substance is still pending."

Did this come from the now empty cocoon?  Does the odd mix of DNA in its makeup have something to do with this?  Does the introduction of alien DNA have anything to do with this?  As usual we are left with far more questions than answers.  And as usual I'll do all I can to keep you informed as things come to light.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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