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Are US Border Agents opening the gates to illegal aliens for a price?

Click for my video:  This video was too long for this web page, but clicking this link will give you full access to it.  I hope you find it informative and maybe ... slightly ... entertaining.

In a shocking video released through FOX and the NY Post we watch as a border gate locked by the Texas National Guard is unlocked by Border Patrol.  They calmly unlock the gate, let a gang of Illegals stream through, and then casually lock it again.  What in the name of Sam Houston is going on here?  Click the link to see what stinks:

Drone video footage obtained by Fox News initially showed more than a dozen seemingly confused aliens standing behind a locked gate on the Texas border.  Then another clip showed a Border Patrol agent calmly opening the gate, allowing a group of more than 25 Illegal Aliens to stroll in — then locking the gate behind them again.  Say whaaat?

Texas Patriot Governor Greg Abbot — who has been shipping illegal trespassing aliens to Democrat-run safe-haven states and cities — has expressed outrage at this latest video, proof positive that the President is out to torpedo the American people.

I spoke with a Texas National Guard Officer who witnessed the affair.  I’ll call him Captain America to protect him from reprisal.  He says, “We were doing our duty, standing guard at this entry point when border agents came up and ‘relieved’ us of our duties.  They said they’d take care of this.  I watched a border agent take something from a woman on the other side of the fence.  She slipped a thin white packet through the chain link and the Border Patrol guy slipped it into his pockets all sly-like.  Then he walked up to the gate, unlocked it, and let her and about 2 dozen of her friends in.  He locked the gate behind them.

He added, “I walked up to that agent and asked what was in his pocket.  He told me to f@ck off and unsnapped his gun holster.  I looked at him and he said, “Mine’s loaded.”  I didn’t make a fuss, but reported it to my commanding officer.  He in turn told me to let it go and assured me the situation was well in hand.  We’ll see.  Had I to do it again I probably would have shot his ass because mine was loaded too.


It sure looks like bribery to me!


Whoa!  That sounds like a bribe to me!  That sounds like intimidation and threat to do bodily harm.  What this guardsman witnessed and experienced, I am sure was a US Border Patrol Agent taking pay for passage.  If this is indeed true, that Border Patrol Agent must be held accountable and stricter controls must be enacted to prevent this in future.  This encounter could have turned tragic because it’s common sense to “never bring a Glock to an M4 fight.

It would appear that either the Border Patrol is giving up in the face of zero-support from Washington or they’re in cahoots with the Biden Crime Cartel or they’re dirtier than the FBI.  Either way we have an untenable and unacceptable situation.  Biden has allowed literally millions of invaders of every stripe to cross our southern border.

Among the culprits are Chinese, Arabs, Russians, Ukrainians, Mexicans, Haitians and a host of other dangerous and resource-sucking felons.

Yes, it is a felony to cross the border illegally and it is a felony to aid them in this.

It would appear the only differences remaining between coyotes and border guards are the badges, uniforms, and how much it costs to get into America.  Rumours abound with stories of Coyotes working hand-in-glove with Border Patrol Agents to get Illegals into the country.  It’s so much easier and safer to bring the Illegals to the border and let the Border Patrol let them in.


“You can buy anything with money.”


The going rate for ‘safe travel’ to America in Mexico is $50,000 for a party of 25.  That’s $2,000 each to be sure of getting into the United States.  Hell, that Border Patrol Agent might well have received at least $5,000 in that envelope [that’s just 10%] or even more.  Word on the street is that Border Patrol Agents are commanding up to 20% for certain favours.  Well, the Coyotes can more than afford this because their prices have remained the same while the cost of getting into the country has dropped – thanks to the US Border Patrol.

With the love of money being the root of all evil we must look into ourselves and the evil within.  Only a clean sweep can solve the crisis at the border.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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