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Volume #08152022-1645                              August 15, 2022


A winning agenda for the enemies of freedom


It may be too late for freedom, I hope not!

We live in an interesting world, one where corruption, graft, theft, and espionage are praised and rewarded while hard work, patriotism, and dedication are condemned.  Where have we gone wrong?

We know that the Democrat-run FBI has held onto documents, hard drives, and other evidence implicating the Biden Crime Cartel, while at the same time executing raids on the houses of senior citizens [Roger Stone, President Trump] and the homes of others.  Click the link, see what you think:

In all there have been no less than a dozen raids on homes of folks known to be friendly to former president Donald Trump.  If this isn't the work of a demented and angry White House, then nothing is.  Other raids have garnered little press attention due to their substantial censorship.  These raids are designed to intimidate and frighten.  These are the tools of terror and they work.




Now they've jumped the shark, moving from friends and associates to Donald Trump himself, and this 'jump' will eventually bite them in the ass.  But will that bite be 'too little too late?'

Dateline Washington, D.C. -- There, boarding Air Force One together, shoulder to shoulder with his father, the president, was Hunter Biden, whose home has never been raided.  In spite of the grindingly slow FBI 'investigation-cum-cover-up' of the alleged Hunter Biden treason, Hunter and company remain not only free, but celebrated by the press.

In spite of mountains of physical evidence and bona fide testimonies, no charges have been considered let alone brought against Hunter Biden, James Biden, and of course Joe and Jill Biden.  Their links to 'questionable dealings' with the State Attorney in Joe Biden’s crony state of Delaware raise even more questions.  Supported by incontrovertible evidence proving that the Biden Cartel has benefited from many millions of dollars Hunter directly accepted from America’s enemies overseas, no legal action has been planned or taken.  What's wrong with this picture?




There can be little doubt, if any, that Joe used his son to leverage foreign 'enemies of the state' in exchange for influencing Joe, his father the then-vice president, despite actively working with Communist China.

Taking advantage of Joe's vulnerability and greed, China has been able to extend their notorious “belt-and-road” imperialism across the globe to undermine the United StatesClick this link: .

Hunter shows absolutely no signs of guilt, supporting assumptions that he is a psychopath.  A drug-addled loony tune, Hunter remains the key tool of the Biden Crime Cartel.  Equally demented are his Uncle James, mother Jill, and father Joe.  So here we stand in a land run entirely by a psychotic mafia-like crew known affectionately as 'The Biden Crime Cartel'.  Here we sit at the whims of a president gone mad with power and a corrupt legislature.  Here we are in the grips of a criminal government no longer for the people, of the people, or by the people.  We have become prisoners, losers if you will, of a non-violent revolution.

The Democrats and Communists are tools of a greater evil, one bent on the destruction of human rights and religion itself.  They've effectively crafted a new society, one that believes what it has been told to believe.  Your friends, family, neighbours and associates have been infected with the beliefs of evil and denial of good.  This war has been waged for over 60 years and it's finally wrapping up.




What you believe is what they have told you to believe.  What you stand for is nothing, apathy rules!  Abortion is no longer murder, but 'a procedure'.  LGBTQ are no longer mentally ill or socially maladjusted, but practicing an 'alternate lifestyle'.  Sex change is no longer a crime, but a 'life saving initiative'.  What we see here and elsewhere is that the American people by and large call that which is good, bad and that which is bad, good.  No longer standing for truth, justice, and the American way or in the light of Christ, now we stand for the evil and easy way of life.

In the upcoming November elections I dare you to take a stand and cast your vote for conservative patriotism.  I dare you to research the stance of the candidates rather than follow the letter [R] or [D] that sits by a candidate's name on the ballot sheet.  I dare you to speak with your neighbours and family about this and exchange ideas on that which is ultimately important.  I dare you to stand and be counted.  However, to fit this back into the briefcase of reality ... it's probably already too late and there may not be a damned thing you can do about it!




You all sat on your lazy asses soaking up the propaganda because it was easier than to question the swill that drips from the lips of the American media machine.

Your apathy has allowed organized crime to run over you like a steam roller on an egg.  Your wanton ignorance has already condemned you to that which is to come.

With the Democratic Party's 'Cheat Machine' already in full swing the 'fix' is already in.  Were you to stand up and vote your conscience it probably wouldn't make much of a difference because the Dems have polished their skills at manipulating, faking, and twisting the vote so well it's virtually impossible for them to lose any critical election on a national basis.

From 'mail-in-voting' to ballot harvesting to miscounting all the way to software manipulation they've got this 'in the bag'.  Let's add to that the fact that they own the entire major media machine.  They will tell you what they want you to believe and, like the lemmings that you are, you'll sit there and soak up their lies as truth.  You've already allowed their social engineering to irreversibly pollute your souls.




This November I hope you will vote in sufficient numbers, ignoring all polls and surveys, so that the fraudulent tampering will be immediately evident.  If there is the obvious cheating on the scale of past elections and if you notice this and if you stand up and cry, 'foul', then there may be a chance.

Personally, I doubt it.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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