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A rising star among race car drivers slain by a freak!

Let’s start by looking at a picture of this freak!  You’re looking at a homeless, deranged son of a bitch who was out on parole!  Look at this freak!  This guy’s got more ink on his face than the Sunday edition of the New York Post!  The fact that he was even on the streets bespeaks a totally failed justice system.

On the one hand you have Bobby East, a rising star in auto racing and winner of several national titles.  A clean-cut young man and a good guy all around, he was obviously unaware of just how dangerous animals like Trent William Millsap are.  According to Dr. Alan Forsythe, Ph.D., LCP.  "Psychotic breaks are common among the heavily tattooed and the number of tattoos on his face, neck, and hands should have been a warning sign to anyone with even an iota of psychological training."

How this freak managed parole is just another indication of the state of complete chaos and disarray in the California criminal justice system.  Ya gotta wonder what kind of bleeding-heart bitch on the parole board voted to loose this dangerous deranged animal on the streets.  We spoke with a corrections officer familiar with this animal's incarceration.  On promise of anonymity he spoke with us.

Officer Q: "This guy was a total freak.  He had a pile of discipline violations and spent almost as much time in the hole as on the compound.  He was known to be 'cuckoo for coco puffs' and had a violent streak in him that scared some inmates.  When he got parole we [fellow officers] couldn't believe it.  Needless to say, none of us is surprised he killed as soon as he got out."

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Bobby East [the good guy] had pulled into a gas station in Westminster, California to fill up and grab a soda.  Milsap [the bad guy] was just outside prowling the area looking for a victim.  Out walked our unsuspecting Bobby East and … BAM … with absolutely zero-provocation he was stabbed in the chest by the predator Trent William Millsap.  Bobby wasn’t shot.  He was stabbed.  But that’s another argument for another day.

When will we get a handle on little bastards like this piece of crap!  When will we realize that the sheer preponderance of so many tattoos covering nearly all of this freak’s head and was a warning sign, a red flag!  Only a mentally unbalanced person is so heavily invested into tattoos and piercings!

Lock them all up and throw away the key.  Don’t feed them, but let them feed on themselves!  Provide plenty of rope, stools, and bars in the ceiling strong enough to support a rope with a body on the end.  While I do not support the death penalty, I can support their right to do themselves in.  Their bodies, their choice!

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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