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Biden induced financial chaos is the reason

Because of today’s rampant inflation and supply chain issues, over 20 million households [1 in 11 Americans] face impending utility shut offs.  The price of electricity, gas, oil, propane, and even sewer-water has gone up nearly 14% since the pre-Biden era.

Says Alice Cummings, schoolteacher and mother of three – “I have to balance the cost of food and clothing against the utility bills.  This is a record hot summer, so the a/c runs almost constantly.  We’ve set the thermostat to 80 degrees, and we keep doors and windows closed, yet still my last electric bill was over $200!  My gas bill was over $60 and my sewer utility bill is up to $50!  My God, add them up [I am a math teacher] and you’ve got over $310 a month going to utilities!  This time two years ago they totaled $160 and even that was a bit of a stresser.  She went on, “I’m paying nearly $200 a month for gasoline to get me and my kids where we have to be.

Alice’s plight is not a solitary instance but reflects across the country as rising fuel prices and rising utility and grocery prices fuel record inflation.  She’s a schoolteacher which, in my opinion, means she’s already underpaid.  Hers is merely a reflection of millions of others on the brink of employed homelessness.  These are people who did well two years ago and even took annual ‘out of town’ vacations.  Today they’re struggling to keep their homes, jobs, and families.

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We are in a disaster of our own making.  Say what?  Yes, our apathy and indifference and even wanton ignorance have brought us to this point.  I spoke with an acquaintance just this morning, a reasonably intelligent guy, and all he knew about politics was, ‘politicians bad, people good’ and all he could muster were media talking points.  His ‘zero depth’ knowledge of our situation is typical of most Americans, and this may well be fueling the fires of our doom.

I, for one, am neither complacent nor am I an idiot.  As difficult as it is to tolerate the fools around me, I will continue to step up to the plate … for now.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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