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A story of freedom on the ropes

As much as I abhor the Democrat Party and all within it, I equally abhor the Republican Party and most within it.  Let’s take a brief but succinct tour along their differing but equally threatening paths toward total domination.

Our 43rd President George W. Bush really set things in motion.  In a very short time he did more to steer our country onto the path of a dystopian dictatorship than anyone since King George.

Enter 9/11:  While the origins of 9/11 are lost in the mists of rumour, innuendo, and endless debate it can be said without challenge or doubt that 9/11 set into motion events which now threaten the future of freedom itself.

Piggybacking on opportunities presented by the 9/11 disasters, President George Bush created the Department of Homeland Security, an all-powerful agency with the authority to oversee all arms of federal espionage and criminal investigation.  This gave his deep state all it needed to invade our privacy and violate our constitutional rights as never before.  While it wasn't exactly 'legal' at the time, it was 'authorized'.

Then Bush rammed through the Patriot Act; legislation aimed at legalizing the heretofore illegal actions of the Department of Homeland Security [DHS].  Now, under cover of law, Homeland Security was free to do pretty much whatever they wanted.  As the controlling authority for FBI, CIA, NSA, and virtually every federal agency with people who carry guns, DHS was and is in charge!  They are in charge of your lives, every one of you!

When this bill was presented to the legislature it came with the threat that anyone who didn’t vote for its passage would have Hell to pay.  The source of that Hell would undoubtedly be those now militarized agencies operating under the dark umbrella of Homeland Security.

Bush’s plans went along smoothly, but he wasn’t done yet.  On the heels of his success in creating DHS and enacting the dreaded Patriot Act, he created what was to become the largest organization in American Government; the Transportation Security Administration [TSA].

TSA quickly gobbled up the funds and authority granted them.  The very size of this newly created agency ballooned and spread itself to cover every airport and seaport in the country.  Every day they spread their tentacles with the goal of controlling bus depots and all interstate commerce and transportation.  TSA currently employs more people than the United States Marine Corps and the U.S. Coast Guard combined!  All of this ‘Security Circus’ is designed to condition Americans to accept absolute control.

The road to slavery was paved and painted by Republicans; architects of laws of the land in which government has total say over every aspect of American’s lives.  Had the Republican agenda succeeded, George Bush might well have become the 43rd and final freely elected president of the United States.

I hate to say it, but it’s the Communist Democrats who saved us from the Fascist Republicans.  They did this by opposing Fascism with Communism.  Fascists and Marxists have been at each other’s throats since the two schools of thought began.

Had Democrats succeeded under the Bill Clinton Administration he might well have sat on the throne as the last freely elected president.  America would have become the 2nd largest Socialist country in the world, second only to Red China.  And history shows us that Socialism always devolves into Communism.

This is a battle of the titans, a fight for the hearts and minds of the American People.  As far as hearts go … okay.  But minds?  Really?  The American People are among the most gullible, brainwashed, least read, and the most undisciplined people in the world.  Other than a smattering of a few 3rd World nations here and there, the U.S. is the worst in this regard.

In the upcoming presidential election Donald Trump is in a unique position because he is a RINO [Republican in Name Only] which means he’s not beholding to either political party.  He owes nothing to those who challenged his prior presidency.  He owes nothing to those who launched attack after attack during the entire 4 years he was in office.

Despite the lies, innuendo, and dirty politicking of both Democrats and Republicans he still managed to make America Great Again.  Donald Trump always put America first!

Under the onslaught of both parties, he restored an America on the ropes, a nation mired in quicksand.  A quicksand left behind by 8 years of an Obama Presidency.  In only his first two years Donald Trump repaired most of that damage.  The previous 8 years of Obama’s unique brand of Communism had been tromped into the ash heap of history.  By the close of Donald Trump’s presidency, the United States stood taller, stronger, and more prosperous than she had since the close of WW2.

Given this and the fact that his is the most impressive resumé for the job, you would be an idiot not to vote for Donald Trump for president in 2024.  There is no other whose qualifications gleam so brightly and whose accomplishments stand as a testament to patriotism.

There are to be two literal parties in this upcoming election: the brainwashed uninformed masses and those who pay attention to issues.  Don’t be brain dead.  Don’t be a sucker for the Communist Left.  Stop being a snowflake long enough to do the ‘right’ thing.  Read, listen, watch, and pray.  Is that really so hard to do?

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

P.S. If you refuse this information or at least refuse to study and determine its accuracy, then you are a traitor to this nation and our people.  The truth is obvious and well documented.  There is only one single truth here and that is that political partisanship is the fuel of treason.

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