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Volume #08242022-1215                              August 24, 2022

MAX AT MIDDAY, 08/24/2022

'Weird Science Wednesday'


I talked about China's release of yet another potentially 'killer' virus, the Langya Virus.  Three years ago, once discovered the Chinese blamed their Covid Virus on Bats, claiming it spread because people were eating these bats and the virus spread.  The problem here is that the people of the region have been eating bats for hundreds of years and there was never a health threat ... not until China's government developed and released their Covid Virus.

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Admitting the Langya exists, now the government blames the virus on Shrews, a small mammal like a vicious mouse.  Again, they're using the same 'blame it on the bats' strategy with the same hole of longevity.  Remember that folks have been eating these shrews for hundreds of years.  As with shrews, contagion from them is highly unlikely.

This 'release the virus' strategy is part of China's plan for world domination.  They intend not only to weaken the economies of the world, but to gain control amid the ensuing chaos.  Remember this:


World leaders already have the real vaccines.


Leaders such as Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Vladimir Putin, and the list goes on ... have the vaccinations already.  Explain why no major world leader has been seriously threatened by the Covid Virus.  We're told from the White House that the president has the virus and is resting at home, but still running the country.  We heard this with Donald Trump and have heard this from the Biden White House as well.

Its treason, it's wrong, it's ultimately damning sin and if the November elections don't turn the government around there's only one real method for our release.  That will be armed revolution.  I look at the armed revolutions of the past and despair.  How have they turned out?  If we 'take back America' in armed revolution, what's in store for us?

Think, read, listen, study, and act.  In November VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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