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Volume #08312022-1400                              August 31, 2022


A growing anti-white movement endangers us all


We're seeing a huge Marxist Black Supremacist movement in this country.  More and more we see government and private industry, education, and government itself flex the ugly muscles of racism.  This began in the White House with President Biden's landmark racist decisions and now we watch as it has trickled down all the way to public schools and even our churches!

Remember that Biden was publicly racist when he announced that only a 'black woman' could hold the post of Vice President.  He chose none other than Kamala 'Kookaburra' Harris, a black woman.  Race and sex, never qualifications were touted as the reason for her appointment.

Remember that Biden was again publicly racist when he announced that only a 'black woman' could fill the newly vacated seat on the United States Supreme Court.  He then went to the extraordinary decision of appointing her with no qualification other than sex and race.  Once again, we saw overt racism in the White House.

Remember that Biden's current spokesperson, Jen Psaki's replacement, was announced as a 'black woman', an LGBTQ person as well, without the bother of requiring qualification.  Again and again with more decisions than these we've witnessed the President of the United States implement racism on a grand scale, all the while immune within the bubble of his executive privilege.

Dateline UC Berkeley, California -- Here, an off-campus housing facility designed to serve the university's student body has openly banned white people from its common areas "unless they are invited by residents."  Understand, all residents are black because white people are simply ineligible for admission.  Even their visitation is highly restricted and broadly discouraged.  Simply put, "Whitey has no place here."  This is outrageous ... and it's happening right now!

Click this link to see what stinks: White people banned from off-campus UC Berkeley student housing common areas (

Dateline Minneapolis, Minnesota -- The Minneapolis school board is not only educating everyone they can about racial discrimination through Critical Race Theory, but they're practicing anti-white bigotry up front even to the point of targeting 'white only' teachers for dismissal as the school district shrinks and their need of teachers decreases.  Seniority means nothing and neither does qualification, not here.  Here they'll begin sacking excess staff on the sole basis of race.  What's next, 'Black Only' restrooms?

Click the link and see what stinks: Minneapolis teachers’ union educates about racism by embracing racial discrimination | Fox News  Also click this stinkin' link: Minnesota residents furious over 'anti-racist' layoff plan for White teachers: 'It's un-American' | Fox News

We're moving in a dangerous direction, one determined by ultra-racist black supremacists bent on social, financial, and governmental domination.  They won't rest until America is a 'Black' nation.  There exists among the Marxist elite a thought that only hundreds of years of extreme racism directed against the white population can possibly right the wrongs of anti-black racism.  What a load of crap!

Fairness is required, and nothing else.  Whenever anyone of any colour exercised choice, access, preference, allowance, or presence of another based on race or sex this is the height of racism.  The barbarians are at the gates, and only you can chase them away.

Only your honesty, fairness, and want of a better world that can stop this CRT Marxism from setting human rights in our country back 200 years!  The whole idea is to move forward, not backward.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

* * MAX AT MIDDAY: Bigfoot encounter verified! * *


Volume #08312022-1200                              August 31, 2022


August 31st, 2022


Bigfoot is real!


This is a rough transcript of what Katie had to say to me regarding her Bigfoot encounter:

Click the link for today's show:

TRANSCRIPT BEGINS:  My name is Katie [LAST NAME OMITTED]; I am a naturalist and cross-country skier.  Last week I was in the mountains with my brother Aaron when we came across a dead deer.  It wasn't so much the dead deer that caught our attention as it was the condition of the deer.  It had been torn literally in two and, frighteningly, it was a fresh kill.  What happened next is even scarier.  I'm talking to you and you can quote me if you like, but please don't give out my last name or use my voice online.  It was about a half-hour before sunset and it was getting cold.

My brother Aaron is an experienced skier and hunter, and his immediate thought, as was mine, was that this was a bear attack.  A killer bear can be formidable and very much life threatening.  Although we both carry bear spray with us and my brother carries a bolt action rifle with him, that doesn't necessarily make us safe from an angry or hungry bear.

