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Griner can't believe she's going to prison.

The 'Race Card' doesn't always work!

The arrest, confinement, and trial were done expeditiously, more so than it would have happened in an American court, were she even to be arrested or accused.  You see, Ms. Griner is somewhat of a prodigy, and she knows it.  This woman is a WNBA star, a star of a sport that nobody really watches but she's paid handsomely as a sign of sexual equality within the ranks of professional sports.

She's tall, 'basketball built', and sports her steroid-induced tenor voice.  She entered Russia with Cannabis Oil and Cannabis Vape Sticks ... both of which are illegal in Russia.  She wasn't too worried when she was arrested because, after all, she's a star professional athlete!  Was she in for a surprise!

Unlike the coddled bubble of a Professional Athlete, she faces having to reap the consequences of her actions, probably for the first time in her adult life.  Her colour and sex however, have played heavily in the Biden Administration's efforts to free her.

Unfortunately for Griner and Biden, the Russians think differently and know they're dealing with weak president, 'a shark with no teeth'.  In the words of Volodimir Sratinsky, legal spokesman, "She is treated quite well because she is American star, and famous too.  We'll see she's never abused as in American prisons but she must now serve her sentence.  She has willingly signed a confession as well."

Click the link and see what you think:

Nobody likes to see anyone in jail or prison, that's a fact.  Ms. Griner may well be innocently ignorant in this case.  How many other Americans are serving sentences in Russian prisons with no help from the State Department or the president?  If they're female and black [oh, she is] there will be ongoing efforts to secure her release, even if it means exchanging a known terrorist and assassin in exchange.

My answer is clear, "Let her serve her time and she'll be out on good behaviour in 20 months against the initial 9 years."  Let her do her time and move on.  Stop muddying already murky waters.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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