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Volume #08142022-1245                              August 14, 2022


Zeus 'the supercow' still leads his herd away from prying eyes

Okay, so man is smart and clever and cunning.  The mind of man is capable of anything it puts its mind to; except finding Zeus and his small herd [harem] carousing in the backwoods of North Queensland.

Dateline Gladstone, Queensland, Australia -- Here's an update from a wonderful woman named Wilhemina, a local dairy farmer near Gladstone, a city about 70 miles south of Rockhampton, the birthplace of Zeus and at least 3 of his heifers.  What this woman had to say really got my attention.  Here's her testimony:

"I'd finished milking and feeding when I noticed I had about a half dozen more cows than I should.  I walked in among them and spotted a huge bull trying [so it seemed] to blend in with the others.  I walked up to him, cautiously, when he gently nuzzled me with his nose.  This was a very gentle and bright cow, surprisingly so for a bull.  I could see something human, loving, in his eyes."

I asked Wilhemina what her thoughts were and she answered, "I petted him and stroked my hand softly across the front of his face and I said, 'Hello, are you Zeus?'  He looked me right in the eye and nodded his head with a gentle mooing sound, one of contentment.  I was flabbergasted!  I said again, 'Are you really Zeus?'  If you are please nod again.'  Zeus nodded his head really high and really low, more so than before.  He mooed again and rubbed me with his nuzzle."

A lengthy exchange occurred in which the farmer and bull had open communication through nods, moos, and a gentle stamping of the bull's right front leg.  Certain she had Zeus; she considered the plight of this bull as reported by Max Allen Media.  Here we have a bull and herd that have traveled some 70 miles or so while staying away from the prying eyes of government and profiteering farmers looking for a cash reward.

This proves my assumption that the Zeus Herd is heading south for New South Wales or even Victoria, both states in Australia where 'the grass really is greener.'  There's a herd on the move, and they've made pit stops at local cattle stations and farms along the way, or at least one anyway.

With the Zeus Herd moving on in their southward drive, the woman's farm can no longer be considered for search.  The Zeus Herd had spent 3 days with Wilhemina's cows before moving on.  They watered, ate, and mingled with her herd.  None of her cattle were taken and Zeus left quietly; again unlatching the gate, herding his harem, and latching it on the way out.  Wilhemina sat there as Zeus worked his 'magic' with a long and agile tongue.  She sat on a fence and dropped a tear, and offered a prayer in her heart for Zeus.

Says Wilhemina, "This is no cow as we know it.  He's smart, congenial, kind, and it would be an absolute shame to let anyone experiment on him or worse, kill him.  This is not 'just a cow', but a new life form.  Had he [Zeus] and his girlfriends decided to stay that would have been fine with me but it seems they've got other ideas.  God speed Zeus, God speed."

I echo Wilhemina when I say, "God Speed Zeus, may you travel safely and happily."

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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