The blood from the deer hadn't even frozen, and we found ourselves ducking low and looking around afraid the bear might still be close by.  It was another several hundreds from the shack we were headed to and we wanted to make it there.  Almost as soon as we got to the dismembered deer we heard a strange noise, kind of a low-pitched growl.

Then a rock about the size of a football narrowly missed Aaron's head and hit a small Aspen cracking its trunk.  "Bears don't throw rocks." said my brother.  We agreed it was some sick prank and we mustered our anger at what someone had done to this deer.  Aaron picked up a baseball-sized rock and chucked it in the direction of what we thought was some sick joker.  As his rock flew into the trees we heard what sounded like an 'Ouch'.  Aaron and I laughed, feeling we'd just delivered a badly needed lesson to some idiot in the trees.

Almost immediately afterward we heard the 'Ouch' in the trees, another rock about the same size as the first crashed through the trees again narrowly missing me.  It hit the ground and rolled away.  "Whoever is tossing these rocks must be using a catapult." I thought.  These rocks must have weighed around 6 pounds or so and it would have taken an amazing arm to pitch them with enough force to dig into the ground and break trees.  Aaron said that this was really dangerous and we got out of there.  We got to the shack in record time, got inside, closed the window shutters, and lit a fire.

This is where things got scary.  We'd settled down with some hot cocoa and a good fire, discussing what we'd seen earlier.  Both of us were convinced this was some really sick puppy playing tricks on us, but that just didn't make any sense, none at all.

About sunset, with just a little soft light to see by, we both caught a movement in the trees just off the property.  A second later a loud crash happened as a huge rock, maybe 20 pounds or so, crashed on the front porch of the shack.  Aaron said, "I can see him ... I think." as we then both watched a tall figure of a man or maybe something else strutting back and forth among the trees.  Judging against the trees we agreed it/he had to be nearly 8 feet tall and weight many hundreds of pounds.  Covered with fur even on the back of its hands, it/he stood upright and tipped it's/his head back and bellowed like a wounded moose.

A few minutes later another rock hit the front door with a really loud crash.  We barred the door and peeked out the window through the closed storm shutters.  We both saw it as it raged and stomped around in the trees.  It was almost as thought it/he was trying to scare us.  Well, it/he succeeded!  We were scared spitless!

Aaron took up his rifle and put some bullets in it.  He did 'that cocking thing' [I know absolutely nothing about guns] and said, "Whatever it/he is, we'll be safe as long as we keep our cool."  Our phones wouldn't work.  There was no cell signal.  The radio in the cabin seemed to work and Aaron seemed relatively familiar with the controls.  We called for help again and again with no response, maybe our frequencies weren't right or something.  We were scared, trapped, and had no idea what was going to be next.

We didn't sleep a wink that night we spent in the cabin, not a wink.  In the morning we awoke to see a park ranger on a snowmobile.  Aaron fired his rifle in the air twice to get the ranger's attention.  The ranger heard and made a bee-line for our cabin.  As we relaxed, it/he could be seen running away from our cabin tree line and into the hills.  The ranger saw it as well and, for a hundred yards or so rode after it before giving up.

He looked at us as he came in to warm up.  "That, my friends, was Bigfoot."  I believe.

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Volume #08302022-1215                              August 30, 2022


A leading economist says the housing market is slowly crashing

The Federal Reserve’s policy tightening interest hikes have nudged the U.S. housing market into more than just a slump — and government policymakers have yet to fully acknowledge the extent of the trouble, according to a prominent economist.

Ian Shepherdson, a chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, gives us a bleak outlook for homeowners after federal data showed that sales of new single-family homes hit their lowest level in nearly seven years in July.

Click here:

Sales fell 12.6% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 511,000 homes, well below consensus expectations.  The housing market is in much worse shape than the Fed has been willing to admit,” Shepherdson said in a note to clients. “But policymakers have made it clear that inflation is their primary objective, and housing is collateral damage.”

Yep, collateral damage, and expect that 'damage' to mean an overall house price to fall around 23~30% before it's all over.  While good for 'first-time' homebuyers it's really bad news for investors, flippers, and those expecting record profit from sale of their homes.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it too!



