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Francis' permission to bless same sex couples is an atrocity.

Yesterday Pope Francis gave his blessing to priests in their blessings of same sex unions.  The Vatican announced that Pope Francis now allows priests to bless same-sex couples, the latest in a series of decisions challenging Catholic Doctrine of the ages.

Long a supporter of LGBTQ rights, this comes as no surprise to the faithful.  Pope Francis has worked day by day to find ways to move the church into an irreversible state of schism with God.  Many believe that Francis and/or his extremely liberal College of Cardinals won't rest until gay Catholics are being married in the church.

Marriage is a sacrament, as much a sacrament as Baptism, Confession, Confirmation, or any other holy sacraments.  The sacrament of the Eucharist has long been violated with 'Communion in the Hand' and other horrific sacrilege committed within the halls of the 'modern' church.  One would have thought such sacraments as 'Communion' and 'Marriage' sacrosanct and immune from even the edicts of anti-popes such as Francis.  I guess not.

This 'new rule' of Francis' asserts that a blessing of a same-sex couple is not the same as the sacrament of Marriage.  This 'new rule' also stresses that it is not blessing the relationship, and that, to avoid confusion, Priestly blessings should not be imparted during or connected to a civil or same-sex union, or when there are “any clothing, gestures or words that are proper to a wedding.”

This 'new rule' of Francis' allows for blessings to be imparted during a meeting with a priest, a visit to a shrine, during a pilgrimage, or as a prayer recited in a group.

It is the all-encompassing vagueness of this 'new rule' that brings the church one giant step closer to Gay Marriage, blasphemy of the holy sacrament itself.

The rapid disintegration of the Holy Catholic Church is well underway and only pressure from the congregation of the church, the Church Militant, and the wrath of God can bring such heretics as Anti-Pope Francis and his lackeys back onto the paths of righteousness.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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