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Volume #12250930                            December 25, 2023


At Max Allen Media, we wish you all the best.

Our year is coming to a close.  It has been a tumultuous year with many griefs, sorrows, and regrets.  With this holiday season I want to wish you all the very best.  May your holiday be filled with love, joy, and a feeling of peace in your hearts.

Peace is what it’s all about.

"Peace out baby!"

Max Allen,

General Manager

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Who likes who when it comes to M*A*S*H

Few television shows have endured or made as long a run as M*A*S*H.  This show managed to run 255 episodes over 11 years.  Many folks fell in love with the show, and it seems every character on the show had his or her own following.

A Max Allen Media survey of 500 MASH fans that were a mixed batch of race and age showed just which of the characters was most beloved or reviled as the series ground on.  A lot of these opinions sharpened as Alan Alda took control running the whole show in its final four seasons.  Nevertheless, we have come up with who was loved most, who was loved least, and a distillation of the reasons why.

Without further ado, let’s jump into this pool and see how many readers/listeners we can piss off with this analysis.


Rated from most popular to least popular.

1. Jamie Farr                              MAX KLINGER

2. Gary Burghoff                       ‘RADAR’ O’RIELLY

3. Harry Morgan                        COL. POTTER

4. McLean Stevenson                 HENRY BLAKE

5. Wayne Rogers/Mike Farrell    ‘TRAPPER JOHN’ & B.J. HUNNICUTT

6. William Christopher               FR. FRANCIS MULCAHY

7. Loretta Swit                           ‘HOT LIPS’ HOULIHAN

8. David Ogden Stiers                CHARLES EMERSON WINCHESTER

9. Alan Alda                              ‘HAWKEYE’ PIERCE

10. Larry Linville                       FRANK ‘FERRET FACE’ BURNS

#1. Jamie Farr, aka. Max Klinger is without a doubt the most beloved and even admired character in this series.  His cut-up comedy, quick wit, and incredible range showed him to be more than just a cartoon character in this series.  His quirky take on female fashion and a generally irreverent view of the army sold him to most of us.  Viewers love the fact that Klinger can be in a dress one day as he teases others and seeks a Section 8 Discharge and in the next scene, he can be seen making sacrifices for his unit, the MASH #4077.  There is no contest as to who is most beloved by viewers.

#2. Gary Burghoff, aka. ‘Radar’ O’Rielly is impossible not to love and want to adopt.  Radar takes you along with him as he grows from an innocent farm boy to seasoned and mature soldier, all the while retaining his boyish ‘innocent’ side.  Who doesn’t love his ordering a “Grape Nehi, hold the straw?” as he unwinds at Rosy’s Bar.  This character demonstrates that he is the very glue of the #4077 and for his range of emotion and action he is much loved by viewers.  Again, while he was a close second, he is still as cute as a button and much loved by viewers.

#3. Harry Morgan, aka Colonel Potter, Potter shows incredible depth of character and allows you to know the horse-loving patriarch of the #4077 and veteran of 3 wars.  Colonel Potter literally drips with the simple charm of an older man who’s been around.  Sherman Potter is the guy you would most want for a Commanding Officer in any military situation.  Viewers felt a certain kinship with him.  Hence, he comes in #3 in the ‘Love Parade’.

#4. McLean Stevenson, aka Henry Blake, His incompetence as a commander but superiority as a friend and surgeon led people to respect him.  As innately lovable as his character is, there’s just not enough ‘stand out quality’ for viewers to do any more than ‘like’ him.

#5. Wayne Rogers and Mike Farrell pretty much fell into a tie for who liked and did not like them.  These two characters failed to develop to any appreciable depth, and it seems their only purpose was to be foils for ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce’s quips and snide remarks.  Neither character managed to escape the shadow of ‘Hawkeye’.  Neither Rogers nor Farrell ever resonated with viewers.  When shown pictures of both characters most could not tell which was Trapper John and which was B.J. Hunnicutt.  So innocuous were their characters that viewers saw them as almost ‘non-entity’, never really forming any opinion about them.

#6. William Christopher, aka Fr. Francis Mulcahy.  The character of Father Mulcahy never achieved any appreciable depth, although great effort was exhibited to do so.  He had so little exposure that he made only the slightest impression on those surveyed.  All viewers can remember is that Fr. Mulcahy’s voice struck them as sanctimonious, and not in a good way.  Fr. Mulcahy never resonated with viewers.