Volume #08302022-1145                              August 30, 2022


Biden's betrayal will cost Democrats votes

Democrats feel they can buy votes, but that doesn't work in the face of a rising objection.  Objection to being forced to pay others' student debt is growing, especially among the Latin community.

Click here:

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #08292022-2015                              August 29, 2022


America's president only speaks when he has permission?

The handlers have their hands full with Joe Biden; this is just a sample of the swill and confused word salad that drips from his demented lips.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Max at Midday: Ammon Bundy's plans for Idaho


Volume #08292022-1230                              August 29, 2022

MAX AT MIDDAY, AUG. 29, 2022

My guest was Ammon Bundy, candidate for governor

We tore the place up with fact after fact and very little opinion.  This man should be our next governor in the state of Idaho.  If you don't know him or only hear bad things about him, it's time to knuckle down.  It's time to devote more of your efforts into choosing a governor than choosing a new car.

Click here to watch:

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!



Volume #08292022-1030                              August 29, 2022


Analysis of the Justice Department's swat raid on Mar a Lago

This is probably the most direct, simple, and easy to understand analysis by Mike Levin regarding the FBI raid on President Trump's home wherein they seized virtually everything they possibly could.  How it went down, how it's going down and how it will go down are all subject to review here.  It's only 12 minutes of your life, but you need to put down your coffee, park your ATV, walk in from your barbecue, and pay a little attention to how far off the rails your government has gone.

Click this link:

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #08282022-1930                              August 28, 2022


CDC [Centers for Derangement Control] declares emergency!

According to the Centers for Derangement Control, we face the greatest pandemic of all time.  Worse than Polio, SARS, Bird Flu, Covid-19, or Monkey Pox, this new virus is the most pernicious and insidious ever experienced.  CDC urges you to 'crush the curve' as we work together to eliminate the Donkey Pox Pandemic.

What is Donkey Pox?  The CDC [Centres for Derangement Control] Director says, "It's an invasive disease-of-the-mind directly affecting the frontal lobe of the brain, crippling or completely destroying the decision-making processes.  The results are acute apathy, carelessness, and in its final stages, a liberal/socialist mindset.  The right-wrong-barrier of the brain is breached causing irrational judgement and decisions which can even include loyalty to the American Democrat Party.  Registering as a Democrat or voting for a Democrat are key behaviours of the infected and sure signs of the disease's progress.  Donkey Pox threatens both lifestyle and life itself."

According to CDC, these are some of the symptoms:

Acute naiveté; a willingly clueless ignorance of what Liberal Democrats stand for.  Those infected with Donkey Pox exhibit a broad-spectrum naiveté.  The infected blindly endorse the liberalism and Marxism of the Democrat Party.  The infected find nothing wrong with liberal progressive dreams such as the 'Green New Deal'.  They endorse those edicts that will have us all riding bicycles, eating Vegan, living without air conditioning, and sharing accommodations and utilities with the homeless and the illegal.  A complete unawareness of such obvious [and admitted] planks on the Democrat platform is strong evidence of a Donkey Pox infestation.

An inability to analyze and assimilate facts.  Donkey Pox inhibits the brain's left hemisphere and its ability to analyze.  This results in unqualified acceptance of anything said by their masters of the Democrat Party.  It also eliminates one's concept of consequence.

Wilful ignorance of all things political.  Over 90% of the infected can't even name the three branches of government.  Another 65% can't even name the Vice President.  Monkey Pox affects the learning process blocking the brain's 'information-intake-and-processing' with a barrier of apathy and indifference.

Blind obedience to and compliance with government edicts.  Donkey Pox inhibits the frontal-lobe-of-the-brain and its ability to analyze and decide rationally.  An inhibited frontal lobe is often connected with Donkey Pox.  As this part of the brain also effects emotions, the infected exhibit a fanatical following of whatever has been put before them.  Severe, and hardly rare, cases of this disease bring the infected to obey without question.  Donkey Pox suppresses common sense as it enhances suggestibility.

Complete trust in the government-controlled major media.  Much like alcoholism or drug abuse, Donkey Pox encourages irresponsible behaviour.

The end result is a mind polluted and deranged, capable of complete acceptance of anything said, printed, shown, or suggested by major media sources.

