Wednesday, August 31, 2022

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August 31st, 2022


Bigfoot is real!


This is a rough transcript of what Katie had to say to me regarding her Bigfoot encounter:

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TRANSCRIPT BEGINS:  My name is Katie [LAST NAME OMITTED]; I am a naturalist and cross-country skier.  Last week I was in the mountains with my brother Aaron when we came across a dead deer.  It wasn't so much the dead deer that caught our attention as it was the condition of the deer.  It had been torn literally in two and, frighteningly, it was a fresh kill.  What happened next is even scarier.  I'm talking to you and you can quote me if you like, but please don't give out my last name or use my voice online.  It was about a half-hour before sunset and it was getting cold.

My brother Aaron is an experienced skier and hunter, and his immediate thought, as was mine, was that this was a bear attack.  A killer bear can be formidable and very much life threatening.  Although we both carry bear spray with us and my brother carries a bolt action rifle with him, that doesn't necessarily make us safe from an angry or hungry bear.

The blood from the deer hadn't even frozen, and we found ourselves ducking low and looking around afraid the bear might still be close by.  It was another several hundreds from the shack we were headed to and we wanted to make it there.  Almost as soon as we got to the dismembered deer we heard a strange noise, kind of a low-pitched growl.

Then a rock about the size of a football narrowly missed Aaron's head and hit a small Aspen cracking its trunk.  "Bears don't throw rocks." said my brother.  We agreed it was some sick prank and we mustered our anger at what someone had done to this deer.  Aaron picked up a baseball-sized rock and chucked it in the direction of what we thought was some sick joker.  As his rock flew into the trees we heard what sounded like an 'Ouch'.  Aaron and I laughed, feeling we'd just delivered a badly needed lesson to some idiot in the trees.

Almost immediately afterward we heard the 'Ouch' in the trees, another rock about the same size as the first crashed through the trees again narrowly missing me.  It hit the ground and rolled away.  "Whoever is tossing these rocks must be using a catapult." I thought.  These rocks must have weighed around 6 pounds or so and it would have taken an amazing arm to pitch them with enough force to dig into the ground and break trees.  Aaron said that this was really dangerous and we got out of there.  We got to the shack in record time, got inside, closed the window shutters, and lit a fire.

This is where things got scary.  We'd settled down with some hot cocoa and a good fire, discussing what we'd seen earlier.  Both of us were convinced this was some really sick puppy playing tricks on us, but that just didn't make any sense, none at all.

About sunset, with just a little soft light to see by, we both caught a movement in the trees just off the property.  A second later a loud crash happened as a huge rock, maybe 20 pounds or so, crashed on the front porch of the shack.  Aaron said, "I can see him ... I think." as we then both watched a tall figure of a man or maybe something else strutting back and forth among the trees.  Judging against the trees we agreed it/he had to be nearly 8 feet tall and weight many hundreds of pounds.  Covered with fur even on the back of its hands, it/he stood upright and tipped it's/his head back and bellowed like a wounded moose.

A few minutes later another rock hit the front door with a really loud crash.  We barred the door and peeked out the window through the closed storm shutters.  We both saw it as it raged and stomped around in the trees.  It was almost as thought it/he was trying to scare us.  Well, it/he succeeded!  We were scared spitless!

Aaron took up his rifle and put some bullets in it.  He did 'that cocking thing' [I know absolutely nothing about guns] and said, "Whatever it/he is, we'll be safe as long as we keep our cool."  Our phones wouldn't work.  There was no cell signal.  The radio in the cabin seemed to work and Aaron seemed relatively familiar with the controls.  We called for help again and again with no response, maybe our frequencies weren't right or something.  We were scared, trapped, and had no idea what was going to be next.

We didn't sleep a wink that night we spent in the cabin, not a wink.  In the morning we awoke to see a park ranger on a snowmobile.  Aaron fired his rifle in the air twice to get the ranger's attention.  The ranger heard and made a bee-line for our cabin.  As we relaxed, it/he could be seen running away from our cabin tree line and into the hills.  The ranger saw it as well and, for a hundred yards or so rode after it before giving up.

He looked at us as he came in to warm up.  "That, my friends, was Bigfoot."  I believe.

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