#7. Loretta Swit, aka ‘Hotlips’ Houlihan.  ‘Hot Lips’ was a whore, willing to sleep with virtually anybody as long as he fascinated her or if she could get something out of it.  Her continued dalliance with Maj. Burns and her repeated attempts to have Pierce and his sidekick jailed [or worse] did nothing to endear her to the viewers.  For the most part, viewers held her in no small amount of contempt as she continually went over the heads of her commanding officers, backed Major Burns in every possible legal assault on his comrades.  Greedy and disloyal, she was indeed a contemptible jezebel who never gained a following of viewers.

#8. David Ogden Stiers, aka Maj. WinchesterWinchester’s stodgy, stuck-up, narcissistic Bostonian ways only managed to turn off viewers across the board.  His conceit, greed, horrible Yankee accent, and general demeanor earned him disdain among most viewers who found him little better than Frank Burns who placed last in this survey.  He was not well liked and virtually no viewers resonated with his character.

#9. Alan Alda, aka Capt. Benjamin Pierce.  With far too much laugh track to his every word his character was that of an incredibly flawed individual.  His sanctimonious lecturing to us about the horrors of war and repeated phrases meant to suit any occasion grated on all of us.  ‘Hawkeye’ showed himself as a childish, self-centered, jealous, womanizing, quick-tempered, judgmental and emotionally unstable drunk.

Virtually no viewers surveyed even ‘liked’ the character of Dr. Benjamin Franklin ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce.  These same viewers lamented his domination of the show and came to call it “The Alan Alda Show”.

So disliked was this character that many of those surveyed found themselves praying for the episode where ‘Hawkeye’ would be court-martialed and sent to prison … thus getting him off the show.

#10. Larry Linville, aka Major Frank Burns.  This is the only character more disliked and even hated than ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce.  Burns was a man-whore who repeatedly cheated on his wife.  He was a coward, a hypocrite, a liar, a thief, a backbiter, and just plain not a good person by.

Nobody surveyed likes Major Burns.  It’s a fact that many of those surveyed were waiting for Frank Burns and Hotlips to get busted and court-martialed for conduct unbecoming of an officer.  Their disdain for the character was a very close second only to ‘Hawkeye” Pierce.  Some of the surveyed actually waited for an episode where Frank would be killed.  Gee, I guess he wasn’t well liked at all.

A survey of 500 MASH viewers aged 40 and up brought the results printed here on page.  It can be said that, while the show was a big hit for many years, it had a few areas that needed to be cleaned up.  According to those surveyed nearly all felt that less attention to Alan Alda and a little more to other members of the cast might well have brought even higher ratings and possibly an even longer run to this show.

Alan's father, Richard Alda, paved the way for him to enter the Hollywood scene without really ever ‘paying his dues’.  Spoon fed and coddled throughout his career it led to the Alan Alda whose politics, morality, and other myriad character flaws breaking through the persona of ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce.  In fact, if you know Pierce, you know Alan Alda.




Volume #12230815                            December 23, 2023


Illegal Aliens are here to stay.  It’s impossible to get them out.

Without violating the rights of every American, it’s going to be impossible to ship these b@stards out of the country.  We are a melting pot of race, color, creed, and sex.  It is impossible to look at a person and know for certain that he or she is a US Citizen or not!

What will we do?  I think we’re screwed beyond salvation.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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Volume #12220940                            December 22, 2023


The Colorado Supreme Court only has jurisdiction in Colorado.

It's important to remember that Liberal Colorado's Supreme Court has very limited power.  How limited?  From border to border and that's all.  With 4 of the 7 Justices being Liberal Democrats and Democrat appointees this decision surprises nobody.

Even a 2nd year law student will tell you that this decision has absolute 'ZERO CHANCE' of surviving a US Supreme Court challenge.  Rest assure it will be challenged.  Rest assured it will be overturned.  Rest assured the @sses of the Colorado Supreme Court will be left with egg on their faces.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!



Volume #12220925                            December 22, 2023


Simple and unmistakably true is the adage that only the criminal element will be armed if guns are outlawed.  Simply owning a firearm will make you a criminal.  Of course, the 'real criminals' will rejoice as they already do in cities like Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and a host of other major cities where they have 'the run of the house'.

