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Essentially, a ‘King Punch’ is what Americans call a ‘Sucker Punch’.  Tomato – tomato, whatever you wanna call it.  This has become a trend in America’s larger cities and remains a problem in Australia’s largest cities, where innocents are literally ‘punched out of nowhere and brought to the ground.

Since 2018, Australia has seen over 60 criminal actions surrounding this cowardly act and, unfortunately, they have recorded 5 deaths and 19 permanent or debilitating injuries arising from being punched either from behind or out of ‘left field’ as it were.

In the United States statistics are a lot harder to come by as the majority of these ‘King Punches’ have been committed by minorities or others who enjoy ‘protected statuses.  The status favours hiding facts from the public eye and often releasing the assailant on his own recognizance.  This has never been more evident than in New York City, America’s hemorrhoid.


“What this town needs is an enema!”


Let’s not blame New York alone because Philadelphia [the city of brotherly love] ranks 2nd in the number of recorded, reported, and prosecuted ‘King Punches’ only trailing behind New York by a few instances.  Any way you slice it, our major cities have become the hunting ground for the mentally ill, pathologically violent, ‘protected classes’ and chronically unemployed and bored V.A.B.s just looking for something to do.

Let’s take a look at just the latest in a string of such unwarranted and cowardly attacks:

Dateline Central Park, New York City – An apparently unhinged black man ran through the park slamming a Columbian man and an Asian woman.  Okay, how do we know this man is black?


There are ways of knowing if an assailant is black.


First: The paper does not report the assailant’s race which means he’s black and they won’t want to appear racist.  Second: With very little digging in the appropriate police precinct [this time it was Central Park Precinct] they’ll tell you.  In this case there were multiple eye witnesses who say the assailant was a black male.  Third: Cops say they are convinced the assaults are not hate crimes – now that should tell you everything you want to know.

This latest incident comes on the heels of others around New York leaving people injured, comatose, or dead.  I spoke with Fredrico, a vendor in the park and he says, “It’s gettin’ really dangerous in the city you know?  People are getting’ sucker-punched on the train platform, at bus stops, and last week there was that guy who got sucker-punched right in front of the 101st precinct police station!  Nobody’s safe anymore but I can’t afford to move out.  I need a gun.

With New York’s ‘Catch & Release’ bail policy, easy on assault and theft, and ‘hands-off’ of any ‘protected class’ unless it involves endangerment of life.  What this means, essentially, is its open season on anyone who isn’t black.  Its open season on the old, the infirm, the young, the white, the brown, the yellow, even the black, and anyone who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Click the link and see what stinks:

Only a ‘tough on crime’ and ‘merciless’ court of justice can stop this insanity.  Remember, it’s not just New York, but every major metropolis in America [all Democrat run].  Hmmm, ‘all Democrat run’; keep that in mind and vote this November.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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