A willingness to take unnecessary risks.  Potentially harmful injections of unknown consequence are being taken without question.  The risk-taking-faculty of the brain is enhanced causing formerly reasonable and competent people to 'take chances' even in the face of danger.  Donkey Pox victims find themselves willing to take risks on many levels.  Looting, burning, and engaging in mayhem increases as the disease progresses.  These risks include but are not limited to gambling, drug abuse, rioting, and support of terrorist organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and Riot Kitchen.  Donkey Pox suppresses rational decision.

An overwhelming complacence in a 'things will be okay' attitude despite obvious dangers.  This disease fogs one's reasoning, hampering brain function.  Thoughts of the consequences of decision, right, and wrong are thrown to the winds as well as consideration of any portent of disaster to come.  A generally mindless 'it'll be okay, it's not so bad' belief pervades as they march toward the cliff's edge.

Donkey Pox is the 'Disease of the Democrats' and we must 'crush the curve' as its insidious intent unfolds across the land.  People are becoming ignorant, wilful, and stupid.  Millions have gone completely out of their minds.  In addition to Trump Derangement Syndrome, they now find themselves swimming in the soup of socialist swill fuelled by Donkey Pox.  We must find firm ground, the ground of fact, science, and reality.

The only vaccination or treatment of this pernicious disease is education, understanding, righteousness, and an immersion in reality.

When you vote this November, you must vote to crush the curve and put a 'bullet of reality' into the rotting corpse of liberal progressiveness.  This may be your last chance, your final battle, and your final opportunity to cripple and eradicate the Donkey Pox.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!



Volume #08282022-1230                              August 28, 2022


Safe for now in the Eurimbula National Park

It was early evening when rangers of the Eurimbula located the Zeus Mob in the park.  This was immediately reported to General Manager Mr. Arthur Rogers, who in turn gave me a call.  "I've given my people instructions" says Rogers, "and we're determined to protect all wildlife in the park.  I've assigned volunteers and staff to sit with the mob [Australians call a small herd of cattle 'a mob'].  It'll be 24/7 for the time being.  They'll [Zeus and his mob] not be molested as long as I've people watching them.  I've also called on AFP [Australian Federal Police] for help.  They've promised to help and are sending 6 rangers immediately."

Rogers says he's afraid of bounty hunting poachers and worries not only for Zeus' mob, but all wildlife in the park.  It's been revealed that the CSIRO [Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization] has offered cash reward of $15,000 for each of the 4 cows that escaped their facility on the night of July 15th of this year.  A $60,000 reward is a tidy sum for local farmers and ranchers.  Having fallen on hard times [with the Covid hysteria and drought] this could be a temptation beyond their ability to resist.


The Eurimbula fears poaching


I've spoken with some of my growing number of vetted sources as well as David Wilder and Bill [last name withheld], and they've told me that CSIRO will 'pull all the stops' to get their cattle back.  Says David, "They're desperate to get Zeus and the rest back.  All it'd take is a DNA profile in the right hands to put my former bosses in gaol ['gaol' is Australian spelling for 'jail'] for a long time.  They sure as Hell deserve this, and maybe I do too.  We've let a genie out of the bottle that never should've been."


"We've let a genie out of the bottle..."


Oh, about the DNA sample thing; I've been in touch with Wilhemina, the farmer who gave sanctuary to the mob for 3 days and who also had quite a long chat with Zeus.  I've learnt that she took blood from Zeus that first day and has had it sequenced [a genetic mapping process] by a 'friend' at Genetic Health Queensland in Brisbane.  She says, "With the profile now in more than one set of hands it shouldn't be long before we realize just what those bastards at CSIRO have done."

While caring for Zeus, Wilhemina not only took Zeus' blood, but had an in-depth conversation with him.  Before you go crazy and erase this page remember that Zeus and Wilhemina managed, through a series of hoof stomps, moos, and shaking and waving of the head, to share a good bit of information.  It was here that Wilhemina suggested the Eurimbula, having learnt of National Park wildlife rules, regulations, and laws from an internet search.