Give this a little thought and realize that with over four-hundred million firearms in circulation, confiscation or forbidding are impossible.  Our government can't even get a handle on the possible, so forget about the impossible.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #12211020                            December 21, 2023


Our nations are being erased and rewritten by globalists.

From porous borders to runaway spending to funding wars abroad, both Europe and the USA face annihilation at the hands of elected and non-elected bureaucrats bent on our destruction.  We're in a real fix people, and this is how European Eva Vlaardingbroek of Turning Point USA® explains this.

● Eva, you are spot on ●

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!



Volume #12211010                            December 21, 2023

Colorado Supreme Court Gives Donald a Gift

The sheer unconstitutional and illegal gaul leaves many flummoxed.

I wasn’t only shocked, but I was actually pleased, when I heard of the Colorado Supreme Court knocking Donald Trump off the ballot for next year.  I read this, researched this, and came back from hours of legal counsel with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

The half-wits sitting on the Colorado Supreme Court are sadly lacking in knowledge of Constitutional Law and Jurist Prudence.  This ignorance would normally be unbelievable coming from such an august body but, here it is. Right in front of our eyes.  Blinded by the light of their fanatical hatred for Donald Trump, they might as easily have ordered him put to death if they could get away with it.  Well, even their lunacy only goes so far.

Long live Donald John Trump.  This decision is transparently absurd and there can be no doubt the US Supreme Court will overturn their stupidity in short order.  That will leave justices of the Colorado Court with egg on their faces.

Let’s take a simple look at this.  I mean ‘Really Simple’.  If you’re serving on the Colorado Supreme Court, you might want to pay attention.  Okay, here we go:

They cited Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, disqualifying from office anyone who swore to uphold the Constitution and then “engaged in insurrection”.

The court claims that Trump’s actions around the Jan. 6 Capitol riot “constituted overt, voluntary and direct participation” in an “insurrection.”  Without even the hint of due process, with Trump having never been charged, indicted, tried or even convicted of ‘insurrection’ they ruled him guilty.  The Rule of Law be damned; these ColoradoRocky Mountain High’ Justices clearly didn’t give a damn.

This decision was made in a soon to be aborted effort to kick Donald Trump off of a state’s ballot in 2024.  It was meant to sully his reputation and cause doubt among voters.  They hoped that more of the largely uninformed voters would turn against Mr. Trump and vote for Joe Biden.

Polls show that this sort of crap only galvanizes Donald Trump’s base.

It’s not working.  It won’t work.  Good luck with that.  How’s it working for you?

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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Volume #12200810                            December 20, 2023


Communist China has undeniable influence on our major cities.

The largest cities in our land have been all but conquered in a not-so-silent war.  Beijing now rules every major city in our country and, through their surrogate mayors, city councilmen and women, governors and the like.  When Beijing says "jump", they jump.

The riots and unrest are all symptoms of Beijing's decision to keep our people off balance as they advance even more insidious agendas in our government at all levels.

China may be the enemy, but the mayors, city councilmen and women, governors, federal officials and even our president are the enemies close enough to touch.  We must rise up against these servants of the hammer and sickle.  We must get out and complain, assemble, protest, boycott, and for God's sake, Vote!

You lazy b@stards haven't voted for so long you probably don't know how.  And you don't want to know how.  Bow to your masters in the east because they are coming.  They are already on their way!

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #12191035                            December 19, 2023


Francis' permission to bless same sex couples is an atrocity.

Yesterday Pope Francis gave his blessing to priests in their blessings of same sex unions.  The Vatican announced that Pope Francis now allows priests to bless same-sex couples, the latest in a series of decisions challenging Catholic Doctrine of the ages.

Long a supporter of LGBTQ rights, this comes as no surprise to the faithful.  Pope Francis has worked day by day to find ways to move the church into an irreversible state of schism with God.  Many believe that Francis and/or his extremely liberal College of Cardinals won't rest until gay Catholics are being married in the church.

Marriage is a sacrament, as much a sacrament as Baptism, Confession, Confirmation, or any other holy sacraments.  The sacrament of the Eucharist has long been violated with 'Communion in the Hand' and other horrific sacrilege committed within the halls of the 'modern' church.  One would have thought such sacraments as 'Communion' and 'Marriage' sacrosanct and immune from even the edicts of anti-popes such as Francis.  I guess not.

