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A growing anti-white movement endangers us all


We're seeing a huge Marxist Black Supremacist movement in this country.  More and more we see government and private industry, education, and government itself flex the ugly muscles of racism.  This began in the White House with President Biden's landmark racist decisions and now we watch as it has trickled down all the way to public schools and even our churches!

Remember that Biden was publicly racist when he announced that only a 'black woman' could hold the post of Vice President.  He chose none other than Kamala 'Kookaburra' Harris, a black woman.  Race and sex, never qualifications were touted as the reason for her appointment.

Remember that Biden was again publicly racist when he announced that only a 'black woman' could fill the newly vacated seat on the United States Supreme Court.  He then went to the extraordinary decision of appointing her with no qualification other than sex and race.  Once again, we saw overt racism in the White House.

Remember that Biden's current spokesperson, Jen Psaki's replacement, was announced as a 'black woman', an LGBTQ person as well, without the bother of requiring qualification.  Again and again with more decisions than these we've witnessed the President of the United States implement racism on a grand scale, all the while immune within the bubble of his executive privilege.

Dateline UC Berkeley, California -- Here, an off-campus housing facility designed to serve the university's student body has openly banned white people from its common areas "unless they are invited by residents."  Understand, all residents are black because white people are simply ineligible for admission.  Even their visitation is highly restricted and broadly discouraged.  Simply put, "Whitey has no place here."  This is outrageous ... and it's happening right now!

Click this link to see what stinks: White people banned from off-campus UC Berkeley student housing common areas (

Dateline Minneapolis, Minnesota -- The Minneapolis school board is not only educating everyone they can about racial discrimination through Critical Race Theory, but they're practicing anti-white bigotry up front even to the point of targeting 'white only' teachers for dismissal as the school district shrinks and their need of teachers decreases.  Seniority means nothing and neither does qualification, not here.  Here they'll begin sacking excess staff on the sole basis of race.  What's next, 'Black Only' restrooms?

Click the link and see what stinks: Minneapolis teachers’ union educates about racism by embracing racial discrimination | Fox News  Also click this stinkin' link: Minnesota residents furious over 'anti-racist' layoff plan for White teachers: 'It's un-American' | Fox News

We're moving in a dangerous direction, one determined by ultra-racist black supremacists bent on social, financial, and governmental domination.  They won't rest until America is a 'Black' nation.  There exists among the Marxist elite a thought that only hundreds of years of extreme racism directed against the white population can possibly right the wrongs of anti-black racism.  What a load of crap!

Fairness is required, and nothing else.  Whenever anyone of any colour exercised choice, access, preference, allowance, or presence of another based on race or sex this is the height of racism.  The barbarians are at the gates, and only you can chase them away.

Only your honesty, fairness, and want of a better world that can stop this CRT Marxism from setting human rights in our country back 200 years!  The whole idea is to move forward, not backward.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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