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A white man is sentenced to prison for cursing at a black man.

New Jersey man Edward Mathews has been sentenced to 8 years in prison for hurling racial slurs at his neighbour.  The video went viral, and the judge went ballistic.

47-year-old Edward Mathews is yet another victim of "Hate Speech" laws.  You know these laws, the ones that claim to read the minds of the accused.  Unfortunately for us all, "Hate Crime" legislation has taken away a chunk out of our 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech.

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While Mathews' tirade is an inexcusable act of rudeness, arrogance, prejudice, and even stupidity it hardly deserves 8 years in prison.

How have we gone so far as to allow this?  How is it that our very words are now treated as weapons?  Had Mathews actually slapped his neighbour and even damaged property, his sentence would not have warranted 8 years in prison.  No, the one mitigating factor is that his neighbour is a 'protected class' person.  Being black has afforded him special privilege evident in this case.

Had Mathews been black this would have gone down as rudeness and inappropriate behaviour at worst.  The video would never have gone viral, and the entire situation would have remained in the fog and dust of rude human behaviour.

So, the next time you feel like unloading on someone else, take into account his or her race, because if your target of criticism is black, you may well be on your way to jail.  Yes, the special status of the 'protected classes' gives them an amazing power over the majority of Americans.

No longer a Constitutional Republic, it's an Oligarchy of Oppression

Fight now or lose that right to fight forever.  Vote, Complain, Organize, Resist.  Time is running out.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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