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Simian barbarism rules as VABs murder another innocent

It’s common knowledge that VABs are the most dangerous elements of our society.  Rooted in Simian troop behaviour, they wander in packs and travel as a troop looking for people to rob, rape, and kill.  They don’t need a reason because violence is ‘in their blood.  This we know, and with sadness we are no longer surprised at anything they do.

Click the link and see what stinks:

The NYPD released horrifyingly graphic video of the brutal beat-down-turned-murder of a New York City Cab Driver.   Click this link and see what stinks:  killed a New York City taxi driver.  This was yet another senseless testosterone fueled simian troop attack on a human.  If there is any positive light to be shed on this horrific event it is that two of these monkeys are behind bars … for now.  Meanwhile, NYPD is still looking for three teenage females and a 20 year old male, presumably the ‘Alpha Leader’ of the troop.


NYC troop violence is up 1100% this year alone


Given that simian testosterone levels ramp up in both sexes we see in this example alone how dangerous they are.  This troop decided to rob the cab driver in the cab they were in.  Yep, pile into the cab and onto the driver.  This married father-of-four never stood a chance as the entire VAB troop ganged up on him with punches, kicks, and bashing him with foreign objects.

I spoke with a Detective of the 101st Precinct in Queens who says, “It’s another typically brutal murder in New York.  You see this all the time but it’s rarely this brutal.  Over the years I’ve seen their females getting more involved in the violence and, unlike say White or Asian females, they are a hell of a lot more brutal.  It’s like they smell blood and it pushes the over the edge.  They’re psycho!  It’s like when the violence begins they just feed off the action, off each other, and get involved, and suddenly they’re more brutal than the men.  When these two gutter rats turned themselves in it was all I could do not to give ‘em a taste of their own medicine.  It’s sickening.”

How can anyone live in a hell-hole like New York?  If I didn’t have the bus fare I’d walk until I was back in the United States of America.  The VAB simian threat in NYC is beyond belief, comprehension, and out of control.

Keep in mind that New York is only one of many Democrat-run Metropolises where this simian behaviour is destroying society and tearing away at the fabric of decency itself.  Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the beat goes on.




It’s no wonder these cities are seeing negative growth as they hemorrhage population.  In the millions, people are fleeing the man-made jungles of Democratic rule.  The only salvation for them and us is to stop the drumbeat of violence now, if it’s not too late.

In 2021 and 2022 there have even been murders, drug deals, and at least 2 rapes on the very steps of police precincts.  The lawless are so protected and the cops so lazy and hog-ties that the simian troops have become more belligerent, ostentatious, and daring as the culprits know they’ll never see prison and spend less time in jail than it takes to play a game of checkers with a 5-year-old.

What a tangled web they’ve woven.  What a loss of humanity they’ve created.  What hopelessness they have instilled in the many hostages held prisoner in the walls of the nation’s largest and most decadent cities.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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