This 'new rule' of Francis' asserts that a blessing of a same-sex couple is not the same as the sacrament of Marriage.  This 'new rule' also stresses that it is not blessing the relationship, and that, to avoid confusion, Priestly blessings should not be imparted during or connected to a civil or same-sex union, or when there are “any clothing, gestures or words that are proper to a wedding.”

This 'new rule' of Francis' allows for blessings to be imparted during a meeting with a priest, a visit to a shrine, during a pilgrimage, or as a prayer recited in a group.

It is the all-encompassing vagueness of this 'new rule' that brings the church one giant step closer to Gay Marriage, blasphemy of the holy sacrament itself.

The rapid disintegration of the Holy Catholic Church is well underway and only pressure from the congregation of the church, the Church Militant, and the wrath of God can bring such heretics as Anti-Pope Francis and his lackeys back onto the paths of righteousness.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!



Volume #12190835                            December 19, 2023


Illegal Aliens referred to as Migrants is wrong.

When we couch the unpleasant realities of life with softer language, politically correct language, socially adjusted language, we betray not only ourselves but our nation, our people, our very culture.

When someone knowingly breaks the law and aids others in the commission of a crime or of many crimes, this is wrong.  This makes that person a criminal also.  Where do we draw the line when referring to knowing, cold, and calculating criminals in the press, media, or between one another?

When referring to Illegal Aliens let us keep this straight.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #12181040                            December 18, 2023


Florida weather is too extreme to put up with anymore.

The fickle nature of the weather over Cape Canaveral has proven to be extremely expensive and even dangerous.  It's time to move from the illustrious cape and its Kennedy Space Center to somewhere with more pleasant and at least more predictable weather.

How about Texas?

Elon feels that way, which is why he moved his space launch facility to Chico, Texas.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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Volume #12161125                            December 16, 2023


A story of freedom on the ropes

As much as I abhor the Democrat Party and all within it, I equally abhor the Republican Party and most within it.  Let’s take a brief but succinct tour along their differing but equally threatening paths toward total domination.

Our 43rd President George W. Bush really set things in motion.  In a very short time he did more to steer our country onto the path of a dystopian dictatorship than anyone since King George.

Enter 9/11:  While the origins of 9/11 are lost in the mists of rumour, innuendo, and endless debate it can be said without challenge or doubt that 9/11 set into motion events which now threaten the future of freedom itself.

Piggybacking on opportunities presented by the 9/11 disasters, President George Bush created the Department of Homeland Security, an all-powerful agency with the authority to oversee all arms of federal espionage and criminal investigation.  This gave his deep state all it needed to invade our privacy and violate our constitutional rights as never before.  While it wasn't exactly 'legal' at the time, it was 'authorized'.

Then Bush rammed through the Patriot Act; legislation aimed at legalizing the heretofore illegal actions of the Department of Homeland Security [DHS].  Now, under cover of law, Homeland Security was free to do pretty much whatever they wanted.  As the controlling authority for FBI, CIA, NSA, and virtually every federal agency with people who carry guns, DHS was and is in charge!  They are in charge of your lives, every one of you!

When this bill was presented to the legislature it came with the threat that anyone who didn’t vote for its passage would have Hell to pay.  The source of that Hell would undoubtedly be those now militarized agencies operating under the dark umbrella of Homeland Security.

Bush’s plans went along smoothly, but he wasn’t done yet.  On the heels of his success in creating DHS and enacting the dreaded Patriot Act, he created what was to become the largest organization in American Government; the Transportation Security Administration [TSA].

TSA quickly gobbled up the funds and authority granted them.  The very size of this newly created agency ballooned and spread itself to cover every airport and seaport in the country.  Every day they spread their tentacles with the goal of controlling bus depots and all interstate commerce and transportation.  TSA currently employs more people than the United States Marine Corps and the U.S. Coast Guard combined!  All of this ‘Security Circus’ is designed to condition Americans to accept absolute control.

The road to slavery was paved and painted by Republicans; architects of laws of the land in which government has total say over every aspect of American’s lives.  Had the Republican agenda succeeded, George Bush might well have become the 43rd and final freely elected president of the United States.

