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New York's 'Bling King Bishop' shows just how gullible.

This is the story of a flashy con man calling himself 'bishop' and preaching his version of the word of the Lord.  He's been pretty successful as you can see.  He routinely wears hundreds of thousands of dollars of bling when he's prancing on stage at his 'church'.

I've been around the block, and as a Catholic I am incensed that a con man like this can take on such a title as 'bishop' without gagging every time he does this.  This man has no shame.  Look at this crook, now re-enacting a burglary that took over a million dollars from him and his followers one day.  He's already begging his followers to provide him with 'replacement' bling and money to further fund his 'pretend church' enterprise.

Click the link and see what you think:

Dateline New York City -- The Gucci-loving Brooklyn 'bishop' robbed during a livestreamed service bizarrely re-enacted the crime at his prayer meeting Sunday — including hitting the floor as if taking cover again.  “I need you to get back in position when them three men came in here with them guns out. I gotta get back into position,” This flamboyant con-man is none other than Lamor Miller-Whitehead, a man with a past history of confidence tricks.

Sure, it wasn't a good thing that he and his followers got robbed during services and its a sad thing that criminals are so bold as to do so.  It's even sadder this self-proclaimed 'bishop' didn't have security in place to deal with this crime.  But it gets worse.

I spoke with Malcolm, a member of this con-man's 'congregation' and he says, "A lot of us thought the whole thing [robbery] was a put-up job, and that Bishop Whitehead was in on it."  I'm not saying or even intimating that this 'bishop' set it all up, but surely the police are looking into the possibility.

Sadder yet is the gullibility of those poor, ignorant souls who continue to support this con-man and his enterprise.  "A fool and his money are soon parted."

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

P.S.  Isn't it just crazy how anybody with a silver tongue can start up a phony church, grift money from those least able to afford it, and then proclaim themselves 'pastor', 'preacher', or even 'bishop'.  This is a man who has skimmed so much from the purses of the poor as to wear nearly a half million dollars in bling on any given Sunday.  This man preys on the American Black population using his own colour as a weapon against his own.  Worse than sad, this is tragic!

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