They 'spoke' for the longest time and Wilhemina recorded the conversation on tape, relating both sides of the 'conversation' that went down.  I spent almost two hours with her as I transcribed the conversation ... with her help of course.

I had my doubts about her at first until she revealed details only, I knew, details I hope never to have to print because of their horrific nature and content.  I learnt much of this previously from a lab assistant who has now left the service of CSIRO.  It seems in their hurry to hire such a highly qualified research assistant, CSIRO failed to secure his signature on a confidentiality agreement.  Now he's spilling his guts.


My folks have a valid genetic profile.


For now, Zeus is safe, his genes have been sequenced, and I am soon to have a copy of that genetic sequence chart in my hands.  It looks like CSIRO aren't the only folks with this information.  For them, unless something really bad happens, their days as free men and women are numbered.  And that's a good thing!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Diversity as a weapon. The Communist agenda exposed.


Volume #08272022-1130                              August 27, 2022


As 'diversity' is shoved down our throats, there are still oases

The US Government and its subordinate states have implemented myriad plans and policies all aimed at 'diversifying' America.  The word 'diverse', is defined as "differing one from another, distinct and varied." -- Webster Illustrated Contemporary Dictionary.  Today's definition [created and spread by Beijing's puppets in the major media and public education] is a bastardisation of the original word with an entirely new and more insidious definition, that being "the assimilation of those different one from another, diverse in their heritage, culture, religion, and race." -- English dictionary of the Soviet Union.

One can easily see the difference in definitions of the same word.  Words are funny things, like a string or a rope they can be bent, twisted, and tied into any form of knot.  So it is with the US Government under the direction of their masters in Beijing.  This newly installed definition is as ominous as a death knell with the government playing the tune.  What once meant variety and difference among people has been twisted into a very different knot of Beijing's design.

Their intent is to force us all into living together, integrated to their design, whether we like it or not, knowing that we will never get along!  This is being done in the name of 'fairness' as defined by the government, not the dictionary.  They know that forcing man to act against his nature is the single most successful way of dividing him.  Chaos and dissent are the fruits of forced integration.  Forced integration is the tool of division.


Forced integration causes division & chaos


It all began during the administration of President Lyndon Johnson when the great welfare state was thrust upon us.  This was the first phase of a long-range plan to create dissent, injecting confusion and chaos into society.  With chaos comes division and with division comes defeat.  What Johnson and his Soviet colleagues had in mind was far from their published versions of a Utopian society.  Rather, it was the beginning of a long-term 'divide and conquer' strategy.

Johnson lived and Johnson died.  The Soviet Union lived, and The Soviet Union died as well.  The mantle of 'conquering America through enforced division' fell upon the only other force capable of doing so and that was The People's Republic of China.  China, in much better shape financially and politically, seized the reigns and began the second phase of the great plan for a 'New World Order'.  This will be ruled by China over the chaotic remnants of a once great civilization is their plan.


China's plans of conquest march on


The greatest weapon anyone can use against an enemy is to divide the intentions of its people.

America has always had a terrific weakness in its desire for fairness and social/racial equality.  We have lived in naiveté for hundreds of years, always looking for 'fairness', never realizing that 'fairness', under its current definition, is not a good thing.  Like the word diversity, fairness is easily misconstrued.

Today we live in a world where the United States Government, along with her subordinate states and territories, has shoved the different races down each another's throats.  Minority blacks have been forced down the throats of majority whites and majority whites down the throats of minority blacks.  Hispanics, the largest of the minorities, have to a lesser degree been shoved down the throats of others.  This is how chaos and division are born.


Forced integration only breeds division and dissent


The forced integration and mixing of societies has sown the seeds of contention.  These seeds have grown to the monstrous vine of evil invading the very fabric of our land, our culture, and our people.  This weed continues to divide the American people along all possible lines.  It seems China's plan to 'divide and conquer' has been well implemented.  They already 'own' the US Government, and that government is enforcing China's demands to break up and divide the American people.  A nation divided cannot stand.  Only in division can they fall under the boot of Chinese Imperialism!

Driving down America's suburban neighbourhoods one sees a 'partial diversification' of society with many races neatly planted in the fields of residence.  Still, even today, we see far fewer blacks among the whites [probably because blacks comprise less than 12% of our population] and of course, you'll almost never see whites planted among the blacks.