I hate to say it, but it’s the Communist Democrats who saved us from the Fascist Republicans.  They did this by opposing Fascism with Communism.  Fascists and Marxists have been at each other’s throats since the two schools of thought began.

Had Democrats succeeded under the Bill Clinton Administration he might well have sat on the throne as the last freely elected president.  America would have become the 2nd largest Socialist country in the world, second only to Red China.  And history shows us that Socialism always devolves into Communism.

This is a battle of the titans, a fight for the hearts and minds of the American People.  As far as hearts go … okay.  But minds?  Really?  The American People are among the most gullible, brainwashed, least read, and the most undisciplined people in the world.  Other than a smattering of a few 3rd World nations here and there, the U.S. is the worst in this regard.

In the upcoming presidential election Donald Trump is in a unique position because he is a RINO [Republican in Name Only] which means he’s not beholding to either political party.  He owes nothing to those who challenged his prior presidency.  He owes nothing to those who launched attack after attack during the entire 4 years he was in office.

Despite the lies, innuendo, and dirty politicking of both Democrats and Republicans he still managed to make America Great Again.  Donald Trump always put America first!

Under the onslaught of both parties, he restored an America on the ropes, a nation mired in quicksand.  A quicksand left behind by 8 years of an Obama Presidency.  In only his first two years Donald Trump repaired most of that damage.  The previous 8 years of Obama’s unique brand of Communism had been tromped into the ash heap of history.  By the close of Donald Trump’s presidency, the United States stood taller, stronger, and more prosperous than she had since the close of WW2.

Given this and the fact that his is the most impressive resumé for the job, you would be an idiot not to vote for Donald Trump for president in 2024.  There is no other whose qualifications gleam so brightly and whose accomplishments stand as a testament to patriotism.

There are to be two literal parties in this upcoming election: the brainwashed uninformed masses and those who pay attention to issues.  Don’t be brain dead.  Don’t be a sucker for the Communist Left.  Stop being a snowflake long enough to do the ‘right’ thing.  Read, listen, watch, and pray.  Is that really so hard to do?

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

P.S. If you refuse this information or at least refuse to study and determine its accuracy, then you are a traitor to this nation and our people.  The truth is obvious and well documented.  There is only one single truth here and that is that political partisanship is the fuel of treason.

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Volume #12151040                            December 15, 2023



As pressure on Hunter mounts, will he give up his Dad?

This has been a long time in coming due to the difficulty of verifying sources and corroborating stories.  Getting witnesses to talk has proved an even greater challenge but, in a couple of cases, we succeeded.  At last, the pieces of this puzzle fit, giving us the picture we need.

Let’s begin with Joe Biden’s ill-fated television interview in which he openly boasts of extorting the government of Ukraine in a truly criminal ‘quid pro quo’.  Joe openly brags about how Ukrainian officials caved to his demands.  At this time Ukraine’s Chief Prosecutor was investigation Burisma, the Ukraine National Gas Company, for corruption.  This was an investigation that came just 'a little too close to home'.

Joe Biden had the prosecutor fired and the investigation quashed.  In fact, every staff member of the prosecutor's office involved in the investigation was also fired.  Click here for the whole interview: .  A target of the investigation was a non-participating but highly paid member of the Burisma board of directors; Hunter Biden, the drug-addled son of then Vice President Joe Biden.


Hunter served as member of the board of directors for a company he knew practically nothing about.  Hunter served as a member of the board of directors in an industry with which he was completely unfamiliar.  Hunter served as a member of the board of directors of a company in a country where he didn't even speak the language.  Hunter served as a member of the board of directors in a company where attendance at meetings was not required.  Hunter never attended these meetings with Burisma's board of directors because there was nothing to do ... not that he would want to anyway!


All the while Joe found Hunter an excellent ‘tool’ to help increase the wealth and influence of the Biden family.  Hunter traveled the globe allegedly leveraging banks and leaders in Russia, Ukraine, China, Venezuela, Mexico, and probably a dozen other countries we aren’t even aware of.  Put simply, Hunter is alleged to have been Joe’s ‘go-to-guy’ when it came to squeezing money from foreign governments.

