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Australia's 'Super Cow' may be stealing other cows

Dateline MacKay, Queensland, Australia -- Zeus and his herd have become a growing concern to local authorities.  Since his escape and 'acquisition' of 3 heifers back in July, he's been on the loose.  And so far authorities have no idea where he or his herd may be.

Constable Bailey McAllen says, "We've reason to believe that this Zeus cow has stolen at least 3, possibly 6 more heifers from local cattle stations.  Over the past 3 weeks there have been at least 2 break-ins resulting in the loss of 3-6 heifers, all prime breeding stock."  He goes on to say, "Now, I'm not saying it's for sure, but it looks like it that this Zeus cow is building a herd."

Why would Zeus want to 'build a herd'?  The answer is clear when you look at simple biological imperatives; feed, breed, survive.  I spoke with a former aide to Dr. Philip Silverstein, a lead researcher at the once secret CSIRO facility near Rockhampton, Queensland.  Dr. Silverstein has remained silent since warnings from CSIRO, but his aide has since left their employ and isn't covered under any form of confidentiality agreement.  Let's name this aide, "Bill".




Bill says, "It's clear that, with a quality heifer, Zeus could well reproduce offspring of equal or even superior intelligence and ability.  We could well be seeing the beginning of a bovine 'super breed'.  I'm afraid of the consequences, which is in part why I left the service of CSIRO."

According to constables in the area the reported cattle thefts all follow the same method of operation.  Always just before dawn the holding pen gate latches are lifted.  Cows are herded out and the gate is closed and latched again.  There are no hoof prints, footprints, or tire tracks.  For that matter there is no detectable physical evidence as to exactly how these heifers are taken and in which direction they went.

"What is clear," says Constable McAllen "is that the heifers taken are always the very best of stock.  At least 3 of them are show winners.  Their owners call them all prime breeding stock.  We've been over the scene and looked for forensic evidence, finding absolutely none.  We've got station operators installing cameras over their pens now, but maybe it's too late for all that.  It's got us all scratchin' our heads."

There you have it; the herd grows and is on the move.  What will come of this and what does it mean in the larger scope of things?  Animals able to reason, become self-aware, and equally intelligent to humans is a confusing and somewhat frightening prospect.  Would they then, have souls?  Would they come to recognize a creator?  If this comes to be then it would be morally repugnant to kill these animals or even treat them inhumanely.

Questions, questions, and more questions.

 I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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