There just aren't enough blacks to go around


You see, despite government's long reach and heavy hammer, man's natural human tendency to 'ghettoize' always bears sway.  Ghettoization is, "the tendency for people to gather in a section of a city, especially thickly populated with people of like ethnicity and culture." -- Greater Commonwealth Dictionary.

Having spent over a trillion dollars [$1,000,000,000,000] over the years, the feds have failed to instil the chaos necessary to advance their plans of subjugation and control.  To this day people continue to seek out 'their own kind' at all levels of society, it's ingrained in man's very genetic structure and can never be erased.


Man continues to seek out his own kind


One example of Ghettoization is the 'oasis' of the corner barber shop.  Go to any neighbourhood barber shop and see who is sitting in wait, or the barber's chair.  You'll almost never, ever, ever, see blacks and whites together in the same shop.  That's just not how it works!  A black barber shop sits alone in a sea of blackness, all the result of man's natural drive to be with his own.  A white barber shop sits alone in a sea of whiteness for the same reason.  Whether these differences are or are not because of the uniquely ethnic hair styles and services offered is irrelevant.  The one driving factor is man's natural tendency to ghettoize.

We see this in our places of worship.  Jews gather in the synagogue, almost entirely white.  Blacks gather in the AME church, almost entirely black.  Catholics gather in largely white congregations and Mormons do likewise.  Does this mean these are religions of intolerance?  No, not really.  This is further evidence of man's tendency to ghettoize.  This tendency is anathema to China's and Washington's shared dream of conquest.


Ghettoization is as natural as sunshine and clean water


As we bend in the winds of political and social correctness, we sway to the tune of the loudest drummer.  That drummer plays the beat of American Propaganda, driven by the Chinese to be the greatest source of misinformation in the history of the world.  That drummer beats a death knell, that of our once great civilization.

No amount of wind or political or social correctness can conquer man's inner drive, his societal calling, his genetic makeup, and his need to be with people of like culture, history, race, and belief.  Likewise, no amount of wind or politics can suppress man's genetic and intrinsic need to be free!


Man's eternal desire for freedom cannot be crushed


I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Friday, August 26, 2022



Volume #08262022-12000                              August 26, 2022


Biden induced financial chaos is the reason

Because of today’s rampant inflation and supply chain issues, over 20 million households [1 in 11 Americans] face impending utility shut offs.  The price of electricity, gas, oil, propane, and even sewer-water has gone up nearly 14% since the pre-Biden era.

Says Alice Cummings, schoolteacher and mother of three – “I have to balance the cost of food and clothing against the utility bills.  This is a record hot summer, so the a/c runs almost constantly.  We’ve set the thermostat to 80 degrees, and we keep doors and windows closed, yet still my last electric bill was over $200!  My gas bill was over $60 and my sewer utility bill is up to $50!  My God, add them up [I am a math teacher] and you’ve got over $310 a month going to utilities!  This time two years ago they totaled $160 and even that was a bit of a stresser.  She went on, “I’m paying nearly $200 a month for gasoline to get me and my kids where we have to be.

Alice’s plight is not a solitary instance but reflects across the country as rising fuel prices and rising utility and grocery prices fuel record inflation.  She’s a schoolteacher which, in my opinion, means she’s already underpaid.  Hers is merely a reflection of millions of others on the brink of employed homelessness.  These are people who did well two years ago and even took annual ‘out of town’ vacations.  Today they’re struggling to keep their homes, jobs, and families.

Click this link:

We are in a disaster of our own making.  Say what?  Yes, our apathy and indifference and even wanton ignorance have brought us to this point.  I spoke with an acquaintance just this morning, a reasonably intelligent guy, and all he knew about politics was, ‘politicians bad, people good’ and all he could muster were media talking points.  His ‘zero depth’ knowledge of our situation is typical of most Americans, and this may well be fueling the fires of our doom.

I, for one, am neither complacent nor am I an idiot.  As difficult as it is to tolerate the fools around me, I will continue to step up to the plate … for now.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!