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Volume #08282022-1930                              August 28, 2022


CDC [Centers for Derangement Control] declares emergency!

According to the Centers for Derangement Control, we face the greatest pandemic of all time.  Worse than Polio, SARS, Bird Flu, Covid-19, or Monkey Pox, this new virus is the most pernicious and insidious ever experienced.  CDC urges you to 'crush the curve' as we work together to eliminate the Donkey Pox Pandemic.

What is Donkey Pox?  The CDC [Centres for Derangement Control] Director says, "It's an invasive disease-of-the-mind directly affecting the frontal lobe of the brain, crippling or completely destroying the decision-making processes.  The results are acute apathy, carelessness, and in its final stages, a liberal/socialist mindset.  The right-wrong-barrier of the brain is breached causing irrational judgement and decisions which can even include loyalty to the American Democrat Party.  Registering as a Democrat or voting for a Democrat are key behaviours of the infected and sure signs of the disease's progress.  Donkey Pox threatens both lifestyle and life itself."

According to CDC, these are some of the symptoms:

Acute naiveté; a willingly clueless ignorance of what Liberal Democrats stand for.  Those infected with Donkey Pox exhibit a broad-spectrum naiveté.  The infected blindly endorse the liberalism and Marxism of the Democrat Party.  The infected find nothing wrong with liberal progressive dreams such as the 'Green New Deal'.  They endorse those edicts that will have us all riding bicycles, eating Vegan, living without air conditioning, and sharing accommodations and utilities with the homeless and the illegal.  A complete unawareness of such obvious [and admitted] planks on the Democrat platform is strong evidence of a Donkey Pox infestation.

An inability to analyze and assimilate facts.  Donkey Pox inhibits the brain's left hemisphere and its ability to analyze.  This results in unqualified acceptance of anything said by their masters of the Democrat Party.  It also eliminates one's concept of consequence.

Wilful ignorance of all things political.  Over 90% of the infected can't even name the three branches of government.  Another 65% can't even name the Vice President.  Monkey Pox affects the learning process blocking the brain's 'information-intake-and-processing' with a barrier of apathy and indifference.

Blind obedience to and compliance with government edicts.  Donkey Pox inhibits the frontal-lobe-of-the-brain and its ability to analyze and decide rationally.  An inhibited frontal lobe is often connected with Donkey Pox.  As this part of the brain also effects emotions, the infected exhibit a fanatical following of whatever has been put before them.  Severe, and hardly rare, cases of this disease bring the infected to obey without question.  Donkey Pox suppresses common sense as it enhances suggestibility.

Complete trust in the government-controlled major media.  Much like alcoholism or drug abuse, Donkey Pox encourages irresponsible behaviour.

The end result is a mind polluted and deranged, capable of complete acceptance of anything said, printed, shown, or suggested by major media sources.

A willingness to take unnecessary risks.  Potentially harmful injections of unknown consequence are being taken without question.  The risk-taking-faculty of the brain is enhanced causing formerly reasonable and competent people to 'take chances' even in the face of danger.  Donkey Pox victims find themselves willing to take risks on many levels.  Looting, burning, and engaging in mayhem increases as the disease progresses.  These risks include but are not limited to gambling, drug abuse, rioting, and support of terrorist organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and Riot Kitchen.  Donkey Pox suppresses rational decision.

An overwhelming complacence in a 'things will be okay' attitude despite obvious dangers.  This disease fogs one's reasoning, hampering brain function.  Thoughts of the consequences of decision, right, and wrong are thrown to the winds as well as consideration of any portent of disaster to come.  A generally mindless 'it'll be okay, it's not so bad' belief pervades as they march toward the cliff's edge.

Donkey Pox is the 'Disease of the Democrats' and we must 'crush the curve' as its insidious intent unfolds across the land.  People are becoming ignorant, wilful, and stupid.  Millions have gone completely out of their minds.  In addition to Trump Derangement Syndrome, they now find themselves swimming in the soup of socialist swill fuelled by Donkey Pox.  We must find firm ground, the ground of fact, science, and reality.

The only vaccination or treatment of this pernicious disease is education, understanding, righteousness, and an immersion in reality.

When you vote this November, you must vote to crush the curve and put a 'bullet of reality' into the rotting corpse of liberal progressiveness.  This may be your last chance, your final battle, and your final opportunity to cripple and eradicate the Donkey Pox.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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