We know where much of the money came from but where did the money go?  How much money is really involved?  Besides going up Hunter’s nose, into his veins, and in the panties of myriad prostitutes it has been speculated that upwards of $M150 has changed hands so far.  From selling audiences with the president to brokering conferences with the Joe Biden, all the way to selling promises of foreign aid, Hunter allegedly did his stuff.  Where I come from this is called "influence peddling", and that's illegal.

Let’s get down to brass tacks … my sources.

Dateline Beijing, China – Our first chapter in the sordid and long story of Hunter Biden and his antics, behaviour, and alleged crimes tale comes from Communist China, a country very familiar to me and the home of many of my most valuable and dependable sources as well as close friends.

I spoke with Lin Huang, a retired executive financial officer from the Construction Bank of China, one of Hunter Biden's largest and most lucrative victims.  Huang says, “We worked closely with Mr. Hunter Biden, the son of America’s vice president.  He actually spent less than an hour in meetings with the board of directors in which he convinced us to ‘loan’ him $M6.5 American.”

Huang also says, “Mr. Biden [Hunter] seemed most interested in the women and drugs we could provide for him while visiting ChinaIn our country illegal drugs are scarce due to severe punishments for possessing or using them.  But Hunter was a rare exception.  Such things are easily covered up when high ranking party members are involved.”

Huang made it clear that Hunter's was more of a pleasure trip than one of business.  No sooner had he stepped off the plane he was asking where he could score [get drugs] and find prostitutes.  This set the stage for the 3-day series of meetings in which he is said to have attended less than an hour a day in each and every meeting, but still managed to squeeze over six and a half million U.S. dollars out of them.

Hunter was looking for far more than the $M6.5, but the Chinese made it clear this would be only a first instalment.  The product Joe allegedly had for sale in exchange for a pile of money, was information; the kind that kills, the substance of treason.

Huang outlines the sinister plot they put into place.  “Hunter promised us access to the president’s travel agenda and plans for naval operations in the South China Sea and the greater Pacific Ocean.  He promised us the Code Key for naval communications in the South Pacific and South China Sea.  A ‘teaser’ [a small portion] of information he provided in the meeting proved to be most useful.

This is ‘The Substance of Treason’.  By the testimony of different individuals in this meeting, whose stories rhyme remarkably, Hunter allegedly sold sensitive information to the Chinese.  They further allege that Hunter had 'more sensitive and valuable' information once this first 'sample' had been proven valid and the bank was ready to pony up more dough.  Sources from within the bank say that Hunter was cruising for an additional 12 million US dollars.  This two-part methodology is just a sample of how the Bidens are alleged to have extracted as much cash, real estate, precious metals, and favours from as many foreign governments as they could.

Click here for details of extortion of China:

Dateline Isla de Margarita, Venezuela – Hunter, on behalf of ‘Daddy’, is alleged to have sucked over $M4 US dollars out of the government in Venezuela with a promise that Joe would lift sanctions on Petróleos de Venezuela, the country’s oil and gas company.

Lifting these sanctions meant that Venezuela could once again reap hundreds of millions of dollars of increased oil exports.  They could once again supply their ‘sister state’ of Cuba with unlimited amounts of oil and gas.

I spoke with Hector Alonzo, former trade counsel for Petróleos de Venezuela.  He says, “In the beginning our contact negotiations with Hunter Biden were by the email and telephone.  Over time we invited him to visit the Island paradise of Isla de Margarita.  His wish was to conduct ‘negotiationswhere women and drugs are easily found.  Working with him was exasperating because he was erratic, could not focus on issues, and he smelled like the dead.  We finally paid him and finally got him out of our country.”

Click here for more on the Venezuelan deal of the Bidens:

I could share a lot more, but it would ring the same bells and sing the same songs that have already been rung and sung; ‘same tune, same lyrics.'

The stories of his foreign escapades, ostensibly on behalf of his father the then vice president, are the stuff of legend and their words, deeds, and ‘music’ have been said, done, and sung in the darkest corners of the globe.  Simply put, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, appears to be a criminal of international repute and a traitor of the worst kind.

What is the link between Hunter’s escapades and his father, Joe Biden?  In nearly every deal Hunter is alleged to have been more than just ‘a tool’ of his father’s.  They [Hunter and Joe] allegedly conspired and colluded with others to make dirty deals happen.  In return Joe is said to have squeezed a healthy ‘commission’ of around 60 percent from everything Hunter extracted from his prey.

