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Black America demands special treatment!

In going more and more woke, we have added new chapters of woke to our already overstocked repertoire of disgusting behaviours.  Far too many of these woke-isms are designed to show preferential treatment to American Blacks whenever possible.  The rule of thumb is, "It's never too much, but easily too little." when it comes to paying attention to every need, want, and desire of a minority making up less than 12% of our population.

Here is yet another case where a costumed character [one of many recent events surrounding these performers] in a restaurant didn't pay enough attention to a little girl.  Unfortunately, this was a black girl ... da, da, da, dah!  Here comes the 'Race Card' of every woke American Black mother.

When you are a performer, as these costumed mascots of commercialism, it's impossible to please all of the people all of the time.  Equally, it's impossible to pay special attention to the few whenever many demand it.

Click the link and see what you think:

Dateline Chuck E. Cheese, New Jersey -- Chuck E. Cheese is the latest costumed mascot/character to be accused of racial discrimination.  A disgruntled and typically thin-skinned 'helicopter mama' posted a video to Twitter of the restaurant’s mouse mascot high-fiving numerous white kids that were standing on a stage but seemingly ignoring her black daughter dancing around him on the floor.

Looking for clarity I finally found an employee witness who would speak with me.  I spoke with Wendell, an employee who was there when this alleged discrimination occurred.  Wendell says, "Our Chuck E. Cheese was engaging every kid he could and there were some kids on the stage ya know?  It's really easy to get 'eye to eye' with the kids when the stage elevates them ya know?  Well, he didn't discriminate because that little black girl was clearly below his line of vision.  The costume's head restricts your vision and that put her in his blind spot.  I've had it happen to me."

By the way, Wendell is black.  So much for any crap you bigoted black supremacists might want to toss on this wall.  It won't stick!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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