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Volume #08282022-1230                              August 28, 2022


Safe for now in the Eurimbula National Park

It was early evening when rangers of the Eurimbula located the Zeus Mob in the park.  This was immediately reported to General Manager Mr. Arthur Rogers, who in turn gave me a call.  "I've given my people instructions" says Rogers, "and we're determined to protect all wildlife in the park.  I've assigned volunteers and staff to sit with the mob [Australians call a small herd of cattle 'a mob'].  It'll be 24/7 for the time being.  They'll [Zeus and his mob] not be molested as long as I've people watching them.  I've also called on AFP [Australian Federal Police] for help.  They've promised to help and are sending 6 rangers immediately."

Rogers says he's afraid of bounty hunting poachers and worries not only for Zeus' mob, but all wildlife in the park.  It's been revealed that the CSIRO [Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization] has offered cash reward of $15,000 for each of the 4 cows that escaped their facility on the night of July 15th of this year.  A $60,000 reward is a tidy sum for local farmers and ranchers.  Having fallen on hard times [with the Covid hysteria and drought] this could be a temptation beyond their ability to resist.


The Eurimbula fears poaching


I've spoken with some of my growing number of vetted sources as well as David Wilder and Bill [last name withheld], and they've told me that CSIRO will 'pull all the stops' to get their cattle back.  Says David, "They're desperate to get Zeus and the rest back.  All it'd take is a DNA profile in the right hands to put my former bosses in gaol ['gaol' is Australian spelling for 'jail'] for a long time.  They sure as Hell deserve this, and maybe I do too.  We've let a genie out of the bottle that never should've been."


"We've let a genie out of the bottle..."


Oh, about the DNA sample thing; I've been in touch with Wilhemina, the farmer who gave sanctuary to the mob for 3 days and who also had quite a long chat with Zeus.  I've learnt that she took blood from Zeus that first day and has had it sequenced [a genetic mapping process] by a 'friend' at Genetic Health Queensland in Brisbane.  She says, "With the profile now in more than one set of hands it shouldn't be long before we realize just what those bastards at CSIRO have done."

While caring for Zeus, Wilhemina not only took Zeus' blood, but had an in-depth conversation with him.  Before you go crazy and erase this page remember that Zeus and Wilhemina managed, through a series of hoof stomps, moos, and shaking and waving of the head, to share a good bit of information.  It was here that Wilhemina suggested the Eurimbula, having learnt of National Park wildlife rules, regulations, and laws from an internet search.

They 'spoke' for the longest time and Wilhemina recorded the conversation on tape, relating both sides of the 'conversation' that went down.  I spent almost two hours with her as I transcribed the conversation ... with her help of course.

I had my doubts about her at first until she revealed details only, I knew, details I hope never to have to print because of their horrific nature and content.  I learnt much of this previously from a lab assistant who has now left the service of CSIRO.  It seems in their hurry to hire such a highly qualified research assistant, CSIRO failed to secure his signature on a confidentiality agreement.  Now he's spilling his guts.


My folks have a valid genetic profile.


For now, Zeus is safe, his genes have been sequenced, and I am soon to have a copy of that genetic sequence chart in my hands.  It looks like CSIRO aren't the only folks with this information.  For them, unless something really bad happens, their days as free men and women are numbered.  And that's a good thing!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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