From direct payments to secret foreign bank accounts and dozens of shell companies around the globe to financing renovations on Joe’s house, Hunter is alleged to have parted with truckloads of cash injecting it into ‘projects’ his ‘Daddy’ was involved in.  On top of this, Hunter allegedly paid off all of Joe’s debts.  This was said to be not all by choice.  Daddy is said to have extorted his brat every bit as much as his brat extorted foreign dignitaries and industrialists.  What’s most notable is Hunter’s resentment.

Click here for more details on how Joe managed to squeeze hunter:,contents%20of%20which%20were%20leaked%20last%20year.%206

What’s not common knowledge is Hunter’s bitter resentment of Daddy’s overbearing dominance and impossible demands over the decades.  Sources say that Hunter has just about come to the end of his rope when it comes to "Daddy".  Stories of their arguments and fights over money are plentiful.

Hunter’s animus toward his father shows in numerous emails now released from his infamous ‘lost laptop’, the one he abandoned at a Delaware computer store in a haze of bong smoke.

Now that all of the details have been made public it hasn’t taken much digging for the Delaware Grand Jury to find reasons to indict the drug-addled son of our sitting president.

Click here for more on the grand jury investigation:

As the grand jury closes in on Hunter and Congress explores impeachment a new ‘story within a story has broken.  It is alleged that Hunter may be willing to ‘roll over’ on Daddy in exchange for ‘concessions’ from the state prosecutor’s office.  Let’s face it, as dirty as Hunter is, Joe is the grand prize for any prosecuting attorney.

I’m now hearing from someone in Delaware that prosecutors are prepared to offer Hunter Biden a deal, one which might well exonerate him and hang Daddy out to dry.  If true, the future does not bode well for the current administration, nor does it help the fanatical followers of the cult of the American Democratic Party.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

Thursday, December 14, 2023



Volume #12140840                            December 14, 2023


A white man is sentenced to prison for cursing at a black man.

New Jersey man Edward Mathews has been sentenced to 8 years in prison for hurling racial slurs at his neighbour.  The video went viral, and the judge went ballistic.

47-year-old Edward Mathews is yet another victim of "Hate Speech" laws.  You know these laws, the ones that claim to read the minds of the accused.  Unfortunately for us all, "Hate Crime" legislation has taken away a chunk out of our 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech.

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While Mathews' tirade is an inexcusable act of rudeness, arrogance, prejudice, and even stupidity it hardly deserves 8 years in prison.

How have we gone so far as to allow this?  How is it that our very words are now treated as weapons?  Had Mathews actually slapped his neighbour and even damaged property, his sentence would not have warranted 8 years in prison.  No, the one mitigating factor is that his neighbour is a 'protected class' person.  Being black has afforded him special privilege evident in this case.

Had Mathews been black this would have gone down as rudeness and inappropriate behaviour at worst.  The video would never have gone viral, and the entire situation would have remained in the fog and dust of rude human behaviour.

So, the next time you feel like unloading on someone else, take into account his or her race, because if your target of criticism is black, you may well be on your way to jail.  Yes, the special status of the 'protected classes' gives them an amazing power over the majority of Americans.

No longer a Constitutional Republic, it's an Oligarchy of Oppression

Fight now or lose that right to fight forever.  Vote, Complain, Organize, Resist.  Time is running out.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Wednesday, December 13, 2023



Volume #12131002                            December 13, 2023

American Media, a tool for our enemies.

Media outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post and others have been used with great effect in the left's war on freedom.  Our republic [yes, we are a republic and not a democracy] has been under assault from numerous enemies since it was founded, but now those enemies have the backing of coast-to-coast media in addition to their Communists who run our schools, courts, government, and to a large extent our churches.

This is a warning to you all.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

Tuesday, December 12, 2023



Volume #12120945                            December 12, 2023

The Crime of Psychiatry

Should these people be allowed?

Within the ranks of psychiatry are hard-core quacks.  It is their belief in the unprovable that causes them to wreak the death and destruction which have become their trademark.  The facts are too numerous and obvious for this post so please go to this website:

The truth hurts, only if you’re a psychiatrist or a psychiatric patient.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!